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This is a helpful ability for protecting a key Nurgle unit, but diminished in power in 9th edition since modifiers to hit no longer stack past -1. This is also not dependent on unmodified rolls of a 6, so you have several tricks to make it fire off more often, though it also means that Thunder Hammers and Power Fists won’t really get to use it. We’re not going to waste time talking about the Warhound, Reaver, and Warlord titans here. On that note, Berzerkers really shine in World Eaters armies, where they can occupy Troop slots in a Detachment and benefit from an extra attack during their first fight round on the turn they charge. There are a few exceptions for units that float around like Fabius Bile and the Fallen which you can take while retaining your Legion Traits. You get these free if your Apostle has a mark. You get these free if your Apostle has a mark. A model in that unit heals D3 wounds or, if no models have missing wounds, then you can return a single dead model back to the unit. – Pick a friendly unit within 6″. The only downside is that the Mark of Tzeentch is less useful than some of the others on many units. The Hellforged Scorpius’ Whirlwind launcher is pretty solid and it’s the only indirect fire option Chaos Space Marines get, but doesn’t carry the AP bonus its loyalist counterpart enjoyed and doesn’t do a lot to support the current melee-heavy strategies of the army. Just kind of a “meh” bonus, especially when there are other options out there. Then it all died down very quickly, and they weren’t heard from for a while. Although 180 points is steep for a transport, the Chaos Terrax-Pattern Termite makes up for it by being an absolute monster once it arrives on the table, demanding opponents deal with it as well as its deadly contents. Armament-wise the Lord Discordant gives you two options: The Autocannon and the Baleflamer. That, coupled with only being T6, means that the Lord Discordant will go down very quickly without help if he doesn’t have other help or durability buffs. They can come in squads of up to 20 and can include one Blastmaster under 10 models or two at more than 10; these act as souped-up Missile Launchers, with modes that are good for big targets and small, and they’re very efficiently costed. Chaos Space Marines look like Marines, but don’t let that fool you: They lack many of the tricks that Space Marine armies have, with none of the benefits of Doctrines nor the 2-wound resilience and they tend to have less range and shooting prowess. Still, there are some uses for this, and some truly annoying units you can summon if given a chance. I managed to find a copy, but I don't remember where I downloaded it. As a result, Chaos Sorcerers – with their ability to throw out non-faction-gated buff powers like Warptime and Prescience – are some of the game’s best units, and they can take Jump Packs. Since the release of Vigilus Ablaze, Chaos Space Marines have had access to Prayers to the Dark Gods, a series of buffs and debuffs that they can call upon during games. One of the most important units in the Chaos Space Marine army, Sorcerers are Psykers with access to Smite and two powers from the Dark Hereticus Discipline. A rule across the Chaos factions, a Chaos Space Marines Character can opt to not move during the Movement phase and instead attempt to summon a unit of Daemons, with the restriction being that if you have a Mark of Chaos, you can only summon something that shares that keyword with the character. Chaos Cultists: Rules, Box Set, and a Pic!!!! Normally, there isn’t a really compelling reason to take Rubric Marines in a Chaos Space Marines army; they’re not quite good enough without the crazy help you get from the new Stratagems that Thousand Sons got for them in Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned. It’s very easy to build a Chaos Space Marine army that can wreak absolute havoc once it reaches the enemy. It’s incredibly useful for double-timing key units around the table, capturing objectives and setting up first-turn charges. Until your next Psychic phase, that unit gets to re-roll for Mutated Beyond Reason if it’s a Chaos Spawn (the bonus it gets to its attacks, rolled on a D3), it can re-roll the number of Attacks it gets if it’s a Possessed unit, and it can re-roll one of the dice when determining the Strength, AP, or Damage of a Cult of Destruction’s attacks. A+. Check out those pages by clicking on the links in the “Legions of Chaos” section. You can find information on how to play them in their own Start Competing articles, which will be updated soon. These ratings reflect the use of these powers in Chaos Space Marine detachments. s the , DAEMON ENGINE, and DAEMON keywords, so you can buff it with