tineco pure one s11 vs dyson


Also, it is equipped with a display that allows switching between cleaning modes, tracking estimated battery life, and see accessories status. For low/medium-pile carpets & hard floors, Not suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers. And, the Dyson V11 has the most powerful motor in the industry and insanely long running time. The difference between those models would be an accessory kit. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 PLUS (Pro EX) has a display, two cleaning heads with LED lights: one for carpet, the other one for bare floor. Compared to the Dyson V10, the Dyson V11: As we mentioned before, in the Tineco comparison chart, it is different from each other. There are a lot of newer stick vacuums on the market. Suitable for small homes. Both models are ideal for big homes with carpeted surface, and pet hair. Tineco has two batteries while the Dyson's is built-in. Pure ONE S12 that has 3 different options, what the Dyson V11's pros and cons after 7 months of using, explained the differences among the Tineco PURE ONE S12 models, the difference between the latest models Dyson V11 and Tineco PURE ONE S12, among the best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2019 in different price categories, 5 Best Cordless Vacuums For Carpet 2020: Dyson, Tineco, Shark, Roborock, What Is The Best Cordless Vacuum of 2020 - Dyson vs Shark vs Tineco vs Hoover vs Bissell, Tineco S12 vs Dyson V11 After A Few Months Of Using, Dyson V11 vs. Tineco PURE ONE S12: The Difference Explained, Best Vacuum Cleaners For Carpet, Hard Floor, and Pet Hair 2020, Dyson Cordless Vacuums Compared: V6 vs. V7 vs. V8 vs. V10 vs. V11, Roborock H6 vs Dyson V11 Which One To Buy In 2020, Dyson V11 Outsize vs V11 Torque Drive vs V11 Animal. If you want a longer battery life that covers more and is more suitable for bigger households - get the Tineco. The Tineco has a power button lock so you don't have to squeeze it as you clean. Both companies produce the cleaners with a sealed filtration system. The newest Dyson V10 and V11 have the longest runtime, more power, a different type of cleaning brush, and a bigger dustbin. At a $100 discount , the cordless stick vac cost $400. The Dyson V10 delivers 150 AW in max mode, has three cleaning modes (older models have two) and longer battery life. It is able to recognize carpet and boosts up suction to a max level providing deeper cleaning. Catalogue ... Tineco PURE ONE S11 Stick Vacuum . It might not have LED lights or a detachable battery but it is good at cleaning and maybe one of the best in the industry for the price. The fitlration system is sealed which means no leaks and air is required to go through the filter. But my luck changed when I scored a Tineco PURE ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum. The V7 has a HEPA modification that includes that filter too. If you have a mixed surface, the Tineco is a good and smarter option that also costs less. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 is a significant step forward over the Tineco A10/A11 models. Same as with Dyson, the Tineco has some improved things in its A11 model line over the A10. Tineco's smart series cordless vacuums are called PURE ONE and have three main model lines: To know more about the difference between all smart models, read the Tineco PURE ONE comparison. It can be used in small to average homes with carpets and hard floors. The newest models are ideal for big homes, pets, and carpets. On the other hand, you can buy another battery for a Tineco and get 80 minutes of runtime. Another thing about the Tineco cleaners is that their batteries are detachable. Log in, Tineco has so much SMART technology baked in. When it comes to suction, this vacuum comes with a 500-watt motor that is capable of developing up to 150 air watts of suction that will easily pick up dirt from carpets and hard surf… Tineco and Dyson are world-leading brands in all types of vacuums. Tineco cordless vacuum cleaners: A10 vs. A11 vs. It also lasts longer and is more suitable for bigger homes. The Tineco A11 Master and Dyson V8 Absolute come with two main cleaning heads: a soft roller brush and a standard one. Dyson V10 and Tineco Pure One S12 are also among the highest suction cordless vacuums in the world. The Dyson's battery is built-in, however, the manufacturer claims it lasts up to 15 years. B082VRFWB8. The Dyson V10 has three modifications: Motorhead, Animal and … Dyson has produced the V model line that includes the V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11. On hard floors, they perform about the same. If you mostly have hard floors, go with the Tineco A11 Master. Normally all modifications have the same specifications and performance, the difference is only in the accessory kit. The Tineco A11 series is a bit more powerful and lasts longer. Would you go with Dyson or a Tineco meets your expectations? Find cordless vacuum, stick vacuum cleaner, floor washer at But the Tineco A10 is the cheapest in the lineup and cheaper than any Dyson. The significant difference between the A11 and V7 is that the Tineco A11 Master has a soft roller in the box which makes it better for hard floors. What are Tineco and Dyson? The PURE ONE S11 is equipped with an ultra-quiet yet powerful brushless digital motor, working together with a precise air channel design and a unique noise reduction material. The Tineco PURE ONE S11 has another modification, the S11 TANGO. Tineco offers free shipping and 2 year warranty. The Dyson V11 Animal has a $587.99 price tag, the Torque Drive would be $687.0 , and the Absolute version is on sale for about $800 . Exclusive. Let’s find out the Tineco vs Dyson differences in more detail. The Absolute version is ideal for mostly solid flooring. Each brand is known for making excellent vacuums, and in this article, we’re going to be looking at the Tineco A11 series, and the Dyson V8 and V10. For average homes with pets and thin/medium-pile carpets: Tineco A11 or Dyson V8. The Hero and Master models have the same suction power, battery life, weight, dustbin size, and warranty. PURE ONE S12 which also has three modifications, the. On the other hand, Dyson measures 10.3 × 9.8 × 50.6 inches and is slightly heavier at 6.7lbs. The V version