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2-year Manufacturer's warranty; Washer: Large 4.5 cu. The tub is so deep you almost need a step stool to reach the bottom. And given that you can snag a standard top load model for half the price, this thing is much closer to the cost of a high-end front load washer. ft. Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet in Champagne. Samsung's WA52J8700AP was one of the washers listed on the recall. There's also a difference between the power and start/pause buttons and the rest of the panel. Find the perfect Washer for you! Whirlpool's giant washer wants to shrink your dirty clothes pile fast, Marathon wants to remove dryers from the laundry equation. Beautifully designed and technologically advanced, Samsung is the #1 best-selling laundry brand. purplecitygrow 11/1/2020. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It performed worse than the $1,500 front load LG WM5000HVA and the $1,400 front load GE GFWR4805FMC, but better than the $1,500 top load LG WT7700HVA. HUGE loads and cleans well. That's it. A great option for those who have a lot of laundry to get through but not a lot of time to do it. ft. High Efficiency Black Stainless Top Load Washing Machine with Active Waterjet-WA45T3400AV - The Home Depot First off this washer was purchased to replace a previous Samsung top load washer that was recalled. User rating, … The WA52J8700 did pretty well in terms of stain removal, but not great, and the detergent dispenser is hard to reach. ft. Capacity • Fewer loads, less time in the laundry room, and more time doing the things you love. Best Cyber Monday deals 2020: Early bargains now live. It's also easy on the eyes. Thank you for signing up to Top Ten Reviews. It is also equipped with Active WaterJet—a built-in faucet that lets you pretreat stained clothes with a press of a button—and an EZ Access tub design that allows you to … Receive news and offers from our other brands? Model #: WA50R5400AV #SamsungInsider A number of reviews mentioned that what would normally require three loads of washing can be done in just one with this machine. This makes Samsung's washer sound pretty great, but $1,199 is still a lot to spend on a washing machine and its performance was only so-so. I love it! ft. Capacity DOE Signature Features Large 5.0 cu. Then you can presoak any grass, wine, mustard or other stubborn stains before starting a regular wash cycle. Then again, we haven't seen anything like the Activewash before. It works like this: Lift the washer door, make sure that the sink is lowered and press the Water Jet button. Save time, energy, and water. 5 out of 5. The bad If you don't expect to use the sink, it will probably just get in your way. This Samsung washer will not clean clothes! Get the best reviews, product advice, news and more! Top LG washers are up to $300 cheaper right now, but hurry! Depth: 29.4 in. A few reviews also comment that they don’t like how close the detergent trays are to the lid as it can make operation a bit fiddly. The fabric we use to judge wear and tear had an average of 219 loose threads after one run in the Samsung washer for a wear and tear score of A-. Jennifer At $1,199 it's a better value than the $1,500 LG WT7700HVA; it performed better, too. Ease of Use. By Sink aside, if you can get past the wonky location of the detergent dispenser and are OK with performance results that are just pretty good, you'll likely enjoy this straightforward, simple-to-use top load washing machine. It averages a score of 4.5 out of 5 in online reviews with users particularly fond of both its high capacity and efficiency. CNET may get a commission from these offers. When you open the lid, you'll see something that looks like it's part washboard and part … ft. Large Capacity Top Load Washer helps you fit more in every load and cut down on laundry time, leaving more time for you. ft. Top-Load Washer with Active WaterJet and 7.4 cu. User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1377 reviews. Elements such as the EZ Access tub design and soft-close lid have been built with usability in mind, ensuring you don’t have to stretch and strain to reach the bottom of the tub or slam the lid shut. 4.5 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet in White View more videos Product Infomation and Reviews - WA50R5200AW photo The location of the dispenser is weird in general -- it's tucked under the washer door and the sink below it has to be lifted before you can get access. ft. Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet in … © Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 27.5 x 44.6, 5.4 cu.ft, Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet in White. It has been running almost nonstop since I got it. Currently restricted to the US, there are actually four models in this series starting with the 4.8-cubic-foot $899 WA48J7770AW with a white finish and ending with the pricier WA52J8700AP we reviewed here. Model: WA45T3400AV/A4. The jet will spit out a stream of water into the basin, press it again to stop the water. Check here to find out if your washer was affected. If you don't expect to use the sink, it will probably just get in your way. My instinct to press on the display overcomplicated things, too, as a light touch is more than enough to adjust the temperature, soil level and other settings. Add to that a good-sized capacity of 5.0 cubic feet and you have a washer that can handle large and bulky loads at speed. Its goal is to do away with separate laundry appliances altogether, so we expect some interesting trends to continue in this space in the near future. This might not seem too significant, but you can actually see the difference when comparing Activewash and WT7700HVA stain strips side-by-side. i'm very impressed with the load size and how well it gets everything clean without a harsh agitator. 