how to stock a small pond with fish


Bluegill and redear are good baitfish for bass and catfish, Sink said. Pond owners who wish to add an additional species to that combination can do so by replacing 25% to 30% of the bluegill with redear sunfish. Even a small pond can be home to an interesting range of wildlife, including damsel and dragonflies, frogs and newts. Suggested trout stocking rates are 100 adult (greater than 8 inches) per acre or 200 sub-adult (less than 8 inches) trout per acre (Table 4). Pond owners should work with a qualified fisheries biologist if they stock these species. The term farm pond refers to a body of water anywhere from a quarter of an acre up to a 5-acre area on farm land. When adding fish, start small and be patient. Looking to put some fish in it. Many recreational pond owners, however, prefer to stock bluegills and catfish to increase the size and population of bass. The benefit of utilizing correctly paired sizes of different fish species is that you don’t have to wait to stock predatory species. After creating a good environment, Sink said owners should stock ponds in spring or early summer with 5-15 pounds of fathead minnows per acre, which are easy-to-capture baitfish that will spawn and create a good food source for larger baitfish and sportfish populations so they are established when stocked. The ability to drain a pond provides options sometimes necessary to properly manage water and fish in a small pond. Farm ponds themselves can range in size from a small watering hole to large stock tanks filled to the brim with fish and other aquatic wildlife. Then, have a pump and bottom drain installed in the pond, which will oxygenate the water and keep it clean. For supplemental stocking rates please contact a representative.. Grass Carp (white amur) stocking densities will vary based on the amount of vegetation present in your pond or lake. You could mistakenly stock sunfish that are not desirable in small ponds. The most widely used and successful combination in Missouri is channel catfish, bluegill and largemouth bass. Every pond is different, and there is no single way to go about stocking or maintaining your fish population. At Pond King, our products are hand-crafted, built to your individual specifications, while still being competitively priced. Your pond needn’t be big. But today, with bureaucratic oversight at nearly every level - county, state and federal - you’ll need to do some research on laws pertaining to digging on your property as well as obtaining water to fill the pond. Some work and some don’t. Sink said vegetation should be limited to 10-15 percent of the pond’s total bottom area. We recommend following the Missouri Department of Conservation’s recommendations for stocking farm ponds. We've been making high quality marine products in the United States since 1995. You can also stock your large scale ponds with catfish and minnows alone, as I mentioned for small ponds. Gardeners have been using stock tanks (or feed tanks as they’re sometimes called) for years as water features and even as containers for a vegetable garden. Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC provides a diverse line of quality fish at a competitive price. General Fish Stocking Recommendations. In the southern United States, a small pond is limited to two species of fish that are suitable to be stocked in an acre or less size pond. By stocking the two species in combination, landowners end up with more fish in the pond because they are not competing for the same resources. As a member of the Pond King Rewards program you’ll earn rewards every time you make a purchase. The size of your fish pond will directly affect your management goals and objectives. Fish are transported in our fish hauling tanks, where they have continuous oxygen flow while in transit. Fish Stocking Alternatives to Benefit Farm Ponds A guide to stocking systems for the farm pond: predators, panfish, forage fish and the species of fish to avoid. Planning ahead and bringing the proper vehicle with storage space is necessary for large fish orders. Under these conditions, they … Catfish and Hybrid Bluegill grow quickly on feed and will not overpopulate. When stocked in the fall, they will continue to grow throughout the fall, winter and spring so they are ready to spawn and provide sufficient prey for bass and catfish. Pond King offers a variety of fish species and sizes, which are perfect for stocking your pond. From 500 gallons to over 30,000+ gallon ponds! We won't compromise your quality for our bottom line. One of the biggest mistakes pond owners make is stocking all their baitfish and sportfish at once, Sink said. We […] Good forage fish grow well in ponds, feed low on the food chain, do not compete with young predators for food, are a small size as an adult, and reproduce prolifically and frequently. Catfish spawn in May and June and will be ready to stock in July or August, but fingerlings are available throughout the year due to fish production management, although size varies with time of year. This is not an original idea, of course. We wish the process was as easy as find a spot and get to digging. Sink also recommends a fertilization program be implemented if maximizing fish production is the goal. It may be difficult to find a fish dealer to stock your pond with sunfish, but in most areas you can find large scale fish farms that will agree to sell small number of sunfish. To make a backyard fish pond, start by digging a hole that's around 3-5 feet deep. Signing up is fast and easy and you’ll get Five Pond Bucks just for signing up. The concept of this stocking combination is … Many sunfish species are similar in appearance. We are constantly asked “What kinds of fish should I stock?”. This fish stocking chart is a quick visual reference for stocking guidelines in Texas waters. Most ponds require a minimum of 10 pounds of 6-10 inch largemouth bass be harvested per-acre per-year to support a healthy fish population.

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