Dark Apostles, and Lords Discordant. AP 0 isn’t great, and means that you typically don’t want them trying to weight-of-fire big vehicle targets, but against Intercessors, Ork boyz, or other large squads of infantry they’ll do some great work. Perhaps the biggest change in 9th however is that competitive play rules no longer allow the use of Specialist Detachments. discipline, which is mostly buffs for Legion DAEMON units. Chaos Terminators are great targets for, , and often want to be Slaanesh so they can use, . This and. This is a great way to boost a unit’s longevity, and works on anything in your army with the keyword, making it great for making things like daemon engines and large squads of Possessed more survivable. Replaces a Power/Force/Demonic Axe with one that has a profile of S User, Ap 0, D1. It’s also not as good for Dark Apostles as it is for Space Marines due to a significant lack of mobility options – Apostles get neither bikes nor jump packs. Warpsmiths are essentially the Techmarines of the Chaos Space Marine faction. Last update was at 2017/06/13 04:42:26, This message was edited 4 times. Because of this and their overall power level, the powers you can pull off here make a Chaos Sorcerer or two basically auto-includes in Chaos Space Marine armies, and worth splashing in a sorcerer or two in a Death Guard army. A good Chaos Space Marines army will usually be active in every phase of the game. Tips & Tactics 8th Edition Chaos Space Marine Codex - Duration: 37:30. C&C for 1500 pt Black Legion - posted in Chaos Army Lists: Hey guys, Thanks for checking out my first army list since 4th edition! The summoned unit has to be placed within 12″ of the character and more than 9″ from an enemy model. Unlike Space Marines’ litanies, prayers happen at the start of the Battle Round, which is great for. The closest things cultists have is an apostle who is about twice the price for a babysitter. The Warhammer: Warriors of Chaos book is copyright 2013 and describes the Mortal Chaos army for the 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles by Games Workshop. They can be particularly nasty in Alpha Legion armies, where they can Fall Back and shoot with, , or in Iron Warriors, where they can use, Previously unusable thanks to BS 4+, that’s not necessarily the kiss of death any more given that the. Although Dark Apostles have been around for a while, they didn’t become useful until the release of the second Chaos Codex/Vigilus Ablaze, when they received an update with the ability to chant Prayers to the Dark Gods. Because you almost always want them firing twice with Endless Cacophony you’ll want to give them the Mark of Slaanesh, and as there’s no reason for them to have a bolt pistol, give them an astartes chainsword  and suddenly you’ve got a capable combat unit able to throw out a host of AP-1 attacks on the move. Still, as marine BS and re-roll auras have become a bit more limited, “merely” giving something -1 to hit is a little better. and a BS of 3+, these are fast, durable DAEMON ENGINES that can output a surprising amount of firepower while moving 14” (their Bile Maws are no longer pistol weapons) and they’re not terrible in melee either. Add 1 to wound rolls for that unit until the end of the phase. In reality, it’s slow, hard to rely on, and it requires you spend points and time on a character not moving and fighting in order to put a unit on the table you still had to pay points for, and most of the time you’re better off just taking a Daemons Detachment and putting the units you want into the Warp before the game with the appropriate Stratagem. In theory this allows you to be very versatile, making game-time decisions on what buffs you want to have for a unit. Stratagem, and receives the same +1 Strength and re-roll charge benefits other Khorne Daemons can get from Bloodmasters. If you kill a character this way, you can add a Chaos Spawn to your army. Dark Apostles aren’t exactly big melee fighters, what with their 3 Attacks at S5. These pages contain the core rules It’s also a little bit better now that marines don’t get to flat re-roll Morale tests. Daemon Weapons are basically Relic weapons except they have the. When paired with a Lord Discordant, these can be nasty, resilient threats. Fortunately for us, there are very few Chaos Space Marine units in that category. Hello fans of Frontline Gaming and TFGRadio; SaltyJohn here to bring you a review of the new 8th edition Chaos Space Marines rules for Alpha Legion. Many servants of Chaos in the Empire are cursed Mutants, individuals who have been touched by the hand of Chaos. With the ability to take Jump Packs and Thunder hammers, plus a variety of other weapon options, Chaos Lords can be potent melee units, and take on the “Smash