4.6 (1,377 Reviews) 102 Answered Questions. (Do you pre-soak your clothes? One benefit is that they typically cost less, but that isn't always enough to make a top load washer purchase worthwhile. For those with a lot of laundry but little time, the Samsung WA50R5400AW is a great option thanks to its large capacity and great efficiency. Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet (WA50R5200) from Samsung US Support. Quality. The front load $1,500 LG WM5000HVA is actually part of the brand's new Twin Wash system. Editors' note: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of 34 top-load Samsung washing machines on November 4, 2016. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews. It's also easy on the eyes. And when you're done, simply lift the sink and the remaining water will pour into the main tub and out through your washer's designated drain hookup. SKU: 6427962. That's still a good grade (and extremely close to what the Activewash scored), but I would have expected better from this LG model since it costs $300 more. As a newcomer to the appliance arena, Samsung manufactures some of the best top load washers and dryers on the market. The Samsung WA50R5400AW is a super-efficient model with plenty of features to get through even heavily soiled loads quickly. ft. GAS Dryer. Also, whether or not you love the built-in sink, it definitely gets in the way of the detergent dispenser. If you're curious about the inner-workings of our washer lab, take a look at this article. There’s plenty of high praise for the Samsung WA50R5400AW amongst users. The bleach dispenser, in contrast, has a much better spot toward the front of the washer and is incredibly easy to use. Washer Capacity: 5.0 cubic feet Some of the regular cycles do verge on the slower side compared to other models, but when you really need your laundry done in a hurry, the Super Speed cycle really delivers. ft. Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet in White - Better Housekeeping Shop in Red Bank, NJ Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 27.5 x 44.6, 5.0 cu.ft, Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet in White. The Samsung Active Wash is a one cubic-foot, ribbed glass basin that sits inside a top loader. Even so, I'd suggest taking a look at the $1,199 WA52J8700AP -- it's less expensive than its top load competition from LG, but performed better overall. The big draw of this top-load washing machine is its ability to get through a laundry load quickly and efficiently. ft. Capacity Top Load washer fits more in every load and cuts down on laundry time. The sensitivity of the touch display did throw me off at first, as it's extremely responsive. Originally posted on Samsung… Aside from the sink, this machine offers a lot of other features. If you either don't need or don't want a washer with a built-in sink, it's hard to recommend Samsung's WA52J8700 Activewash machine. Samsung’s Large 4.5 cu. This is down to its 5.0 cubic feet capacity, which can also handle bulky loads, and its Super Speed cycle that powers through a wash in just 36 minutes. These features, along with the Super Speed cycle, have made it particularly popular amongst those with young families. Follow this topic to get notifications about new stories. The odd review does comment that it can struggle with dog hairs so it might not be the best model for pet owners. Samsung's $1,199 Activewash machine, model number WA52J8700AP, is giving traditional top load laundry a makeover, starting with a built-in sink and jet that lets you hand wash, prewash and directly target tough stains without having to travel to the kitchen or the nearest bathroom for a water source. The Active WaterJet, Samsung’s name for a built-in water faucet, allows you to pre-treat stains without traipsing back and forth between the machine and your sink. The good Samsung's $1,199 WA52J8700 Activewash washing machine has quite a few features, including a built-in sink, but it's still easy to use. It's so easy that I could imagine actually trying to presoak or hand wash certain items when previously I would've just shoved them in the washer. Leave a comment and let me know whether you'd use a built-in sink.). WA54R7200AW by Samsung - 5.4 cu. I read a lot of reviews, maybe too many but the Samsung seemed to have the highest rating out of all of the other washers! It is equipped with Active WaterJet that lets you pretreat heavily soiled and stained clothes and Vibration Reduction Technology+ that reduces noise for quiet washing. Width: 27.6 in Make a fantastic addition to your laundry room by choosing Samsung High Efficiency Black Stainless Top Load Washing Machine with Active Waterjet. To find this washer on sale, check out this year's Black Friday washer and dryer deals. The only problem i had was the delivery service. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 5.0 cu. 2-year Manufacturer's warranty; Washer: Large 4.5 cu. The first two are actual buttons that you press, while the rest respond to touch alone. Where the GE model did a better job removing stains, the LG model was gentler on the clothes. + 16 images. Samsung's model also boasts several special settings: Heavy Duty, Bedding, Activewear, Deep Steam, Sanitize, Eco Plus and even Super Speed, which Samsung claims can complete a full cycle in only 36 minutes. An attached sink struck me as a totally bizarre and unnecessary washer feature at first, as I have never presoaked anything in my life and tend to use the delicate cycle as my hand-wash catch-all. * Awarded by owners We’re proud to be ranked by J.D. Samsung's $1,199 WA52J8700 Activewash washing machine has quite a few features, including a built-in sink, but it's still easy to use. ENERGY STAR Certified: Yes First of all, this washer can handle some really big loads of laundry, even a queen size thick comforter. ft. Capacity Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet - Black stainless steel. You can't stack them and they're usually limited in terms of features and storage capacity compared to their front load cousins. It involves temperature controls, flow meters and all sorts of other gizmos and standardized, repeatable procedures. Interestingly, this didn't happen with Samsung's top load Activewash model and its LG top load competitor, the WT7700HVA. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Washing machine testing is fairly complex. Ft. Capacity - Fewer Loads, Less Time In The Laundry Room; Washer: Active Waterjet - Built-in Water Faucet Lets You Easily Pretreat Heavily Soiled And Stained Clothes I can't get over how much room is in side of it even after loading it up with a large blanket or towels. But, after spending time with Samsung's Activewash, I'm beginning to question my current laundry technique; maybe my clothes would last longer with this sort of rig. We definitely saw that with the LG front load WM5000HVA and the GE front load GFWR4805FMC. Also, if there are a lot of other folks who treat laundry as indelicately as I do, the Activewash's sink (its standout feature) could be a tough sell. Ft. 10-Cycle Top-Loading Washer with Active Water Jet - White. It does take a lot longer to cycle through a load than our old fashioned agitator one we used to have, but it's quiet and does the job. The self-clean feature means you won’t need to worry about keeping the washer fresh and clean, the Samsung WA50R5400AW handles all that for you. Best Cyber Monday cell phone plan deals 2020. ft. GAS Dryer. There was a problem. Oftentimes, a machine that does a better job removing stains is tougher on the clothes and visa versa. ft. Top-Load Washer with Active WaterJet and 7.4 cu. the drum is slightly too deep so i do have to reach for items on the bottom but i can deal with this. The Activewash's transparent lid showcases the sink below and its sparkly gray finish and intuitive, easy-to-read display gives it a clear edge over many top load washers. Samsung 4.5 cu. A number of reviews mentioned that what would normally require three loads of washing can be done in just one with this machine. Or you can use the sink as a complete hand wash cycle. Also, at CES earlier this year, we spotted a vented two-in-one washer-dryer unit from startup Marathon. The Samsung washer scored a 92.84, or a B- for stain removal -- this isn't a traditional 0-100 scale, because machines can score over a 100, but the higher the number, the better. While its regular cycles may be on the slow side, the cleaning power of the Super Speed cycle means you’re not sacrificing a deep clean for a quick one when using this setting. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 27.0 inches w x 44.0 inches h, 4.5 cu. 4 out of 5. Samsung 4.5 cu. We have had our washer for a few weeks now and we really like it. Samsung - 5.0 Cu. Max Spin Speed: 750 rpm 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty; Washer: Large 4.5 Cu. This is a full review of the new Samsung top load smart washer and matching dryer. ft. Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet and 7.4CuFt ELECTRIC Dryer with Sensor Dry Laundry Package in White 2-year Manufacturer's warranty Washer - Large 5.0 cu. 5 out of 5. Samsung 5.0 cu. Active WaterJet • Built-in water faucet lets you easily pretreat heavily soiled ft. Top-Load Washer with Active WaterJet and 7.4 cu. The RRP of $899.99 may be a bit pricey, but discounts aren’t difficult to find. ft. Capacity Top Load washer fits more in every load and cuts down on laundry time. Bargain! NY 10036. Samsung's Activewash washer offers a lot, but you'll want to look elsewhere for top-of-the-line performance. ... Write a review Share how you use your new Samsung product and what you love about it. Beyond these options, this washer also happens to look nice and, at 27 inches wide by 46 inches tall with a depth of 29.3 inches, it won't take up too much space. Value. Samsung's Activewash also outperformed the pricier WT7700HVA in terms of gentleness. Since I don't often use bleach, I wish the location of the two dispensers were swapped. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Reviews also mention that it produces little noise, which is particularly great in such an efficient model, and that the fingerprint-resistant finish keeps this washer looking smart. Visit our corporate site. The WA52J8700 did pretty well in terms of stain removal, but not great, and the detergent dispenser is hard to reach. With Twin Wash-compatible washers, like the WM5000HVA, you can stick a smaller, separate washing compartment on the bottom called a Sidekick. The Samsung 5.4 cu. The detergent dispenser is very inconveniently located. The LG model got a 90.55, or a C+ for stain removal. Review and Help Videos - Samsung WA50R5200AW/US 5.0 cu. The Samsung WA50R5400AW top-load washing machine is designed to make the most of laundry day thanks to its Super Speed wash setting and host of other time-saving features.

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