sailin' shoes meaning


Sailin Shoes is a truly great album. To quote another writer, Little Feat is hewn from the same wood as the Flying Burrito Brothers, the Band and the Byrds with a little Allman Bros thrown in for good measure. A great blend of southern rock, country and blues. artin Muller, the exceptional artist who is better known by the name Neon Park, broke onto the scene with his unforgettable cover for Frank Zappa's 1970 album Weasels Ripped My Flesh. Song Details. These are most likely in nautical colors paired with a Breton t-shirt and chinos to complete the look. 10 SAILIN' SHOES Little Feat Warner Bros., 1972 Artist: Neon Park. His cover for Little Feat's second LP, Sailin' Shoes, is only slightly less provocative. Ringo Starr covered it for his 1977 album Ringo the 4th. That's what the adverts say anyway. While most of the songs in the album contain original material, the album also contains a few covers: The title track is originally sung by Lee Dorsey from his 1971 album Yes We Can. But finding the best sailing shoes for you involves a lot more than a Monaco-backdrop. "Sailin' Shoes" is originally sung by Little Feat from their 1972 album of the same title. Thinking about sailing shoes may bring up visions of well-dressed people lounging on deck in -- you guessed it -- deck shoes.

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