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Canon EOS Rebel T7i Review: Strong Midrange Shooter A solid choice in the entry-to-mid-level DSLR category, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i takes great photos and has a speedy autofocus. But somehow, Canon manages to make this big change feel incremental: It delivers roughly the same photo quality as before and shoots a little bit faster once you discount how fast the lens drives. (Image credit: f/10, 1/320 sec., ISO 200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/10, 1/500 sec., ISO 200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/7.1, 1/320 sec., ISO 200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/16, 1/125 sec., ISO 200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/5.6, 1/640 sec., ISO 200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/8, 1/400 sec., ISO 200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/9, 1/400 sec., ISO 200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/4, 1/250 sec., ISO 3200, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/4.5, 1/125, ISO 6400, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/4.0, 1/1000 sec., ISO 25600, Credit: Theano Nikitas), (Image credit: f/5.0, 1/125 sec., ISO 25600, Credit: Theano Nikitas). Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. Visit our corporate site. The new T/7i is, without reservation, one of the most-balanced REL powered subwoofers of all time. MORE: The Best Photo Editing Software and Apps - Beginner to Pro. No. Although you may have to look closely to see the difference, the Nikon model has a slight advantage in sharpness. (Note the white shirts on the subjects in the scene.). This means you get the ideal levels for both hi-fi and AV, without the need to constantly change the settings. Despite the low-cost emphasis, there has been zero compromise on build quality: the T-5 is beautifully constructed. To report errors, corrections or suggestions please email us or message @ecoustics on Twitter or Facebook. While 4K video has yet to trickle down to entry-level DSLRs like the T7i, this camera offers video capture at up to full HD (1920 x 1080 at 60fps or 30fps). REL has made it work well in this product. Relatively large compared to other cameras in its class and its photos aren't as sharp as competitors'. The T6i got a new-to-it sensor and autofocus system in 2015, but that was a transitional change. The dual-pixel AF did a good job autofocusing when moving the camera across the scene from one flowering weed to another. The Rel Acoustics T9i features powerful 300-watt RMS amplification and an extended low frequency response that goes as low as 28Hz. On the other hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. If you shoot raw, you can pull out a lot of detail from underexposed areas, though not in overexposed areas. At ISO 6400, noise increases, but you should still be able to print an 8 x 10 (or slightly larger) with few issues. The T7i is no exception. The T7i, unlike the D5600, has an anti-aliasing filter (aka, optical low-pass filter). The camera doesn't automatically drop back to low or simply deliver a slower burst like it did with the T6i, so if you have it set to continuous AF and High-speed continuous shooting, don't be surprised when the shots come out inconsistently exposed with only the first few in focus. Flash exposure can be dialed down even further, to tone down the highlights in her eyes and on her hair, if desired. All deliver great image quality and a good range of features. The T7i enriches modest systems with deliciously sumptuous natural bass, high quality construction, and gorgeous finishes. While the T7i faces strong competition from Nikon's D5600, it's one of the best DSLR cameras for newbies and experienced amateurs to grow as photographers. Choose a static scene like the one below, select the intensity from the camera menu, press the shutter, and the camera captures and combines a trio of images, each shot at a different exposure. As many enthusiasts are aware, REL makes some of the classiest subwoofers in the high end. With the REL T5i you have separate level controls for stereo and LFE .1 surround. High quality finish With REL's legendary build quality and finish, the T7i has to be one of the most attractive-looking subwoofers in its class. A single SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot is available, as are a built-in pop-up flash and a hot shoe for attaching an external flash when you need or want extra illumination. More specifically, this is a survey of how most people get deep bass very wrong, and how a pair of well-integrated RELs are the exception. The 24-megapixel Canon EOS Rebel T7i ($750 body only) sits at the head of the company's entry-level DSLR family. The subwoofer really goes deep to release low frequency sound details. The Canon EOS T7i can hold its own against strong competition like the Nikon D5600 and the more affordable Nikon D3400. But either of these cameras will serve you well, whether you're a newcomer or an experienced DSLR photographer. Per your original product recommendation, I purchased another REL T/7i Subwoofer for my stereo system. Let's round up Amazon's best gems. CNET may get a commission from these offers. T/9i, T/7i, T/5i On the left is the ISO 400 shot from the T7i in the Fine Detail mode; on the left, a normal ISO 400 from the D5600. Camera Connect is easy to set up; just be sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your mobile device before you begin. Here are some of the best Hulu has to offer. You can't do better than a track record like that. Canon tends to trickle down technology from older, higher-end models whose prices have dropped, and it just makes sense to buy those better models instead of the new one with the ancient insides. Setup of the REL T-9 Subwoofer. The app even has built-in, step-by-step directions if you run into any issues. The drummer and bassist have a nice, swinging rhythm line going, but it takes the REL to reveal individual identities. