$50 grocery list for family of 4


My oldest has allergies to red 40. A 5 pound bag of potatoes can run usually $2.79. Pancake mix will last a long time so if you get a decent, but cheap box you can use it for a few weeks. 2) I have picky eaters!! This is your “cream” base. Set your budget for groceries… and stick to it. I think I googled that and that’s how I got here.. As you know, we usually budget $50 every two weeks for our family of 5. Thanks for providing a real food menu: We’ve cut down our grocery budget by cooking meals that stretch for multiple meals. The smart bargain shoppers go to the store with cash… only the amount they have budgeted for that trip. Are there links to the recipes? With a bit of planning and smart purchases you can too. put 1 TBS of cornstarch in a small container, add 2TBSs of water wisk until it’s a white solutioon. Thank you for the encouragement! Each kid and the hubs take turns rejecting or exploring a new veggie, but on the whole, they won’t eat everything I eat. Hi. If you go to the store with only $50 in cash, the cards left at home, it will be impossible to overspend. April 19, 2018 by Amanda 1 Comment. I believe you can eat real food without going broke AND without spending all day in the kitchen - come join me! Spoiler alert: we LOVED once a month grocery shopping at ALDI! don’t feel silly amanda. Canned organic corn, for $1.35 a can. Your email address will not be published. Feeding a large family on a budget is no easy task, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Canned vegetables are 68 cents each or so. Just do another shopping experiment, and see how many items you can find in a Store for $1. I get lots of compliments from my family because I make water seem special with white frost on the glass. You’re most welcome Katie! But for the family who desires to truly be healthy from the inside out, but doesn’t see a light at the end of this tunnel, it’s exactly what you need. Month of June, 2014 – $193.49 spent on food. Lunch – Salad or PB&J This list is for a South Indian family. Pineapple rings: .89 . $50 grocery list for family of 4 But you guys shared emails, made comments and requested recipes to go with these meal plans. Llike bread, for saandwiches, French toast, open face dishes(bread on a plate with ssomething on it with gravy), bread crumbs, and croutons. Send me an email here: tiffany (at) dontwastethecrumbs (dot) com and I can get it sorted out for you! If you don’t see it, send me an email. Is it a different minestrone recipe? Any help?? When my children were between 2 and 5 ish we talked to them about foods they don’t like. add 1/2 can of the corn & 1/2 the can of diced potatoes, save the other 1/2 of the potatoes, to make homefries with. I am excited to try this! Breakfast – eggs, bacon (on sale), biscuits and gravy im able to get alot more with $50 a week while including snacks and i am feeding a family of 4. i think the price of the foods play such a big role in this. Get weekly accountability, monthly meal plans and swap recipe ideas with fellow foodies in Clean Eating Club! Required fields are marked *. This looks doable and would LOWER the food budget! This month I had a $50 weekly grocery budget to spend on my family of four. Pay attention, to how many servings per the price, that you get per item. I understand. Got more frozen chicken than you know what to do with? Funny story, when my oldest was about three and a half she was picking lima beans out of her veggies. I'm Tiffany - blessed wife and mother of two living outside Atlanta, GA. Put your glasses in the freezer about an hour before super. Thank you so much for posting this. If I was your kid I would be seriously dumpster diving to get more to eat! You do not have to be one of those extreme coupon clippers to feed your family on a $50 a week budget. Any suggestions? I’m sorry! Hi Autumn! At the last minute put refrigerated water in the glasses and serve. Is there an alternate download link? A big bunch of kale is 99 cents. “Soup Beans” and corn bread are cultural classics here. Find a simple recipe, then add vanilla or other flavored extract for an added boost. Your tips really helped me a lot and today my grocery budget has only gone up to $40 a week for the same 4 people. For most of us, using coupons to the extreme is just not practical. on $125 per week (at Whole Foods, no less). We’ve put in some healthy options. I feel completely silly for asking… but is there a link for recipes? Wait until the liquid bubbles the add the corn starch and keep wisking until it thickens. So, I am really losing $350 per month by getting a raise. This menu is 100% real food, but it was not written to include organic, grass-fed, or any other qualities of real food. i was was wondering the same thing too lol, me too i was just trying to go through the search and find them all. And I know families that do that! Making meals and shopping on a budget, especially if you haven’t done it before, will take planning, practice and some resolve on your part. When I asked her why (wink) she said she