msi recovery partition


None of this multi-partition nonsense. The RE partition is protected, so you will need to use FDISK to delete it, then you can go back to Disk manager to merge the partitions. Of course, if you want the most hands-off recovery in case of corruption, MSI's pre-partitioned scheme is best. Please click "Reagentc.exe set OS image false appears after F3 system recovery" to process; other recovery failure is caused by the restore partition or the system restore file is deleted. This all goes out the window if the reason for corruption is a dead drive, obviously. ERROR: "The recovery environment is not normal" Ensure your C: partition is named OS_Install 'BIOS_RVY' partition This hidden partition contains the data required to restore your notebook's operating system to … 3 - C: or first usable partition 4 - 900 MB Recovery partition 5 - D: or second usable partition 6 - MSI's OS recovery image partition The issue I'm having is that I'd like to collapse partitions 3 and 5 into one large partition for the C: drive. I am unable to do this because of the 900 MB recovery partition between them. The easiest bet is probably just doing a clean install of win10, from a fresh download, NOT from the recovery partition. Refer to the attached PDF file for how to use the MSI Recovery software.

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