Lord” configuration, maximizing their damage output with a thunder hammer and chainsword, or with a suitably brutal relic like. Namely that it’s big, hard to deploy, and will sit in your deployment zone all game while the majority of your units want to be pushing toward the middle fo the table grabbing objectives. Until the start of your next Psychic phase, the AP on the Psyker’s melee weapons improves by 2 and each time he destroys an INFANTRY Character in the Fight phase, you can add a Chaos Spawn model to your army, or a Greater Possessed if the model killed was an ADEPTUS ASTARTES or HERETIC ASTARTES. This is very good, particularly when paired with strong long-range shooting. Most of the prayers are very good, and give you a lot of utility. Replaces a Power Sword/Hellforged Sword/Force Sword on a. model. He’s another mild victim of the 9th Edition changes in that you just aren’t as interested in someone to randomly fill an HQ slot, but as one of the cheaper choices available he might see occasional use unlocking a patrol. When paired with a Lord Discordant, these can be nasty, resilient threats. A great way to boost the shooting efficiency of a unit, and a good supplement/redundancy to Prescience on a Sorcerer. KHORNE model only. This is a holdover from early edition design and while Marines had these types of Stratagems removed, Chaos Space Marines are stuck with theirs. Add 1 to your Warlord’s Strength and you can re-roll damage rolls for their force weapon. T5 Terminators or T4 Cultists could be cool though. S User, AP -3 and D3 damage seems pretty meh compared to other relics. That’s just not great, and it means that many of your hard-hitting units such as Berserkers and Noise Marines are also pretty fragile. While melee is more important than ever, it’s not necessarily stronger, and in particular many of the best CSM units for melee do not particularly work well when the focus of melee combat is removing an enemy from an objective and holding it afterward. We’ve come a long way from this guy costing 888 points for narrative reasons. They are so bad as before. When a unit with this ability stays stationary during the Movement phase (or is a TERMINATOR, BIKER, or HELBRUTE) fires a Rapid Fire bolter weapon, it can make double the number of attacks. The best use for them is as (relatively) cheap T8 roadblocks that can rush the opponent early on, like a kind of very poor man’s Plagueburst Crawler. dropped 75 points in the Imperial Armour Compendium while going up to 28 wounds.It has some nasty tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to shrug off psychic powers on a 4+ and a pair of Helcrusher claws that give it some very deadly melee options. Because you almost always want them firing twice with. Make sure your army is packing enough obsec units to accomplish this, or if not, can mulch a lot of units off an objective at once. The remaining 7 are covered in Codex: Chaos Space Marines, Vigilus Ablaze, and Faith & Fury. You can summon on turn 1. You’ll usually want either a Patrol or Battalion in your army and these are OK to fill the mandatory slots there (and can be worth taking in greater numbers in Alpha Legion, Creations of Bile, or Red Corsairs) but otherwise they’re functional but unexciting. Replaces a power axe with one that is S+3, AP-3, D3 damage and gives the bearer Kharn’s ability, i.e. . The bog standard leaders of the Chaos Space Marine army, Chaos Lords are a versatile tool in your arsenal. Likewise, they share HERETIC ASTARTES with Thousand Sons and Death Guard. When combined with these Stratagems and another legion trait, Rubric Marines can be pretty nasty. This is also a neat way to help push through powers and save CP, and is one of a very few means that Chaos Space Marines have to regain CP (the other being the. cost wise to make it at least fun to use. At 170 points, it’s probably not bringing enough firepower to the table to be worth it. They’re a powerful but extremely fragile glass cannon, and can only really work in a faction that can have them reliably make a charge after arriving on the table (Night Lords, Emperor’s Children). It’s solid insurance on Possessed, though. For both of these, any stratagems you’ve played for that phase will stay in effect through the additional round of fighting/shooting. It’s still worth looking at having a Lord Discordant as your warlord, but keep in mind that they’ll be difficult to protect, and potentially easy Headhunters/slay the warlord points. They don’t really have enough attacks to be great, but the recent addition of AP-1 chainswords makes them look a lot better, particularly in legions that can have them reliably charge out of deep strike, such as the Emperor’s Children or the Night Lords.

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