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}, "displaySKUContextData" : "", Terms & Conditions Apply. { { ], {"id":"P+ENLPCWVPNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Classic In Worn Purple","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENLPCWVPNH1","position":"18","price":"399.00"}, [ "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" }, Normally we'll give you one point for every pound you spend, but watch out for double and triple points deals for even more savings! { "ItemImage" : "", At Andertons Music Co. we have a huge selection of Les Paul guitars available from Gibson and Epiphone, from affordable entry-level models to full-fat Custom Shop wonders! Limited Edition released in October 2020 so only a few weeks old and hardly used at home since purchase. "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766229", Epiphone les paul custom pro limmited edition wine red This advert is located in and around Barnstaple, Devon Epiphone Limited Run Les Paul Custom Pro in Wine Red Great condition,barely been played or taken out of the case. Guitar storage box looks fab - really good pri... TourTech TTS-GC6 6 Electric Or 3 Acoustic Guitar Stand w/ Case, Stagg Woven nylon guitar strap w/ Clown 'n' Blood pattern - Black, Great quality products and quite fast delivery, Tone City Durple Danish Pete Honor? Epiphone Les Paul Standard '60s Left-handed Electric Guitar - Bourbon Burst Solidbody Electric Guitar, Left-handed, with Mahogany Body, AA Flame Maple Top, Mahogany Neck, Indian Fingerboard, and Two Humbucking Pickups - Bourbon Burst $599.00. "seo_url" : "", 1959 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Aged Dark Cherry Burst with Hard Case in brand new condition. Over the years, Les Pauls have been brandished by artists the world over – notable names include Jimmy Page, Slash and Joe Bonamassa, to name a few. } A value icon. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" I thought it … "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage467" : "", }, Slash Appetite Les Paul Special-II Performance Pack. "Attributes" : { Good info on your website, quick shipping - always a pleasure to shop with you. Yes, of course. "seo_url" : "", "seo_url" : "", $99.30 shipping. } ], {"id":"P+EILTKHNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Studio in Smokehouse Burst","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"EILTKHNH1","position":"12","price":"399.00"}, [ In other words, they produce a quality that can challenge the humbuckers Gibson has been using for years.Compared to the original models, the Standard Pro is a little lighter. "buyable" : "true", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" Haven't we all had something like this at some point? "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" Learn More, Be the first to know about our latest Epiphone Les Paul. I know for me (Sam) after I had outgrown my £10 Freeads classical guitar a starter pack like this was top of my Christmas list! Easy to order, lots of perfect information with regard to delivery and super fast delivery. "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766297", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" No need to sign up - points are added automatically when you make a purchase! "displaySKUContextData" : "", Epiphone Les Paul Standard Gold Top Coil Tap Plus Tweed Hard Case "displaySKUContextData" : "", "seo_url" : "", ], {"id":"P+ENMLWGMNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Wanderlust Green Metallic","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENMLWGMNH1","position":"2","price":"399.00"}, [ The New Epiphone Inspired By Gibson Acoustic Collection. "displaySKUContextData" : "", "seo_url" : "", The Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 is a copy of the Gibson Les Paul Custom with 3 humbucker pickups, in black finish with gold hardware. { £822. "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766279", Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty Les Paul Custom Outfit - Ebony ... United Kingdom Open Mon to Sat from 10am - 5pm . If you’d like to know more about our range, please feel free to get in touch – in the meantime, check out the selection below! Les Paul Express. { Epiphone les paul UK. { "displaySKUContextData" : "", Reliable company to deal with, great prices! "ItemImage467" : "", (15) 15 product ratings - Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Worn Walnut Electric Guitar. "ItemImage467" : "", "buyable" : "true", "seo_url" : "", ], {"id":"P+ENMLRBMNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Radio Blue Metallic","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENMLRBMNH1","position":"22","price":"439.00"}, [ "displaySKUContextData" : "", FROM THE. "seo_url" : "", | } } }, "displaySKUContextData" : "", "ItemImage467" : "", The Standard is a very popular choice as it is what most consider to be the archetypal Les Paul. { They have all the signature features you'd expect a Les Paul to have. ], {"id":"P+ENMLSRMNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Scarlet Red Metallic","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENMLSRMNH1","position":"23","price":"439.00"}, [ } shoppingListJScatalogEntryList = new ShoppingListJS({ { Points are worth a 1p discount for every point you redeem. "Attributes" : { The Epiphone Les Paul is one of the most popular electric guitars available. On the electronic side, the Epiphone Les Paul comes standard with two ProBucker pickups. }, {}, {}, "shoppingListJScatalogEntryList"); very efficient service via the telephone, a real person, who was excellent in helping me put the tra... Second Hand Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar. These officially-licensed designs offer the trademark aesthetics and snarling sound at a more affordable price point. Features like Flamed Maple tops, burst finishes and vintage-style humbuckers still make a regular appearance! "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" "ItemImage467" : "", ], {"id":"P+ENL59ADBNH1","name":"Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard in Aged Dark Burst","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENL59ADBNH1","position":"14","price":"749.00"}, [ { "ItemImage" : "", Epiphone Les Paul Standard Model Ebony Finish Korean Made in 2003 Stunning Epiphone Les Paul Standard 2003 in Ebony Finish. GARAGE. { } Single coil pickups have been chosen for their tonal versatility when playing rhythm and solos and were always preferred by Les Paul himself. "displaySKUContextData" : "", "ItemImage" : "", }, "seo_url" : "", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" The pickups are hot and my only issue is that the neck pickup is a little muddy; but no more than a Gibson Les Paul. Vintage For All Limited Edition 1959 Les Paul Standard Aged Dark Cherry Burst Learn More. } "buyable" : "true", }, Very friendly yet professional to deal with. The Les Paul SL is powered by Epiphone single coil Ceramic pickups including a 650SCR in the neck position and a slightly overwound 700SCT in the bridge position designed for solos. { TO THE . feel of this iconic guitar. Has a skull covered strap and tuner included. Even though 2nd hand, the product was very well wrapped and in good condition. } ], {"id":"P+ENLPCWEBNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Classic In Worn Ebony","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENLPCWEBNH1","position":"16","price":"399.00"}, [ "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766285", It is sometimes known as "the tuxedo guitar". "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766219", }, "catentry_id" : "3074457345627487669", Electric Travel Guitar. Overall shop experience accepta... Tourtech 3m/10ft Braided Black & Grey Straight to Angled Guitar Cable, B-Stock EastCoast GT100H Deluxe Electric Guitar In Butterscotch Blonde. "displaySKUContextData" : "", Here we have a range of Epiphone Les Paul guitars that you’ll recognise including the Standard, Custom, Signature and loads more. "ItemImage" : "", "Attributes" : { }, }, "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage467" : "", this guitar has been used for just under a year and was brought from brand new. { ], {"id":"P+ENLPCWHSNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Classic In Worn Heritage Cherry Sunburst","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENLPCWHSNH1","position":"17","price":"399.00"}, [ "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" As you'd expect from a Les Paul, all the iconic features are there. } "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766245", "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage" : "", and construction, this is an excellent choice for those looking to perform rock Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. "ItemImage467" : "", From beginner friendly "ItemImage" : "", timeless shape, two pickups, Tune-O-Matic bridge and the dual volume and tone Stagg 9V 1.7 Amp DC Adapter For Guitar Effect Pedals. "seo_url" : "", ], {"id":"P+EILTWRNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Studio in Wine Red","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"EILTWRNH1","position":"13","price":"399.00"}, [ }, "ItemImage467" : "", How many points will I earn when I shop? $51.00. Those after a vintage vibe should look at the Classic series. "seo_url" : "", "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766295", Still