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, (View original). You will receive a verification email shortly. It's very effective when tracking subjects during video capture and is a welcome addition. It still doesn't really match the Nikon D5600 for photo quality or continuous-shooting speed, though it still has the lead for video autofocus. the bell curve response of the REL T5 is now replaced with ruler flat response of the T5i! Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. Oh, it sounds good too... REL Acoustics has been at the business of subwoofers for a very long time and has a slightly different set of design priorities to many other brands. Here are some of the best Netflix has to offer. The Rel T9i is the flagship of the Welsh manufacturer’s Ti subwoofer range. This was shot by a friend at a very high ISO and is included here only as an example of how quiet the STM kit lens is. In order to achieve perfect balance, a sub must weigh speed against heft, while also delivering true extension-depth. On the other hand, the D5600 takes sharper and richer images and has longer battery life. Overall video quality is quite good, with natural colors and well-focused footage thanks to the dual-pixel AF. Although the tree trunk lacks details, the fine details in both shadows and highlights on this building demonstrate how well the T7i handles a wide dynamic range. The Nikon D5600 is rated at 970 shots per charge using the viewfinder with some flash and with Bluetooth disabled. The subs in REL's "Serie Ti" use the same Class A/B power amplifier sections with large, high current power supplies, precision-wound transformers, and an amazing reliability record that has powered some 100,000 RELs. The T7i offers on-screen help, which can be disabled as your knowledge of the camera and photography grows. This filter ever so slightly softens images in order to avoid aberrations such as moiré in patterns. Sony's follow-up to its NEX-6 laps the field with its 11fps burst and comfortable design. dunnoguit, Oct 13, 2019 #22. jon9091 Master Of Reality. New York, Think of the 212SE as a full bottle of your favorite adult beverage and the T7i as a hearty glass full. Because this is a review of two REL T/9i subwoofers. 25; G1 MKII; Serie T/i. Once configured correctly my Ayon’s became very well fleshed out and richer in tonality through their entire frequency range. Let’s start with the T/9i itself. The REL T-5 is the company's newest "sub" aimed at entry-level systems. Measurements wise, the REL T5i do not measure like the REL T5. This compact interchangeable-lens model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long... Not sure what to watch tonight? Still, the T7i — with the new EF-S 18-55mm IS STM lens — is a lightweight kit ($900 for the f/4.5-5.6 combo; $1,300 for the f/3.5-5.6 kit). Thanks to the T7i's vari-angle, 3-inch LCD, it's easier to shoot overhead or at low angles than with a fixed LCD, like the one on the Nikon D3400. Expect both to take some power drain with lots of playback, flash and video capture. Occasionally, the T7i's metering system — which is the same as its T6i — tended to slightly overexpose highlights, as seen in this wide-angle shot of a park on a sunny day. As noted earlier, I was unable to test video with the new STM (stepper motor) lenses. The safest thing to do is keep it on the slower setting (4.5 frames per second). The colors pop nicely, skin tones look correct and it has a dynamic range that meets the expectations for its class -- like most low-to-midrange cameras the default settings increase contrast, which means you lose some detail in the brightest and darkest areas. The T7i's ISO range of 100-25,600 provides flexibility when shooting under a variety of lighting conditions. Price Match Guarantee. REL Acoustics; Manuals & Brochures Manuals & Brochures. The REL T/7i manages to make it all seem easy. Old faithful. Both the T7i and the D5600 offer many of the same features and functions. The D5600 will get you more shots, but I was able to shoot for several days with both cameras before either needed to be charged. And Canon's automatic white balance isn't as smart in cloudy conditions (or situations where the light color is similar). But the app is so efficient, it's unlikely that you'll need the BR-E1. The Bad Relatively large compared to other cameras in its class and its photos aren't as sharp as competitors'. Some on-screen icons, however, are a little small, so it's sometimes easy to tap the wrong icon. However, as you can see in the clip below, shot on Program auto exposure, the T7i does a good job of automatically adjusting exposure when moving between bright and dark scenes. Once again, that's pretty typical for this class of camera. This passive subwoofer is equipped with a 10” (25.4cm) driver and passive radiator. REL customer service was exceptional and went beyond you would ever imagine. Fast and flexible, the Nikon D500 is one of the best dSLRs you can buy for under $2,000. NY 10036. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. But it's a current sensor and metering system, the same ones that are in the EOS 80D, but with an even newer image-processing engine (Digic 7). The T8i is available for $750 (body only) and $900 with an 18-55mm lens. As you will see, this affected our assessment of the T7i's video capture somewhat, but did not affect our overall rating of the camera. I put the new REL t5i exactly at the same spot as the REL T5. The body is relatively compact and, with a deep handgrip, comfortable to hold. Shop REL T/I-Series 8" 200W Powered Subwoofer High-gloss black at Best Buy. By comparison, a video shot with the T7i and one of the STM kit lenses is very quiet, other than a subtle noise when the lens is zoomed. HDR and time lapse movies are also available. I’m questioning being short of punchy and if the reason was the size of driver. Black Friday 2020: The best deals still available at Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart and more, Cyber Monday 2020 deals: $35 Google Home, $80 Echo Show 2-pack, $449 HP laptop, $179 Chromebook and more, Sony promises PS5 restock soon: Check inventory at GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and Target, If it's time for a bit better camera, this is your Canon, Canon EOS Rebel T7i (with 18-55mm STM lens), Canon EOS Rebel T7i (video creator kit with 18-55mm IS STM lens), Canon EOS Rebel T7i (with 18-135 STM lens). I have lived with my rel t5 for a year. Experience home theater and music as the artist intended with the most award winning high-end subwoofer brand, REL Acoustics. REL’s electronics are the brains and power behind its success. Canon has also added Bluetooth to the camera, which is compatible with a new Bluetooth remote control, the BR-E1. Unfortunately, our test unit came with an older lens, the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II. Accurate colors and generally well-balanced exposures are the norm, as are sharply focused images. Be careful with the three-step power switch, though: The first two positions are off and on, while the third enables the movie mode; it's all too easy to go into the movie mode when powering on the camera. Using the touch screen is a quieter option. REL’s T5 measures less than a cubic foot and houses an 8-inch downward-firing, long-throw, steel-chassis woofer driven by a gutsy 125-watt RMS Class A/B amplifier. Manual-exposure adjustments are possible during filming, but changing aperture or shutter speed, for example, results in audible noise. Overall, the T7i delivers excellent images. Under the best conditions (warm weather, using just the viewfinder and no flash), the T7i's battery life is rated for 820 shots per charge, but drops to from 550-600 shots if you use the flash 50 percent of the time, and as low as 230 if you're shooting consistently with Live View rather than the viewfinder, according to Canon. Proper break in of the new REL subwoofer is proceeding as instructed with fine tuning of … Like HDR and other effects, the in-camera processing takes a little time, so you won't be able to shoot again for about 10 seconds or so. Moderna seeks FDA emergency approval for coronavirus vaccine, Lenovo X1 Fold hands-on: A first step toward the next big thing in PCs, Orbits explained: It's hard to get into space -- but great once you're there, Discuss: Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D review: If it's time for a bit better camera, this is your Canon. Looking for a great show to watch tonight? The T7i inherits much of its DNA from Canon’s admired APS-C champion. This system included a pair of Sonus faber Venere 3.0 floorstanders, the Venere Center and a pair of Venere Walls along with the REL T … We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. The well-braced little cabinet sits on four aluminum cubes that load the driver to the floor at a specified distance. The Best Photo Editing Software and Apps - Beginner to Pro, Seahawks vs. Eagles live stream: How to watch Monday Night Football online, Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals — best sales and what to expect, Cyber Monday PS5 deals — what to expect and the best sales, How to watch Disney Holiday Singalong: Time and TV channel, The best Cyber Monday Chromebook deals 2020, Slightly larger and heavier than the competition. Regardless of the music you play through your system, once it becomes REL equipped, you’ll notice much more depth and ambience way up through the midband. Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer. the FR is literally flat where the REL T5 was a bell curve. Nicely compact – yet good and bassy, too The T-7 is essentially a 30cm cube, but the combination of 20cm downward-firing driver, a 200 watt class AB amplifier and forward-facing passive unit means the sub can … If you're just starting out or are on a tight budget, go with the Nikon D3400. The HDR effect broadens the dynamic range and, at the same time, intensifies the colors in the scene. Integration with my Thiel CS 2.4 Loudspeakers is very good in my humble opinion. Please refresh the page and try again. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! The proprietary filter designs are responsible for rave reviews for REL's unique ability to seamlessly blend while layering on all the harmonic structure missing from conventional systems. Let's round up some of its best gems. Canon still uses an antialiasing filter, which blurs edges slightly, on its sensors; Nikon does not. The T7i's body remains the same as its predecessor's, but it finally incorporates Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS sensor, a 3-year-old technology with on-chip phase-detection autofocus that's in almost all Canon's other interchangeable-lens camera lines. This image shows the T7i's ability to capture a richly saturated blue sky and good details in the high-rise buildings in the foreground. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The T7i is the first Rebel to take advantage of Canon's Dual Pixel Autofocus, a sensor-based advanced AF technology seen in higher-end Canon DSLRs, such as the 80D that improves AF in movie and Live View shooting. Even with the camera's internal noise-reduction options disabled, the T7i expertly handled high ISO noise, keeping those pesky blotches to a minimum at up to about ISO 6400. The T7i is certainly sharp enough for people dissatisfied with their phones or cheaper cameras. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The T7i's body … MORE: Camera Face-Off: Can an iPhone Beat a DSLR? The camera costs $850 with the 18-55mm f4-5.6 STM lens (£895, AU$1,400) though regionally other kits are available. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … It's a lot like its predecessor, but for the most part, that's okay. REL’s T9i sits at the top of the Ti range and alike 99% of REL’s subwoofers is an infinite baffle design or closed non-ported box, making the unit very fast and expressive. Reference. New product reviews are added daily. Let’s start with the T/9i itself. Not sure what to watch on Amazon tonight? While the T7i doesn't look as good when you do side-by-side comparisons, judged on its own most people will be quite happy with the results they get, especially if you'll just be viewing the photos on a mobile device. The Bottom Line For a step up in photo quality or performance from a phone or compact, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D remains a fan favorite. The Good The Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D delivers reasonable photo and video quality and respectable performance in a time-tested body. For an even funkier look, check out the Fisheye effect. The T7i has a slight edge in shooting speed and autofocus, especially in video capture. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Once the ISO is pushed above 6400, it's best to relegate these images to smaller prints or online posting. Canon has one of the more useful mobile apps for its DSLRs. There was no evidence of chromatic aberration (colored fringing along high-contrast edges) between the buildings and the sky. A camera that newcomers can grow into, the T7i boasts a a ramped-up autofocus system with more than twice the AF points (45 versus 19) compared with its predecessor, the EOS Rebel T6i, and it has Canon's latest DIGIC 7 imaging processor. This means you get the ideal levels for both hi-fi and AV, without the need to constantly change the settings. Different intensities can be applied, as seen in the two images below. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Dig a little deeper into your pockets, and the choice between the T7i and the D5600 gets tougher. REL T7i I listened to Tony Bennett’s “Just in Time” from the recently released LP Bennett/Brubeck, The White House Sessions, Live 1962 [Columbia/Impex]. Because this is a review of two REL T/9i subwoofers. The camera costs $850 with the 18-55mm f4-5.6 STM lens (£895, AU$1,400) though regionally other kits are available. My room was 6 meters by 6 meters and this sub was enough to pressurize it. Camera Face-Off: Can an iPhone Beat a DSLR? I usually steer people toward last-generation (or more) models for the best value on a budget, and that's especially true with Canon's entry-level dSLRs, the Rebel series in the US. The camera's adequately fast for typical kids-and-vacation photography, but it doesn't support continuous autofocus and autoexposure on its High setting. The T7i is the DSLR offering the most consistent OVF/Live View experience I've seen and that's augmented by one of the smartest guide modes I've ever used (in that it forces you to use the camera the way it'll work once you turn guide mode off, rather than leaving you stuck there forever). This sub uses a Class A/B amp and offers some unusual hookup options. However, the noise effects of ISO 25600 are less visible when shooting a city scene with a pitch-black sky, as seen below. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for REL Acoustics Arrow Wireless Transmitter and Receiver for Models T9i, T7i, and T5i at I mainly use it to listen to metal, rock and classical music. You get longer battery life, too, at up to 820 shots per charge. REL website recommends T7i for LS50 so I might give it a go. And the Canon Connect app provides many more options in remote shooting than Nikon's SnapBridge app does. The Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D delivers reasonable photo and video quality and respectable performance in a time-tested body. Final thoughts. With Camera Connect, you can transfer images from the camera to a mobile device, and use your phone to remotely trigger the T7i's shutter. For a step up in photo quality or performance from a phone or compact, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D remains a fan favorite. With the REL T7i you have separate level controls for stereo and LFE .1 surround. At 5.2 x 3.9 x 3 inches and 17.1 ounces (body only), this camera is slightly larger and heavier than the Nikon D5600 (4.9 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches, 14.7 ounces), even though the latter has a 3.2-inch vari-angle touch-screen LCD versus the T7i's 3.0-inch vari-angle touch screen. There was a problem. On the other hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. Finished in a deep, glossy black (white is also available), and discreetly appointed with solid aluminum accents, the T7i is not much larger than a postage stamp (OK, at about a square foot it’s a little bigger than that). You can also remotely adjust shutter speed, aperture, autofocus mode, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and more, which you can't do with Nikon's SnapBridge. More specifically, this is a survey of how most people get deep bass very wrong, and how a pair of well-integrated RELs are the exception. ISO 25600, as seen below, is quite noisy, even at smaller sizes. Canon also improved the starting time on this camera, and the T7i now boasts continuous shooting speeds of up to 6 frames per second. Canon has announced the T7i's successor, the EOS Rebel T8i, which has the same image sensor, but a faster processor, face-detect autofocus, and the ability to shoot video up to 4K/24 fps. In practice, you can shoot as high as ISO 3200 -- that allows for relatively low light, like the level in a bar -- without worrying about noise or other artifacts. This page aggregates REL Subwoofer Reviews from expert reviewers and critics all around the web. And it needs to do all this in a physically harmonious package. Even the texture of the rope is visible and sharply focused. Receive news and offers from our other brands? While the Nikon D5600 offers a 3.2-inch LCD, the slightly smaller T7i LCD leaves a little more room for external controls on the rear of the camera. I evaluated the REL T-9 concurrently with my recent review of the Sonus faber Venere 3.0 surround system. High quality finish With REL's legendary build quality and finish, the T5i has to be one of the most attractive-looking subwoofers in its class. Looking for a great show to binge? These lenses are designed for quiet and smooth autofocus, while the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II that came with the review unit is quite noisy when AF is engaged, as you'll hear in the clips below. Like other cameras in its class, the T7i offers a number of different creative filters, including HDR (high dynamic range). The touch screen is responsive and a welcome shortcut to changing settings and choosing focus points. Features high quality long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers. But the Rebel T7i (called the 800D in the UK and Australia) represents Canon's first truly significant update to the series, really since the T2i in 2010. The viewfinder and LCD are sufficiently large and bright, but, as is common for a camera in this class, each provides only a 95 percent view of the scene. © The built-in flash easily balanced the exposure for this backlit subject. Related Videos . Big thanks for John Hunter and the team for the amazing product. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. At other times, however, the T7i's evaluative metering system is extremely accurate, maintaining details in bright objects such as this white tent. Looking for a great show to watch tonight? That includes a 45-point all-cross-type autofocus system, 24-megapixel sensor, and Dual Pixel AF … RELs were originally all about giving a bit of low-end shove to your stereo system before ‘home cinema’ was a gleam in Dolby’s eye. Shot at ISO 3200, with exposure adjusted in post processing, this photo of bed covers and pillows shows only modest noise. Tom's Guide is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. So Nikon's shots look tons sharper than Canon's. Both the T7i and the Nikon D5600 (but not the Nikon D3400) come equipped with external microphone jacks. Location: Midwest. Designed for entry-level users, the T7i body is dotted with easily identifiable external controls, and a Q (Quick Control) button lets you access settings without having to delve into the menu system. A solid choice in the entry-to-mid-level DSLR category, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i takes great photos and has a speedy autofocus.

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