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shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere and they are full of wildlife. nation’s first attempts to function as a global power. Mallows Bay on the lower Potomac is the site of a “ghost fleet” of nearly 200 wrecked vessels dating from the Revolutionary War through World War I. There’s no better vantage point than a two-person kayak from which to experience this dramatic collection, as well as to explore the bay’s marshy tributaries filled with abundant wildlife. Charles County offers a three-hour, 2 ½ -mile kayak tour of Mallows Bay ($75 per person for a two-person kayak) or a shorter 1 1 / 2 -hour tour ($49 … Kayaking Mallows Bay ship graveyard on the Potomac River The hazards are clearly spelled out in A Paddler’s Guide to Mallows Bay, the pamphlet available at the launch site. Aerial photography by Jerry Jackson. constructed ships were rendered almost obsolete from the onset, yet work If you are a kayaker, canoeer or overall just love the water this is a must see! a monument to our nation’s evolving role in the world.”, A photo taken during my kayak trip. Each 3-hour tour is guided; a snack and bottled water are provided; all participants use tandem kayaks; beginning-level kayakers are welcome. The shipwrecks have recently received federal protection, as part of a new national marine sanctuary. the valuable metal and burn the hulls to the waterline to assist in the process. Judy and her assistants were very friendly and helpful and made sure all participants at different levels of expertise were comfortable with the kayaking. heart of the fleet this time.”, Hellman highly recommends the trip. The boat ramp is located at 1440 Wilson Landing Road, Nanjemoy, MD. Located on the Potomac River only 30 miles downstream from our nation’s capital, Mallows Bay is renowned for its diverse collection of historic shipwrecks, recreational opportunities and scenic beauty. (Photo credit: Kimberly Hernandez, MDNR, Chesapeake and Coast Service), Today Shomette is confident that the site will soon gain the We'll provide kayak w/paddle vest, lunch and a bit of history on the historic ghost fleet. splash from the paddles, I emerged dry thanks to the soft launch located From April through October, Atlantic Kayak guides join other Read More + Visit Website. Mallows Bay by Kayak: A Tour of Maryland’s Proposed National Marine Sanctuary, the First in Chesapeake Bay On the Maryland side of the Potomac River, just east of Washington D.C. and west of Chesapeake Bay, the largest shipwreck fleet in the Western … Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Center, The National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, Omni Bedford Spring's Resort Stands the Test of Time, Music, Art, Architecture and More in Historic Winchester, Virginia, A Stay at an Amish Tobacco Farm-Turned Luxury Inn, Paired with an Over-the-Top Meal, Sharing the Charm of Sharon, Pennsylvania, Visiting Lancaster's Conestoga House and Gardens, Daytripping along the Lafayette Trail in Havre De Grace, Learning about the Life of My Coal-Mining Great-Grandfather on a Visit to Scranton, Pa, Ghost Adventures in Maryland and Pennsylvania. There’s no better vantage point than a two-person kayak from which to experience this dramatic collection, as well as to explore the bay’s marshy tributaries filled with abundant wildlife. district. than 20 years and the first ever in the Chesapeake,” she said. Mallow's Bay on the Potomac River is host to the largest fleet of shipwrecks in North America. I felt fortunate to witness eagles soaring Woodrow Wilson approved one of the largest and most expensive shipbuilding Mallows Bay, a shallow embayment off the Nanjemoy Peninsula, is the site of this fascinating “ghost fleet” of nearly 200 vessels dating from the Revolutionary War through World War I. The company proceeded to extract We do not rent kayaks for off-site use at Mallows Bay or elsewhere. safely kayak through the rotting remains. "Charles County operates Mallows Bay Park. Judy and her terrific co-workers made sure we knew what we were doing and they followed the tides so we had maximum exposure to the ships - which are so cool! In 2010, the Charles County Government opened a small park near Mallows Bay to improve access to the site. It is popular to canoe or kayak among the ship ruins. WAMU’s Jacob Fenston and Tyrone Turner visited Mallows Bay, by canoe and kayak, to document the unusual waterscape the shipwrecks have created. 2018-10-07 9:00:00 2018-10-07 12:00:00 America/New_York Mallows Bay Park Kayak Tours Paddle through the World War I Ghost Fleet while observing the park's unique wildlife and historic and cultural features. Accommodations: Mallows Bay Park is well maintained, has clean porta-johns, parking, some picnic tables, and an excellent put-in, with both a boat ramp and a canoe/kayak launch back in an inlet. I remember little about my great-grandfather Ignatz Kalina. We did the Mallows Bay tour and it wasn't just about the ships, it was about the nature! Egrets build huge nests amidst the rotting remains of WWI warships. Thirty miles south of Washington in Charles County, Maryland, the lower Potomac River holds the Western Hemisphere’s largest concentration of shipwrecks. Mallows Bay — recently designated as a marine sanctuary — is a former dumping ground for over 200 shipwrecks dating back to the civil war. The 14-square mile visited, many of the hulls were still intact and above the waterline.” Hellman, The major The flora is equally fascinating, from towering sycamores to an array of edible and medicinal plants such as wild rice, duck potato, and pawpaw. Travel, dining & more in my home state of Pennsylvania and beyond. The "ghost fleet" of Mallows Bay is now protected as a national marine sanctuary. A kayak trip through Mallows Bay is a fun way to explore the largest shipwreck graveyard in the Western Hemisphere. the vantage of a tiny kayak opens wide a window into the history of one of our Mallows Bay Kayak Tour This program is currently unavailable. My friends warned me that I’d get wet and cautioned against Share this event with your friends. Recently named a National Marine Sanctuary by NOAA. "With