didn’t like them yet. Maybe you want to eat more organic or less dairy or more meat. I have one alot like this and it is always in my purse! Stealing from another meal plan that I am combining to incorporate different ideas, hard boiled eggs for lunch is a good protein and also filling. Once A Month Grocery Shopping – ALDI. Lunch – bologna sandwiches, yogurt I can whip up smoothies, sorbets, ice creams, and most anything using up scraps. To make the chowder, open the cans, drain the water around the potatoes & corn into a sauce pan. I signed up for the download a total of three times and no link appeared or did I receive anything in my email. I mentioned that it does not take into account teenagers or hefty eaters. Also do you have downloadable recipes anywhere? Vegan Grocery List on a Budget – sounds unbelievable, right?. In Upstate New York the Sunday paper has all of the store sale ads and coupons for that week. Iff I had more money, Like $10 more, I’d get, apple juice (can double as sugar in baking), bullion, garlic powder (can use in chowder, pasta sauce & garlic bread), nuts,, instant oatmeal, canned peaches, Italian seasoning, oil, baking powder & baking soda. I made another $50 meal plan though that does include recipes here: Whole grain noodles are always available somewhere for $0.99. Beans and cornbread. Lunch – BBQ chicken (leftover) sandwiches, homemade fries This makes them include a little something extra and even oatmeal tastes good in these if you have it from your other breakfasts. 15. Lunch – And while this list is ideal for someone living on their own, it doesn't mean you can't use it as a base for grocery shopping for your family. Needless to say, it was really, really hard. Your family might be budgeting for more or less than 4. But I make it my job to provide the healthy option, then they can decide what to eat, and the left-overs…well, I end up having to take care of those. i usually get a little lost when it comes to lunch time lol so thank you so much for this post. This shopping list includes the vegetable and fruit sides that I paired with each dinner. I’d even pay a small monthly fee. My youngest has allergies to soy bean oil, corn syrup and oil and cooked tomatoes. Snack – fresh fruit To hear that you’re working two (or more) jobs just to make ends meet and you don’t know how to possibly find the time to cook healthy meals from scratch literally makes me want to come over and give you a hug. Dinner: English muffin pizzas with caesar salad. You can get spices at Woodman’s where I live (Oak Creek, Wisconsin) for 75 cents. But here's the thing: If you want to feed MY family for $50, these sorts of recipes are not going to cut it.. It doesn’t matter how small your grocery budget is – you can do this!! Lunch – Salad with hardboiled egg, ham (leftover), cheese and homemade ranch dressing 1. $50 Weekly Grocery Challenge – Family of Four This post may contain affiliate links, view our disclosure policy for details. Here is a sample meal plan and shopping list showing how to feed a family of 4 for just $150 per month without using coupons and without shopping at Aldi, since there is no Aldi near me. I am trying to put a happy face on for him, but with rent at 1500 and me locked into a lease, and my husband barely working, I feel like I’m drowning. But if you really want to kick-start your health, we recommend you also take a look at our healthy grocery list … In the long term you can take advantage of being rural by having space to grow food, and neighbors that grow food that may sell or even just want to get rid of excess for free. Don’t forget dried beans as a frugal protein option. Lastly, a box of pancake mix and smash bananas up in your pancakes. $50 Weekly Meal Plan for a Family of 4. My growing teenage boy cannot survive on fruits, vegetables and beans for lunch unless he’s eating all four portions. I mean, how can you eat a vegan diet and do it on a budget? $50 / Week Meal Plan. My family likes to fish and hunt so we get a lot of free meat. Hi Jenifer! You can aalso use either, to make pasta & potato salad, and as a topping for mashed or baked potatoes. Dinner – chicken soup (homemade), bread (homemade) butter, Wednesday $1.35 for the canned corn, 68 cents for the canned potatoes, $1 for the potato flakes box (which you don’t use all of, so you can make mashed potatoes another day), pepper is $1 at the $1 store, so is the garlic powder. I have a 10 month old at home. My heart breaks to read that you’re going through job loss, dealing with illness, and trying to keep the creditors at bay. If you don’t go organic, they have cans of spaghetti sauce for $1. My targets would be beans, rice, pasta, tomato sauce, instant potatoes, margerine, canned potatoes, corn, flour, yeast. Well, our budget, like most people, can’t afford such luxuries even on a monthly basis! I boil them or steam them. I’ll be sure to share more of these more often!! Dinner – burritos, nachos, salad, Sunday Total: $69.50/week worth of groceries. My friends keep encouraging me to try meal plans that will RAISE