how to read camera lens


Learn how to read your camera lens with this free photographer cheat sheet! Full-frame lenses are usually more expensive than their cropped lens counterparts. Lenses that lack zoom functionality (such as a portrait lens with a fixed focal length of 35mm) have a single focal length, while zoom lenses use two numbers (such as 18-55mm) to indicate the range of a lens' focal length. This lens has an aperture of 3.5 for 18mm focal length and aperture of 5.6 for 55mm focal length. An f/2.8 aperture, for example, will appear as 1:28. The aperture on a camera lens functions much like your pupils, opening in accordance with how much light you want to hit the camera’s sensor. Design Patterns - JavaScript - Classes and Objects, Linux Commands - lsof command to list open files and kill processes. With a little education, you can determine which features in your new lens are superfluous, essential, or just nice to have. And we have the following text at the bottom of the lens. Though this lens has a 3.5 aperture it is still not great for low light scenarios. You can use filters on your camera lens to reduce glare or filter out colours to achieve some cool effects. Struggling with finding the best types of camera lenses and their uses? 1:3.5-5.6 The next set of numbers denote the aperture or the iris of the lens. This means that lhe lens can stabilize the image/video when shooting handheld. Here’s what to check for. You'll find variations in the presentation - sometimes f/2.8 is shown as "1:2.8", for example - but the numbers indicate the same thing: The maximum aperture of your lens. Privacy Policy. We’ll break down the types of camera lenses out there and how can you use each of … Focal length indirectly indicates the angle of view of a lens. But

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