setup as it was when it left the factory as i have not adjusted anything. "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage467" : "", "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage467" : "", When it comes to Les Paul guitars, Epiphone occupies a uniquely important space. That’s where Epiphone comes in. Fast, reliable. See the full details of the Epiphone Les Paul Special Vintage Edition here. Perhaps most associated with its big brother Gibson, they offer affordable Les Pauls, SGs, Dots, Acoustics and Bass Guitars. ... During 2nd lockdown in the UK I decided to build this Telecaster. ], {"id":"P+EILOEBNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Classic In Ebony","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"EILOEBNH1","position":"5","price":"439.00"}, [ Internal call transfers to take payment not too good. Both brands are famous while Epiphone has a long and storied history all its own. Gibson produce a killer range of affordable Les Paul models through their Epiphone brand. "Attributes" : { ], {"id":"P+EILS5VSNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Standard \u002750s In Vintage Sunburst","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"EILS5VSNH1","position":"9","price":"529.00"}, [ { ], {"id":"P+EILTEBNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Studio in Ebony","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"EILTEBNH1","position":"11","price":"399.00"}, [ For those on a budget, this is a great way to get an authentic Les Paul at a more wallet friendly price. Excellent sustain and great for lead work/solos! KMA Audio Machines Limited Edition Cirrus ICE Delay & Reverb Pedal. "buyable" : "true", "seo_url" : "", "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage467" : "", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" "displaySKUContextData" : "", Learn More. This affordable range offers a large selection of Renowned for its singlecut shape and stunning resonance, the Les Paul is arguably one of the most popular musical instruments of all time. "Attributes" : { Brilliant service as usual! Boxes. Epiphone Les Paul Special-II Electric Guitar frets have plenty of life left and i’ve fitted a new set of strings and lemon oiled the fingerboard. "displaySKUContextData" : "", I feel that I can always rely on Anderson's to deliver my orders promptly in excellent condition at ... Boss WL-50 Compact Wireless Guitar System. Great service, Super fast delivery and packaged well. "Attributes" : { "ItemImage" : "", Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Red Tiger. Starting life in the early 20th century, Epiphone began by manufacturing acoustic guitars and other traditional instruments such as banjos. "buyable" : "true", $349.00. "ItemImage" : "", It is my first proper DIY woodworking project (I'm 17). "Attributes" : { } ARENA. 2 Finish Options . "ItemImage" : "", 2 bids. Buy yours today, with free UK delivery on orders over £99 and finance options also available. } "displaySKUContextData" : "", Some of those legendary players include Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons and Slash (who even has several signature models). 1 Finish Options . THE CRESTWOOD, WILSHIRE, AND CORONET. £40 "ItemImage467" : "", "ItemImage467" : "", 211457986, [ For those on a budget there is still plenty of choice to be had with models like the Special and SL range. } }, "Attributes" : { { "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" Ending Nov 29 at 5:20PM PST 3d 23h. }, "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766239", if(typeof(shoppingListJScatalogEntryList) == "undefined" || shoppingListJScatalogEntryList == null || !shoppingListJScatalogEntryList) { ||| Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro out of the box! Contact Details. Ranging from single-coil beginners’ models to eye-popping signature models, there’s something on offer for everyone. Although there were some delays with my order, the customer service communicated this in a proper wa... Fender Limited Edition Road Worn '60s Stratocaster in Faded Candy Apple Red, Initial Personal Contact Could Be Improved. This is a Christmas present so don't know much more about i... Tourtech 5 Way Daisy Chain Pedal Power Cable, 9V 1A International Pedal Power Supply with Interchangeable Mains Plug, Stagg CTU-C8 Automatic Chromatic Clip-On Tuner, Tourtech Guitar Strap Black nylon TT-S5NBLK, TOURTECH TTB-E10UEG Universal Electric Guitar Bag, Kinsman KGX15R 15W Guitar Amplifier with Reverb, EastCoast GL120 Electric Guitar In Cherry Sunburst. pots. and blues. The bridge pick... Read report. "buyable" : "true", "seo_url" : "", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" The