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It packs in some of the healthiest ingredients and is loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Check out the full recipe at – fitmittenkitchen. Rich and creamy Greek yogurt is an amazing substitute for mayonnaise and it makes a delicious and light egg salad sandwich that is absolutely filling. Fresh grapefruit slices make a great addition to a well-rounded breakfast. Oats and eggs make a mouth-watering combination that packs in the necessary protein, fiber and energy punch. The dietary fibers fills you up, staves off cravings and helps to balance blood sugar levels o that your body does not release too much insulin. Advantages for Weight Loss – The healthy monounsaturated fats found in olives promote weight loss by breaking down fats inside the fat cells. In addition, fibers promote the functions of the digestive system and removes toxins from the body that helps to stave off bloating. One study in 11 adults found that eating chia seeds baked into white bread reduced both appetite and blood sugar levels (35). Advantages for Weight Loss – Turkey bacon is healthier than regular bacon because it contains fewer calories but is packed with protein and other essential nutrients. Detox Cabbage Soup7. Research shows that regular breakfast eaters tend to be leaner and people are more successful at losing weightand keeping it offwhen they eat breakfast. In an 85-person study, consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice before a meal for 12 weeks and pairing it with a low-calorie diet, decreased body fat mass by 1.1%, increased weight loss by 7.1% and reduced calorie intake by 20–29% (22). Yet, by the end of the 24-week study, those consuming almonds had lost 62% more weight and 56% more body fat than those consuming complex carbs (46). When you say the “breakfast”, “eggs” is usually one of the first words that come to mind. Check out the full recipe at – feastingathome. The kale and eggs bake together to form a nice soft and chewy texture while the feta adds a rich creaminess to it. Cook carrot in oil for 3 minutes, until golden brown then add the peppers, onion scallion, garlic powder, salt and black pepper. In addition, vitamin C also helps to improve insulin sensitivity which is essential for beating belly fat. The toppings of boiled eggs, dill, watercress, onions and micro greens along with the pea puree gives a nice combination of texture to the dish. This is a simple and homely weeknight recipe when you are not in a mood to cook up an elaborate meal. Sliced kiwis make a great breakfast boost. Indian Chicken Korma Curry12. Besides being low in calories, grapefruits have a high water and fiber content — both of which can be beneficial for weight loss (19, 20). Dr. Oz Negative Calorie Soup2. Flaxseeds are versatile and easy to enjoy. Making a few small changes to your morning routine can help you lose weight and keep it off. In addition, zucchini is a low calorie foods which helps to keep you satiated without adding to many empty calories. The combination of cabbage and carrot gives a nice chewy texture to the filling while the ginger, onion, basil and cilantro enhance the flavors of the dish. Check out the full recipe at – verybreakfast. Advantages for Weight Loss – Green peas are low in calories and fat but high in nutrients that make it an ideal choice for weight loss. Paneer Biryani12. Raw…, Table of Contents 1. 3. The sprinkle of tarragon and pepper enhances the flavors of the dish and the butter works as a rich and creamy topping. It is loaded with fiber that facilities digestion and regularizes bowel movement which is also essential for weight loss. Omelette According to one small study in eight men, caffeine consumption increased metabolism by 13% and enhanced fat breakdown (24). Not only are smoothies a quick and easy way to obtain a concentrated dose of nutrients, they also double as a convenient breakfast item that can accelerate weight loss. Eggs are Low in Calories – The easiest way to promote weight loss is to create a calorie deficit by reducing your daily calorie intake. But it s good and very enjoyable. Here are the 12 best foods to eat in the morning. The mixture of red lentils and split peas creates and nice mushy and chewy texture while the eggs add a nice crisp and creamy touch. High fiber content in asparagus promotes healthy functioning of the digestive system and vitamin K works as a natural diuretic that helps to relieve water retention and bloating. B-complex vitamins found in corn boost metabolism and promote calorie burning. While coffee may not make a balanced breakfast all on its own, you can easily pair it with your favorite healthy breakfast foods to give your morning meal an upgrade. Table of Contents 1. WebMD Health News Sources Asparagus and Parmesan Pasta with Fried Egg, 15. Since you can customize your ingredients, you can tailor your drink to fit your personal preferences. Being a low glycemic index food it helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. Scrambled eggs. Smoked Salmon, Egg and Avocado Quinoa Bowl, 18. Soya Chunks Biryani13. Just serve it with buttered toast and have it while it’s still warm. The soluble fibers known as inulin found in asparagus suppress hunger and curbs appetite. This recipe does not make use of oil and only grated cheese, salt and pepper are used for seasoning which makes it absolutely light and delightful. Check out the full recipe at – giverecipe. Fish Biryani8. Kalan Milagu Varuval/Mushroom Pepper Fry4. Advantages for Weight Loss – Sweet potatoes are a smart way to satisfy your cravings for carb without adding too many calories. Eating a healthy breakfast can help in reducing your cravings. You can prepare this salad right in the morning, pack it in a container and bring it to work. A one-year study in 169 people showed that adding nuts to a Mediterranean diet significantly decreased waist circumference, compared to a control group (45). Just make sure not to overdo the sugar or creamer, as they add calories and negate some of coffee’s potential health-promoting properties. The cilantro adds a dash of refreshing aromas to it. It also neutralizes free radical damage and improve the functions of the mitochondria that plays an important role in booting your metabolism. Tomatoes are low in fat and carbohydrates but high in fiber that makes it a perfect choice for weight watchers. These healthy muffin cups are packed with delicious vegetables and high-quality protein and contain only 50 calories each which makes it an amazing choice for those trying to lose weight. This article reviews whether mayo is safe when…. Check out the full recipe at – damndelicious. Smoothies can be a convenient way to increase your intake of fiber and protein to reduce hunger and increase weight loss. Cleansing Detox Soup5. You can munch on these burritos right away or freeze them for breakfast later in the week. The fresh and crunchy Brussels sprouts covered with creamy melting egg yolk with a touch of hot Aleppo pepper taste heavenly and pack in a lot of healthful nutrients. This flavorful and savory Brussels sprout salad with poached eggs makes an amazing breakfast or filling lunch. It is a satiety hormone that makes us feel full and curbs hunger. Try these dietitian-recommended healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss, like vegan breakfast burritos, baked sweet potatoes, protein pancakes, and quiche. Kiwis are high in fiber, including pectin, which may reduce appetite and enhance weight loss. One cup of peas contains just 118 calories. High in fiber but low in calories, bananas are a great alternative to sugary breakfast cereals to satisfy your sweet tooth first thing in the morning. Spicy Indian Red Chicken Curry3. Benefits for Weight Loss – Green beans are a versatile vegetable packed in dietary fiber and extremely low in fat.

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