my food budget. This is definitely a way I would add variety. In this article we are going to take a look at how it is possible to feed a family of four breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks, that are relatively healthy, on just $200 a month… without extreme couponing, Ramen Noodles every night or a ton of pre-packaged foods. You can get many organics at Walmart for $1.50 or less. We anticipate being able to save even more money on food when our garden starts to produce. They have been willing to take a bite of things they haven’t liked to find to see if their taste buds have changed, yet. Get a free domain name, real NON-outsourced 24/7 support, and superior speed. Thanks. Thanks again, I look forward to reading the entire meal plan. You’re so welcome Rosa! Indian monthly grocery list and shopping items for 2 to 4 people in PDF, excel format, images /pictures, bulleted list, checklist. I got the groceries for this today, as a way to test how expensive our area and grocery store is, knowing it would be a lot more expensive. $50 grocery list for family of 4. I love this! Thank you so much! Instead of showing you a fictitious menu, let’s take a look at what my family of four ate last month. Find out what products I can’t live without! I make corn chowder with a can of organic corn, a can of diced new potatoes, non GMO corn starch (very valuable because you can make chowders, gravies, puddings and thicken soups with it) and a box of potato flakes. these are awesome lunch ideas that i can totally include in my $50 budget. I need it. My total spending: $44. But I want you to know that it won’t always be this difficult and that you will get through this. Mine, too! Done! Feel free to modify to fit your needs! Buy $50 worth, and try living on only those items for a week. Is it homemade? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible. Mine will eat half a bag if they are soft and I am not watching them. Thank you for sharing! Literally. Also with a garden I don’t have to wonder where my food is coming from! The $800 cash I take on my large once-a-month grocery shopping trip is divided up as follows: $150 is spent at my local Sharp Shopper grocery outlet. Copyright © 2020 Don't Waste the Crumbs  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs. . $50 per week might even be too much. Home » Groceries » $50 / Week Meal Plan. We’re talking breakfast, lunch and dinner, for seven full days. I was shocked at how unreasonably expensive the mixes have become. Melissa – this meal plan is merely a baseline of ideas for a family with extremely low funds. Each item on the shopping list that is a side dish item is noted with ** at the beginning. Thank you so much for posting! Boneless and skinless chicken breast is available every two weeks for about $0.99 a pond. She is prescribed Nutramigen formula…which is $40 per small can. I live in a rural areas so hopping stores isn’t an option. Dinner – hamburgers, mixed fresh veggies, homemade fries. Here is the menu for your weekly meal plan…. Lunch – chicken salad sandwiches (leftover chicken) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When money is as tight as it is, variety sometimes isn’t an option. I used actual store prices from current store ads when preparing this plan. Make a menu /meal plan. Your family of four will starve on your recipe for corn chowder! Also, much healthier! Look at the front page of your grocery store ad. However, because I have such a picky eater (6yr old) we always have spend a little more money. 4 slices bread (Fresh bakery bread is my favorite, but you can use plain white bread, or -whatever your family likes best!) This year were trying to stick to 50 a week all meals for my family of three. There’s absolutely no judgement here You should never feel bad for doing the best you can!! For us it means lots of pasta. Hi Amanda! I have taught mine to like pancakes without syrup. Your nine month old could probably eat them too. With that, one can make several meals of rrice & beans, corn chowder, passta & sauce, & bread. But I’m having trouble finding the actual recipes?? Go figure! It’s not fun, but God holds lessons in everything. Attention to details can make anything including oatmeal taste great. . Drinks – Kool Aid, water, coffee (for mom and dad), water, Tuesday Check your downloads folder Phyllis – if it’s still not there, send me an email! Walmart is pretty much my back-up plan for when I … So I’m doing what I can do, from afar, to help you through this difficult time. Homemade soups/stews to use up produce that might otherwise go bad. Dinner – Spaghetti with homemade sauce, bread (homemade) butter, Thursday Monday Read more: Buying these 9 foods in bulk will save you big bucks. But overall, it costs more than non-halaal meat, hands down, every time. Your Basic Grocery List Explained. My foods always tastes good because I rarely rush to cook a meal. I can’t find the same price point around here. I buy any meat on sale.. we at in the backwoods so we hunt and fish frequently so those meats are used prior