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That’s why we’ve put together the following 5-step software implementation plan. Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide Published: 11/19/2018 While it’s clear what the potentials of cloud computing are for your organization, it may be unclear the adjustments your IT organization will need to make in transitioning to the cloud. Software as a Service or SaaS, is becoming the new normal for businesses looking to streamline their processes due to its quicker time to value, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and scalability. For acceptance it is also important that we make communication as personal as possible. Both support and communication throughout the implementation process are vital for adoption. This particular pain point not only wastes time, it reinforces this inefficient vertical power structure. The third critical factor to successful SaaS implementation is to give the right people decision-making power. One of the biggest mistakes of any SaaS implementation plan is not anticipating or planning for the full range of potential pitfalls during the go-live event. After all, implementation is not the same as acceptance. Be firm in your project parameters to communicate clear expectations to stakeholders and employees. While SaaS provides businesses of all sizes a cost-effective alternative to buying and maintaining their own infrastructure such as a contract management system… Social Media and Advertising Cookies See Details, By Clarke Pich, Senior Vice President, Global Professional Services | We need suitable project management tool to: Compiling realistic team (s) is necessary to achieve success. SaaS deployment is similar to the establishment phase of a utility service; which is followed by metering and billing at regular intervals, for the services […] Every team therefore receives specific information. Vendor Selection. That is why it is important to use a proven method as described in the article about implementation frameworks. Remember that a SaaS implementation is a trade-off between system administration, implementation teams, core users and the rest of the organization. For many companies, “change management” really means controlled chaos. Keep in mind that a correct SaaS implementation maximizes the value of our new system. Whenever a business implements a new technology, whether this is a hardware based technology or in this case a software service based technology, there is always a reason (or number of reasons) exactly why a business is implementing this new technology. If your software implementation plan is relatively straightforward, tracking its progress might only require a free tool, such as Google Sheets. Identify the team to take on the task. It is also a very important job. Be sure business stakeholders and implementation teams have approval criteria and provide transparent updates on progress, setbacks, staffing news, and next steps to head off misinformation or rumors. Fortunately, there are people who do it every day. | A SaaS checklist can help you avoid being a part of a failed deployment by assessing the readiness of the business customer for either SaaS or in-house license deployment, and … Zero in on your core need. After all, nothing kills project momentum faster than a strict top-down chain of command where decision cycles exceed work hours. SaaS applications serve as the face of every cloud-based service and are the direct point of use to end users. 3. | Today, I head up implementation at EverCheck, a SaaS provider for automated license management. They have wasted time and money on something that is not working properly. Make an inventory and plan with only these solutions in mind, setting aside the “nice-to-haves.” Trying to cram in every nonessential process or functionality only guarantees complexity, delays, scope creep, and added costs—not to mention a possible a team mutiny. Proper implementation will maximize the value of your new system. We will follow your directions and, other than the strictly necessary cookies which are always enabled, we will only use the cookies you choose to accept. However, there is at least one team member per business unit. But luckily there are people who do it every day. March 31, 2020, How to Develop a Hybrid Cloud Migration Strategy, 4 Technologies Driving Digital Transformation in the Next Five Years. The composition of an implementation team varies per company and the scale of a SaaS implementation. SCRUM, budgeting is better than estimating, Discipline and growth of project managers in an organization, Lack of qualitative technical self-awareness is annoyance to customers. These are important agreements about which we must communicate well with the various teams and the organization as a whole. The Software Implementation - Let's Go Live! This affects the training plan and provides benchmarks for regular checks. The final step of successful SaaS implementation is being 100 percent “ready for action” at its launch. A weekly email course to help you master your SaaS metrics. Thank you for registering with Epicor Software. Engage with and align every team involved before starting your SaaS implementation. Not only in the software, but also in the SaaS implementation plan. Required fields are marked with *. In this time, I’ve seen what successful and not-so-successful projects look like, and I’m here to share some of the best practices to implement your new solution. That’s OK, just adjust your plan accordingly, but not an inch more. Businesses that fail to define and achieve a software implementation plan have wrecked the long-term value of the new system and wasted what resources were spent on the system. What best practices exist around SaaS implementation? The email address will not be published. With SaaS-based enterprise software, implementations do not happen overnight, but rather, over the course of several weeks and months depending on the vendor’s schedule and how complicated the implementation. Take into account the 8 important SaaS implementation tips above so that we get the most value from our new software. In a traditional software development setting, more emphasis is put on the functional aspects because it is deployed on an on-premise infrastructure with implicit security, compliance, control, operational transparency and perceived service level requirements. Information Technology © 2019. Approaches to Enterprise System