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These holsters are made for competition shooters, recreational, security and law enforcement. Throughout the Die Hard film series, John McClane is seen with a shoulder holster for his Beretta 92. Attach your holster in a place that is concealed, comfortable, and in easy reach. There is some overlap between duty holsters, tactical holsters, and military holsters. Belt tunnel – one wider loop that is easily threaded through the belt. Modern law enforcement duty holsters are available with varying levels of retention security (i.e. The goal of this article has been to show you … Holster designs for firearms cover a wide range of shapes, materials, and retention/release mechanisms, from simple leather pouches hanging from a belt to highly protective holsters with flaps that cover the entire handgun, to highly adjustable competition holsters that hold the handgun at a precise position and release instantly when activated. The primary characteristic that often distinguishes duty holsters from all other holster designs is retention. The traditional material, particularly for handgun holsters, is leather. A shoulder holster offers good concealment, especially in winter months. In terms of handgun-size carrying comfortability, this works well in two ways: It helps distribute full-size gun weights across your upper body. Pull the punch out and continue doing this all the way around your insert. Holsters are generally designed to offer protection to the handgun, secure its retention, and provide ready access to it. The need for ready access is often at odds with the need for security and protection, so the user must consider the individual's needs. The Comfort-Flex shoulder holster features a contoured harness design and comes with wide straps. Comfort – ability to wear a gun for an extended period without excessive discomfort. 4.4 out of 5 stars (22) Total Ratings 22, 83% agree - Would recommend. 1. Moreover, it is being used by the Armed Forces in fighting the Global War against Terrorism. They feature a gun holster, as well as a holster for one or two magazines. As you may already know, an underarm holster is a type of holster rig designed to be worn with the pistol on either side, although under the non-dominant arm is preferred. A Holster for a melee weapon is usually called a sheath. The shoulder holster harness is simply slipped over your arms and placed behind your neck for proper positioning. Ballistic nylon is another common fabric for holsters, as it is stiff, wear resistant, and thick enough to provide protection. For other uses, see, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Belt Holsters Attachement [sic] Options",, Wikipedia articles with style issues from May 2015, Articles needing additional references from August 2007, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Almost all concealment holsters are designed to be worn with a covering garment that is part of the wearer's everyday attire. $12.96 shipping. Popular holster types are:[citation needed], Other, specialized types of holsters are designed to be mounted inside briefcases, day planners, purses and filofaxes, or even articles of clothing, including the bra. Adjustability – a holster that provides for the adjustment of gun cant and position can aid in both comfort or concealment. Cut it bigger rather than smaller. "The illustrations were exactly what I needed to get an idea about how to shape and sew it together. Most places it is HOT in summer, so covering a shoulder holster isn't a practical idea. Because of the lack of a bottom strap, drawing the handgun from the Texas Pattern shoulder holster sometimes required the use of both hands. Ease of reholster – a rigid holster will allow a gun to be returned to it with one hand, while a flexible one may collapse after the gun is drawn, requiring the use of both hands to reholster. The first 1911 shoulder holster on our list is the Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System for 1911 5-Inch Colt. It is possible to cut them down more and more, but if you start off by cutting too much off, you can't add to it. It comes with your choice of one of two Derringer holster pockets, a small holster pocket, a medium holster pocket or a large holster pocket (for firearms from 2.75"-9" in overall length from the tip of the barrel to the hammer). A shoulder holster is a type of holster, whether concealed or not, that takes advantage of the area ranging from your armpit to your hip.

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