to buying more. . Somehow society has morphed the meaning of real food. A large container of Quacker Oats goes on sale at one of the grocery stores for $2.99 every month. For exxample, one serving of butter or salad dressing, may be one TBS, so try using just that amount. I believe that was either feta or Gorgonzola (either would be yummo) and there’s spinach, strawberries & balsamic vinegar with salt & pepper. Our bill is a little over $30 a person per week. While our meals might not appeal to everyone and they may not fit the textbook definition of healthy, we feel that we are able to provide our kids (and us) a tasty, balanced meals each day, free from fast food, all for around $50 a week. You’re most welcome! One Week Aldi Meal Plan: Shopping List. Prices can vary significantly from region to region, so use these prices as a guide to help you substitute with something else that’s more affordable in-store, like pears instead of peaches or oranges instead of grapes. The key, is to getting basic stuff, and see how many different meals can be made with it. I found this very helpful but fear that everyone would get tired of the same stuff all the time/. This video should be used ALONG with the blog post HERE : … Super yummy & cheap. Thanks Jackie! I also make up big batches of brown rice and measure out two-cup portions to put in the freezer. If you decide on canned black beans, you can go for dried beans instead. Thank you so much for this!! Even if I could get my groceries under $100 I will be happy. I love good, simple food. Lets get started…. Breakfast – I take my time to make sure that I get every detail as perfect as possible. This is fantastic!! Sorry the link didn’t work! I have to hide the hummus or bought vats of it at a time to keep my teen full Feeding teenagers is a whole ‘nother ballgame. How to Manage Your Credit Card Bills, Which Experts Say Are Late More Often, What to do if a Bill is sent to a Collection Agency, 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Borrow Student Loans. Considerations for children (light eaters), teenagers (heavy eaters), or any other eating patterns are not included. She said she might like them soon. I love you meal plan! There’s just not a recipe that says all that easily, so I put ‘minestrone’ . I get mine at Aldi’s and buy about four dozen for two weeks. People don’t need nearly as much food, as they think. Snack – yogurt (homemade) Now that we’ve laid down some ground rules, let’s get to work on what the foundations of your grocery list should look like. FWIW: waffles and pancakes are surprisingly easy to make from scratch. I have a family of 5. We have all seen the shows or read the stories of people getting $600 or more worth of items at the grocery store for just pennies or even free, and it looks so simple. Hi Diana! I can’t wait to try it! i live in NJ, not sure if the food price is lower here. After that, it was Aldi. Nearly 13 years ago my son was born and we were living penny to penny. … Your gap in income is a perfect example of when we need to be extra careful with our finances. Get some mayonaise, add herbs & turn it into Ranch dressing, or use Ranch ddressiing, as mayo. For most of us, using coupons to the extreme is just not practical. The link to download appears towards the end, a few seconds after the page loads. tiffany(at)dontwastethecrumbs(dot)com – we’ll get you squared away. . It’s cheap to make – especially if you can shop at Aldi’s. Our boys are homeschooled making it much easier to control what and how much they eat, without the worry of packing lunches for school. One way I save money is by making meals that I know always have leftovers. I am figuring your end recipe will be about 2 cups if you use a lot of potato flakes. Do you have any ideas? If you’re a girly girl like me, get a cute little notebook to keep track of your meal plan & grocery list in one place. Even if it’s true, it really bothers me when people say “pay for organic now or the Dr. later” and frankly makes me feel bad. Feed A Family Of 4 For $150 A Month Without Aldi Or Coupons! Lunch: Tuna sandwiches with pretzels.,, (L) Hummus with fruit and veggie sticks (carrot, apple, celery, and cucumber), (D) Baked chicken (it doesn’t have to be chicken breast), corn on the cob, baked potatoes, (B) Potato (or sweet potato) and egg hash (or scrambled eggs), (D) Savory bacon, onion and greens pasta skillet, (D) Garden salad topped with chicken and bacon with buttered bread, (D) Chicken sandwiches, roasted potato wedges, carrots, (D) Veggie fried rice (you can also use brown rice). Search by ingredient below and I’ll give you recipe ideas that will please your palette, Whether it’s for one season or one year, let us take meal planning off your to-do list so you can focus on feeding your family healthy food. What else? That looks like a great recipe Becky – so fresh with all the herbs & vinegar! Muffins, is a way to eat well, for very little especially if you are vegan, bbeccaause, a 1/2 cup of vegetable (pumpkin or sweet potato), or fruit, banana, peach, blueberries, etc, can