my colleagues, I was able to assemble a team to reach out to public and private institutions, Atlantic Kayak ran a well-organized, informative, professional tour operation from start to finish. Because time was of the essence, the hastily and shoddily Mallows Bay Park offers outdoor enthusiasts walking trails, a boat ramp and kayak launch. These are WWI wooden ships that were abandon. Shomette said another step sought-after recognition. once intended for an entirely different purpose. included generating hundreds of pages of documentation to prove that the site They had been sent to the bay in the early years of the last century to be destroyed, but instead were abandoned and now linger in varying states of decay. Reed Hellman, who first visited the Bay in the 1970s as part Paddle through the WWI Ghost Fleet, the largest ship graveyard in the Western Hemisphere. On July 19, 2016, the U.S. Coast Guard’s Sector Maryland North Capitol Region hosted a kayak tour of Mallows Bay in anticipation of its Sanctuary designation. while paddling through Mallows Bay on the Potomac River. The bay is the location of what is regarded as the "largest shipwreck fleet in the Western Hemisphere" and is described as a "ship graveyard. Paddle through the World War I Ghost Fleet while observing the park's unique wildlife and historic and cultural features. All I know is that this first-time kayaker was plunked down has been hard at work to ensure that the site gets the recognition it deserves. Hosted by. The information on the history at Mallows Bay and the natural setting was very interesting. I've always enjoyed ghost tours. Before work was complete, the company claimed bankruptcy and today visitors can We saw so many Bald Eagles it was crazy, some Blue Herons, Osprey, Vultures, turtles, a swimming snake even! Protect and Preserve Mallows Bay! Mallows Bay is part of the Lower Potomac River Water Trail, which goes from Washington, D.C. to Chesapeake Bay. Just 30 miles south of Washington, D.C., lies one of the largest sunken ship graveyards in the Western Hemisphere: the so-called “Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay.” That the effort failed was a result of closer towards becoming the first National Marine Sanctuary designated in more desperate call for help in wartime. Marine Base and located in Nanjemoy. My seasoned kayak buddy knew better and carted his camera along to creatures like river otter and beavers. The nomination to have the bay designated as the first National Marine Sanctuary in 20 years was announced by President Obama in 2015. For once, I wished I hadn’t listened. This means that during high tide, few of the vessels stand above the water. Check out the Paddle Guide for Mallows Bay that was created in partnership with Charles County, Atlantic Kayak, Maryland Historical Trust, Alice Ferguson Foundatino, Southern Maryland Audobon Society, Friends of Mallows Potomac and with funding by REI, National Marine Sancuary, and NOAA. Paddle through the World War I Ghost Fleet while observing the Mallows Bay Park's unique wildlife and historic and cultural features. It is an amazing place to kayak, fish and nature watch. But for a small For me, Mallows Bay stands as Dr. We have partnered with the Smithsonian Associates, Charles County Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, Baltimore National Aquarium, NOAA, … Mallows Bay Park. overhead and osprey constructing huge nests on the peaceful wreckage that was What is very interesting about this park is that it provides public access to the Ghost Ships of Mallows Bay. step was to get organized, then engage the public,” said Shomette. capture at a few moments of the memorable trip. All tours will be led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Gain a fresh perspective on a beloved local treasure with this mellow kayak tour of Mallow's Bay. The Charles County Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism offers guided kayak tours of Mallows Bay from May-October. Parking is available on site. All are available for public use at no cost. area, located in Charles County Maryland, is well within sight of Quantico Kayaking Mallows Bay Abandoned Ship Graveyard. seeking the designation and we’re thrilled that Mallows Bay is just a step A special kayak launching area makes paddling access easy. The older I get, the more I enjoy history, which is not all that uncommon from what I am learning. “Experiencing it from Tremendous wildlife viewing areas, single ramp small boating (shallow water) access to the Potomac River, kayak launch, fishing and hiking. is hoping that more people will take an interest in visiting the area as it The taking along a camera. until I tried it. help the area achieve designation as a national marine sanctuary. Mallows Bay–Potomac River is a 18 square mile area of the tidal Potomac River adjacent to Charles County. the ships that now molder in Mallows Bay as an effort to answer our allies From April through October, Atlantic Kayak guides join other kayakers to lead the way and share the story of “The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay.” Guests glide among the decaying detritus of wooden steamships and learn that the structures were once part of a national effort dating back to WWI when Woodrow Wilson approved one of the largest and most expensive shipbuilding programs in history. Sandy bluffs are topped with trees that offer roosts for bald eagles, and the area is also home to thriving populations of osprey, duck, river otter, deer, and numerous aquatic species. He describes the reaction of Dr. Jim Delgado, former Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s. “When I first Please call us at 301-292-6455 to make your reservation. If you're interested in a change of scenery, Winchester, Virginia is an interesting place to poke around. A 0.8-mile trail loops around Mallows Bay Park and the salvage basin. continued well after the war ended to fulfill already agreed-upon contracts. Mallows Bay, a shallow embayment off the Nanjemoy Peninsula, is the site of this fascinating “ghost fleet” of nearly 200 vessels dating from the Revolutionary War through World War I.

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