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Looking at the works that the American artist Sandy Skoglund, undisputed pioneer of the Staged Photography, produced since the ’70s, it becomes possible to access a wonderful and disturbing world, where enchantment and anxiety, everyday life and fairy tales live harmoniously together. Visioni Ibride. “Sandy Skoglund. image area 25 1/2" X 33" (What's that? Sandy Skoglund diventa un’artista famosa grazie ad un quadro che lascia tutti interdetti: un numero esiguo di gatti verde fosforescente, dunque radioattivi, in una stanza grigia insieme ad un uomo e una donna anziani. ... Radioactive Cats, 1980. Now she could successively take on the role of script-writer, stage designer, … Sandy Skoglund. Her repetitive, process-oriented art production includes handmade objects as well as kitsch subject matter. When asked about her color choice, Skoglund says, “I arrived at the green because the cats have turned radioactive and green would be one of the colors that you might think would reference nuclear properties.” Winter, 2020. Classification Photographs. 1946 'RADIOACTIVE CATS' Cibachrome print, signed, titled, dated, and editioned 'AP 9/10' in ink on the image, mounted to acrylic, framed, a Ginny Williams Collection label on the reverse, 1980, artist proof 9 of 10 in addition to the numbered edition … The photo shows bright green cats in what seems to be a kitchen. Painted room, and props with live models FERNS, ©1980 Sandy Skoglund color photograph; approx. Currently she is a professor of art multimedia/ installation and photography in New Jersey at Rutgers University. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Sandy Skoglund, artista di origini svedesi, fotografa ed installatrice statunitense esponente della staged photography, ovvero la fotografia delle messe in posa, famosa per i suoi scatti dal grande impatto emotivo ed evocativo che riprende i caratteri del surrealismo o più precisamente del realismo magico, nacque 73 anni fa, l’11 settembre 1946. (76.2 x 94.6 cm) Credit Line Museum Purchase. Sandy Skoglund. Sandy Skoglund è un'artista americana che realizza installazioni ambientali che poi fotografa. Sandy Skoglund - Radioactive Cats, 1980 Sandy Skoglund's Art. In 2004, she complete True Fiction Two – a series that she started off with in 1986. Sandy Skoglund is an American artist whose conceptual photography-based work explores a characteristic combination of familiarity and discomfort, humor and depth, ease and anxiety. Learn more about the … RADIOACTIVE CATS, ©1980 Sandy Skoglund cibachrome color photograph; approx. Sandy Skoglund is a central figure of staged photography, a research field centred on the photographic reproduction of imaginary artificially set up scenes. With Ferns and Radioactive Cats at the end of the 1970s, Skoglund had in fact discovered an art strategy for herself that corresponded equally to her affinity for painting, film, and photography. View Radioactive Cats by Sandy Skoglund sold at Photographs on New York Auction 4 October 2018. image area 25 1/2" X 33" Sculpted plaster cats individually made by the artist. Skoglund's interest in filmmaking as an undergraduate, the death of her mother as a graduate student, and her move to New York City after graduate school, have all inspired her to create art in the way she does. Visioni Ibride”, prima antologica dell’artista statunitense Sandy Skoglund (1946), curata da Germano Celant. In cerca di un suo proprio stile, nell’ambiente newyorkese visita mostre e incontra artisti la maggior parte dei quali sono artisti concettuali che utilizzano le ‘Performance’ quale mezzo artistico. Radioactive Cats. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS): observe independently and back up your comments with evidence found in the image Inspiration. Sandy Skoglund: la “creatrice di immagini” invade Camera febbraio 14, 2019 febbraio 15, 2019 Redazione Dal 24 gennaio al 24 marzo le sale di Camera (in collaborazione con Galleria Paci di Brescia) ospitano Visioni Ibride, prima antologica sul lavoro di una delle più celebri – e celebrate – stage photografer del nostro tempo, Sandy Skoglund . You could guess?) Material Dye destruction print. RADIOACTIVE CATS, ©1980 Sandy Skoglund color photograph; approx. Radioactive Cats, 1980. Skoglund teaches photography and other art forms at Rutgers-Newark and is chair of the art department. Learn more about the piece and artist, and its final selling price Artist Sandy Skoglund, American, born 1946. Torino - Sandy Skoglund ha evocato l’inverno e per lei l’inverno è arrivato ad ammantare Torino. Radioactive Cats features green painted clay cats running amok in a grey kitchen. Often featuring elaborate tableaux of animals and posed human actors, one of her most famous work is 1980s Radioactive Cats, which depicts neon-green cats—painstakingly crafted out of chicken wire and plaster—stalking an otherwise drab gray kitchen. View Radioactive Cats by Sandy Skoglund sold at Innovators of Photography: A Private East Coast Collection on New York Auction 8 October 2015. Rights The interpretations of it usually provide a lot to think about. La mostra riunisce lavori che vanno dagli esordi nei primi anni Settanta all’ancora inedita opera “Winter”, alla quale l’artista ha lavorato per oltre dieci anni. Sandy Skoglund comincia a produrre fotografie tra la fine dei ’70 e l’inizio degli anni ’80 (del 900 :)). “Radioactive Cats” raised social issues and a lot of questions. Sandy Skoglund is an American photographer and installation artist known for her Surrealist, brightly colored images. She's interested in the abnormal and unnatural things she can do and record with a camera. In questa sala, oltre ad alcune statue impiegate nei suoi lavori, si trovano due delle fotografie in assoluto più famose di Sandy Skoglund:.

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