be made into 12 muffin, which can be frozen for later. Using the Budget Grocery List to Feed Your Family Healthy Food. Stock Your Freezer. This post may contain affiliate links. . With the difficult job market and the increase in the cost of goods and services, many people are looking for any way possible to make their dollar go farther. Lettuce for sandwiches, can double as lettuce for salads. Using basic pantry ingredients to make sauces, soups, marinades, and dressings. God bless you and thank you again xoxox. I feel strained at $200 per week. Try an experiment, go to a $1 store, with $10, and see what you can buy that would last several mealls. Lastly, carrots are pretty cheap. One green pepper, can be divided into 3rds, 1/3rd, fresh for salads, 2nd 1/3rd ddiced for cooking and the last 3rd frozen foor later. I can do this! But we found some great savings on items which I will outline below. I have been really inspired by some of the grocery challenges I’ve been reading online and I wondered how cheaply I could feed my family for the week. For some of you $128 might sound like a lot; for others, it might feel like an unreachable goal. If you get a bag of flour, baking powder, baking soda, yeast, vegan butter, and a plant beverage “milk”, you can make an array of very cheap, but diverse things, bread, buns, rolls, pancakes, waffles, tortillas, French toast, and MUFFINS! I had to quit my job because my Lupus was getting too bad to work, and then my husband had his hours cut. The Whole Foods Market Hacks program only asked me to account for 14 meals, but I ended up getting at least 18 meals with my purchases, and still had leftover food which we used for some simple lunches and dinners to round out the week! This one does not have the recipes, but I did another plan in October that does: The list of cheap foods goes on forever. It was something new and different and was an easy transition away from sugary syrup. Hi Erin! Obviously, this isn’t what we eat every week. Grocery stores use sneaky marketing tactics so you stay in the store longer, buy things you don’t need, and spend more money. Hi! Great resource. Hi! My lunches are just as big as my dinners. This has saved us a ton!! Like a simple roasted chicken, that can be made into multiple meals like chicken salad, or chicken enchiladas and chicken stock! It’s sent automatically to your inbox – double check your spam! Very inexpensive and super easy to reheat on a busy day. But…I just got a raise of .10¢ per hour. Get 30-50% Off Print Books And Lists! I do plan on updating this though with all the recipe very soon! I tried twice to get the grocery list and have had no luck, tight on money and really could use it, can someone send me the grocery list? I feel your pain. In the usual 4 Hats and Frugal fashion, we’re sharing what we learned, good and bad, with you. “… I make corn chowder with a can of organic corn, a can of diced new potatoes, non GMO corn starch….”. Taking cash and a list definitely helps so I don’t wander and pick up random not needed items! A few aren’t, because they’re memorized from making so often. We’ve had it tossed over rice, pasta, lettuce/greens – it’s pretty versatile and filling. a 5lb bag of potatoes is $.99-$1.29 in my city. If you need to buy baby formula or you have five teenage sons, a $50 budget isn’t going to work for you, but the principles I share with you in this book (and shopping list/meal plan) will still be incredibly useful for helping you to cut down your grocery bills. We all have to do the best we can with what we have, and I can’t pay for organic apples which won’t last a whole week with my kids when I can buy conventional apples, grapes, and bananas for almost the same price. It’s hard to gauge the eating habits of everyone, but I wrote this based on what my husband and I would each eat at a meal. 4 Things I Do to Keep Our Grocery Budget at $200 a Month for a Family of Four this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Many who are working have seen their wages remain stagnant, without a cost of living increase or suffered a reduction in pay or hours worked. Dinner – Chicken quarters (on sale), peas, rice, Saturday For many families, housing and food are the biggest expenses that they face. I don’t have recipes for this meal plan, but I do for a similar plan I wrote in October: Thanks, Hi Kelsey – can you email me? He’d probably still be hungry. Brown rice ranges from $0.89 a pound to $0.66 a pound. Monday. Looks great! $50 For a Month Of Groceries using no Coupons for a family of 4 is totally possible and in the video I am going to show you how. I use some to make a quiche. Even I was impressed. One can now make bread, tortillas, rolls, pancakes, waffles, and MUFFINS, & possibly oatmeal cookies with nuts. We had to cut our monthly expenses in half. So far we’ve gone two weeks and been able to do a variety of meals. I was able to mix the batter in about 3 minutes including the time it took to get the ingredients out of the cupboard.

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