how to plant violas in pots


In fact, they are quite happy to self-seed all over your garden. A regular contributor to magazines, newspapers and BBC Radio, Andy lectures widely at home and abroad. Our range includes stunning varieties such as Viola Honeybee and Viola Bel Viso F1 … These large plants give the smaller pansies the bulk that they need without overcrowding them. All violas need to grow in consistently moist soil, and it is especially important to monitor moisture in containers. Violas also combine well with chrysanthemums, marigolds and other popular autumn flowers. Simply fill a planting tray with a good quality potting mix (be sure the container has at least one drainage hole). But if you would like to start your … To keep Viola Friolina blooming abundantly, feed it a high-nitrogen fertiliser. The spacing normally quoted is designed to give plants the maximum amount of space to reach their full potential. Plant them in a moist, moderately fertile, sandy soil or loam. They will soon put on the growth to make sizable pansy plants. Position in full sun with protected from the afternoon sun. Get FREE Gardening tips and ideas from our experts in your inbox. Feed potted violet plants in spring and fall, using an all-purpose garden fertilizer. For more information check out Jack and Laura’s website, Follow Wildegoose Nurseries on twitter: @wgviolas, ... Read moreAndy McIndoe is our Chief Blogger, and teaches five courses on the site. Misc. The pansy, viola or violet is a plant that is found in almost every continent, except for Antarctica. I like to use the bigger plants. Select variegated perennials or those with interesting foliage so that, even when the pansies go out of bloom, the pot will still have a varied composition. So when to plant violas will depend on your climate. Pansies tolerate less spacing in containers, such as pots or hanging baskets. Pansies and violas grow through the cooler months, into spring and finish once the heat of summer comes along. Avoid waterlogged soils and heavy clay. Starting Violas from Seed Indoors– Violas are easy to start from seed. Violas are easy to plant, and are available in a stunning variety of different colors. Andy has over thirty years experience as a practical horticulturist and consultant. If you want to grow pansies from seed, just treat them like they are biennials, and sow the seeds in midsummer. These are smaller plants for tucking in around the thriller. Viola Friolina doesn’t need pruning or pinching. Simply fill a planting tray with a good quality potting mix (be sure the container has at least one drainage hole). Do not overwater or let the water sit in the container. It has long stems to hold the purple, honey scented flowers high enough above the surrounding grasses to attract the attention of passing insects. Just about any viola variety works well in a container, but here are two fun mixes to plant in a pot for a pop of color. When starting viola seeds indoors in late summer, barely cover the seeds with moist seed starting mix. Plant in portable containers (12 inches or less in diameter) so the plants can be moved to a cooler area when the sun starts to get stronger. A regular contributor to magazines, newspapers and BBC Radio, Andy lectures widely at home and abroad. I have one last piece of advice about planting violas. When planting after February (late in the cool season), choose the larger plants in 4-inch pots for best results. Info: Pansies … Container care for violets is easy. Prune. They like full to partial sun. If slugs are a problem, wrap the rim of the container with copper strips. How to Plant Pansies in Pots. And because they tend to reseed themselves, a single planting of violas can re-grow for years to come. Sow lightly in a tray of seed compost, and pot on when seedlings are large enough to handle. Their cultural requirements are virtually identical. They are perfect for starting and ending the season in colder climates and for bridging the seasons in warmer zones, where they can remain in bloom throughout the winter. Alternatively, plant one on its own in a small, four-inch pot. Of het nu een grote plant of een kleine plant in pot is, bij vindt u een groot assortiment in planten en bijbehoren. Now is the time to start getting your fall containers planted and below are some helpful tips for successful growing choosing the right type of plants, pots, potting mix, fertilizer and more! Then, cover with a thin layer of compost or vermiculite. The brand name of universal pansies will be withdrawn for some reason this year - 2014 - so there might be a little confusion as to what us really a winter pansy. Sprinkle the seeds lightly over the surface of the soil and cover them with 1/8 inch of potting mix. Plant Type: Annual/biennial hybrid flower Light: Sun to partial sun Water: If they are kept in well-drained potting soil, make sure to water your pansy flowers about once a week. They can even be grown as a perennial in the right climate. Het makkelijke van de planten in pot is dat deze gelijk voor u worden opgemaakt en zo kunnen ze direct in het interieur worden geplaatst. What garden can afford to be without them? Water violas well until plants are established.

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