Implementation in the New SaaS Environment Dawn Rhodes, Chief Business and Finance Officer and Vice President, University of Maryland, Baltimore Peter Murray, Chief Information Officer/Vice President, University of Maryland, Baltimore There are a number of reasons why businesses would want to implement SaaS. That's why we prioritize those options that we need to master first. Epicor uses cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features, and to analyze our traffic. Whatever the best scenario, the goal must be … When was the last time you heard of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)? Some teams are hesitant to report bad news, which may postpone pain but ends up churning and burning the budget. Cloud service development requires a different approach than the traditional software development lifecycle as the cloud provider becomes a critical success factor of the overall project. We must train each team member to become the system expert for their business unit. Our SaaS solutions span the entire implementation lifecycle, from initial analysis and cost scoping, through design and architecture, to development, test, deployment and support. You can change your choice at any time. The second way to a successful SaaS implementation is to help your team welcome, not dread, major change. SaaS implementation changes: Prototyping + Collaboration For SaaS solutions we will Design so-called Prototypes and iteratively do 3 Prototypes. All rights reserved. So much so that for a while, this standard was known as “It Still Does Nothing” or “Innovations Subscribers Don’t Need.” In Germany, despite th… For many companies, “ change management ” really means controlled chaos. This website uses Akismet to reduce spam. Understand the business requirements. A specific goal creates responsibility for users and offers a tangible cause for the effective adoption of the new software. 5. Getting the best out of our supplier actually begins during the selection phase. There’s no doubt that software as a service (SaaS) makes great sense for almost any business. We can also use this document as a reference during the SaaS implementation. Identify the pain points that the new system must remove. Hopefully we are now ready to make our own SaaS implementation plan. Our teams work cohesively to develop robust, secure, scalable Software as a Service solutions that are completely tailored to meet the complex demands of your business. Implementation of an HCM SaaS platform requires a significant time commitment and can be quite costly, so organizations should focus sufficient attention on getting it right the first time. Evaluate what is available on the market and/or used by peers that aligns with the... 2 Software Implementation frameworks, Agile and Prince2. Plan steps and procedures in advance in order to satisfy the business requirement and the reasons for implementing SaaS; The team involved in this implementation should have developers with in-depth knowledge of the SaaS concept along with a better understanding of the industry best practices. Now is the time to get one SaaS implementation plan to make. You can always trim back resources. January 8, 2019. Companies that fail to realize a correct SaaS implementation have also destroyed the long-term value of the SaaS solution. Successful teams over-prepare in this area, going beyond what might be reasonable. Top 3 Things Cloud Can Do to Boost Efficiency and Growth, 7 Ways to Manage Change When Implementing New Technology, How to Choose the Best Cloud ERP Software, Sign up for The Shop Floor monthly newsletter and get free B2B thought leadership (sweet!). To do that, detail the steps and behaviors for success that everyone needs to practice and provide a simple communication channel and documentation process. Here are five SaaS implementation best practices to help you with your new software implementation plan. In outlining plans and expectations that touch the whole company, avoid IT or SaaS-related jargon that may alienate stakeholders and teams or allow room for misinterpretation. That way we figure out the requirements. Lessons Learned from AltaFlux’s SaaS Implementation. He or she is the person where users can go with their questions. On the other hand, catching up from behind poses greater risks to business continuity. Put blinders on everything else.. To do SaaS implementation right, follow a simple plan... 2. Yes, getting your SaaS up and running can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. And this is the reason that most of the SaaS applications are often siloed, making identity and access management a mounting challenge. Epicor values your privacy. This article lists the 8 most important tips they can give us. In this way we can achieve the greatest possible improvement. SaaS Resources. Dig into in-depth cheat sheets on metrics, financial reporting and more. Instead, make it clear to your SaaS implementation team that they’re trusted and empowered—even expected—to make decisions when decisiveness matters. Some business might want to improve the efficiency of their business related process by being able to concentrate more on business related processes rather than on softwa… During the SaaS implementation, our requirements document also helps us prevent us from doing everything at the same time. We first use the most important parts of our new SaaS system. A SaaS implementation can be quite a job. Followed closely, these five SaaS implementation steps will help you emerge successfully with a strong team, productive new technology, and satisfied users and stakeholders. See how your response data is processed. A SaaS implementation can be quite a job. If the solution requires an implementation partner, the the vendor... 3 | Privacy Policy Software as a Service (SaaS) Guidelines 1 From the company-wide perspective, remember that any successful technology change requires user engagement and that, for some companies, may take more active encouragement. Hear insights from the founders and leaders guiding the future of SaaS. Define clear SaaS implementation goals (SMART) Identify the pain points that the new system must remove. There’s no doubt that software as a service (SaaS) makes great sense for almost any business. But also for giving small training courses and the on-boarding of new employees. SaaS applications are widely used and each of these applications is meant for a specific purpose.

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