action can be lowered by turning the thumbwheels on the Tune-O-Matic bridge in a counter-clockwise direction. "catalogId": "3074457345616676668", }, There was a communication problem with my first attempt to pay by card - confusing explanations, but... Great service as always! Many players have a burning desire for a Gibson Les Paul, but are constrained by the realities of their cost. "seo_url" : "", Brought gifts online, Excellent service as per usual! } "seo_url" : "", Since it was introduced back in the 50s, it has become the go-to instrument for many guitar heroes. ], {"id":"P+ENMLJBMNH1","name":"Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Jet Black Metallic","list":"","brand":"Epiphone","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"ENMLJBMNH1","position":"19","price":"439.00"}, [ "displaySKUContextData" : "", "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766277", "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766289", "langId": -1, Epiphone producer a stellar line-up with accessible price tags – check it out! While the majority of models keep with the traditional design, there are still plenty of options available to suit a variety of players. "ItemImage467" : "", "seo_url" : "", "Attributes" : { "ItemImage" : "", "displaySKUContextData" : "", Epiphone Les Paul Standard For many budget musicians, the Les Paul Standard is a crucial step up in quality from the even more modestly priced LP100 and Special II models offered by Epiphone. The main differences are an arched (as opposed to flat) top, set neck and solid mahogany body (that's one piece as opposed to several pieces glued together). "ItemImage" : "", 2.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Epiphone Les Paul SL Electric Guitar in Vintage Sunburst. { } Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Outfit - Aged Dark Cherry Burst £749 Out of Stock. } "ItemImage467" : "", FAQs About the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Is the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro different than the Gibson Les Paul? Cyber Monday Deals - Shop Now! "ItemImage" : "", "ItemImage" : "", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766241", "ItemImage" : "", }, Due to the wood pairing "seo_url" : "", "displaySKUContextData" : "", }, "seo_url" : "", Every Epiphone Les Paul we have provides great value for money. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "" { You can cancel your email alerts at any time. At the mid and upper range of the Epiphone Les Paul range, most guitars retain practically all of the other essential Les Paul features -- two humbucking or P90 single coil pickups, two volume and two tone controls, a three-way selector switch, body and neck binding, 24.75" scale length and a fat rich sound with loads of sustain. } FUTURE ROCK GOD The perfect Christmas gift! Guitar has a couple of marks from use. This is everything that makes a Les Paul great. "ItemImage" : "", "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766275", "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766221", "ItemImage467" : "", "buyable" : "true", New Epiphone 'Inspired By Gibson' Acoustic Guitars, Book Online 1-to-1 Electronic Drum Kit Demo's, Modal COBALT8, reinventing Classic Analogue Sounds, Coronavirus Information: Online Orders Operating Normally, Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Smoked Almond Metallic, Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Wanderlust Green Metallic, Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele | Built in Pickup | Vintage Sunburst, Epiphone Les Paul Standard '50s In Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Epiphone Les Paul Classic In Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Epiphone Les Paul Standard '50s In Metallic Gold, Epiphone Les Paul Standard '50s In Vintage Sunburst, Epiphone Les Paul Studio in Smokehouse Burst, Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard in Aged Dark Burst, Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard in Aged Dark Cherry Burst, Epiphone Les Paul Classic In Worn Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Jet Black Metallic, Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Purple Passion Metallic, Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Pearl White Metallic, Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Radio Blue Metallic, Epiphone Les Paul Muse in Scarlet Red Metallic, Epiphone Tommy Thayer Les Paul in Electric Blue, Earn loyalty points whenever you shop at Andertons, Redeem points for discounts on your next purchase, Online, in store or over the phone, earn and use points however you choose to shop.

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