has one battery in the box, lacks a display, a suction control, but is equipped with a magnetic phone stand. Aside from how pretty it is, the next thing I noticed was the five useful attachments it comes with. A handy feature if you vacuum under poor light conditions. We almost bought a Dyson but after seeing the Tineco Pure One S11 was rated higher on Consumer Reports (actually the highest rated stick vacuum) we decided to give this a try. $399.99. It also has a cleaning head with LED lights which the Dyson lacks. Not suitable for average and medium houses. Dyson is a more established brand, and while both Tineco and Shark are challenging their market dominance, Dyson is still the leader in this space. It is the most powerful in the industry, has swappable batteries, and the biggest dustbin. With the model line going up, the Dyson lasts longer, gets more powerful but also gets heavier. It has detachable batteries that give the longest runtime in the industry. FLOOR ONE S3 HOT. Has a bigger dustbin and can be used in homes with medium-pile carpets. We actualyl purchased the new Bissel Crosswave MAX to do both sweeping and mopping at once and returned it because it honestly was not worth the money and did not get the floors that clean. Top Brands . $12.95. Has stronger suction (150 vs. 185 W vs. 220 W). At $599, the Tineco Pure One S12 is certainly not a Tineco Pure One S12 Black Friday deals were one of the leading last year. Let's see which vacuum cleaner is good for you, why Tineco running head-to-head with Dyson, and what are the reasons to go with a Tineco. It's in the top 3 bestselling stick vacuums and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Tineco Floor One S3 or Tineco A11 Master. These technologies reduce the running noise to as low as 72 dB(A). Show newer Stick Vacuums The soft roller is available to buy optionally and can be found for every model that does not have one in the box. It won’t pull as much dust or hair out of thick rugs as Dyson sticks can, but it’s a decent … The Dyson V8, V10, V11, Tineco A11, and Tineco PURE ONE S12 are among the best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2019 in different price categories. With all that's being said, which one would suit your home the best? The filtration system is different too. The Tineco PURE ONE S11 has another modification, the S11 TANGO EX. It does have a HEPA model that is the only in the series safe for allergy and asthma sufferers. Tineco is a leading Chinese company that is mostly focusing on cleaners. If you want to have a cheap Dyson but you suffer from an allergy, buy the Dyson V6 Absolute, it has shorter runtime but it has a soft roller head for hard floors too. The V11 Outsize comes with swappable batteries which allows it to last longer if you buy a third one. At CES 2020 the company released new models of the PURE ONE line. May 23rd, 2018 at 12:18 PM. 🔐 Be the first to know 🔐 Home; Products. The Hero has the same suction but comes with one regular brush that works well on bare floor as well as on carpet. On carpets, they both do a food job, but the Dyson V7 does it slightly better. Mostly it is about battery life, dustbin size and suction power, but the latest smart S11 and S12 lineup have more smart features than the basic A10 and A11 Series. You mentioned that the S11 is so much better than your Dyson and we couldn’t agree more, Tineco is crushing our competition! Dyson V8 Animal was released in 2017. Dyson V8 Animal is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. Also, it is equipped with the largest 1,890 ml dustbin and has a wider cleaner head for more efficient cleaning. $799. Tineco Pure ONE S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Strong Suction & Long Runtime, Lightweight Handheld, for Multi-Surface Floor Cleaning Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Fuchsia (227591-01) Overall, the Dyson V11 Absolute remains the king of cordless vacuum cleaners, with the power to tackle most jobs in a single swipe, while the Tineco Pure One S12 often takes a bit longer to get there. Yes, the Dyson performs a little bit better on Max mode yet it has short battery life. The Tineco lasts 20 minutes longer and is more suitable for bigger homes. Two other Pure S12 modifications, the S12 M Lite and S12 Plus , didn’t concede the first model. The Dyson V8 is more powerful and is slightly better on high-pile carpets. This year, Tineco has upped the ante, with a premium-grade offering of its own that takes on Dyson’s flagship V11 vacuum head-on. Tineco A11 Master vs Dyson V10 Absolute. Tineco Pure ONE S12 Vacumm. Keep in mind, it does not have HEPA, we would recommend getting a Dyson V7 HEPA for dust-sensitive people. Hoover is the industry standard for vacuum cleaners, and this stick vacuum does not disappoint. Not recommended if your home is mostly covered with carpets. If you want to know more about all Dyson models, feel free to visit the Dyson vacuum cleaner comparison chart. 🔐 Be the first to know 🔐 Home; Products. Compared to the PURE ONE S11, the Dyson V10 has more power and does better at deep cleaning high-pile carpets. Wishlist Compare. The Dyson V7 does not offer an option with a soft roller. The Dyson V6 is hard to find so we do not compare it with any Tineco as well. With the Dyson, you have to hold the trigger while vacuuming. The Dyson V11 is the smartest and most powerful in the lineup. Also, this model allows adjusting suction power depending on your needs and includes some extra accessories. The Dyson V8 and Tineco A11 are good for average homes with a mixed surface, With detachable batteries, strong suction, LED lights, and long battery life, the Tineco A11 Master is a great vacuum cleaner to get in 2020. For homes with mostly solid floors, we recommend buying a model with a soft roller in the package or get one separately. For the largest houses with many pets or long human hair - the Dyson V11 Outsize. The Dyson V10 is better for high-pile carpets but the Tineco is smarter and more efficient. For mostly carpeted surface with medium and high-pile carpets, better go with the Dyson V10. The Tineco Master and Tango modifications have two main cleaning heads: one has stiff bristles and is suitable for carpet cleaning. Because of two cleaning heads, the Tineco PURE ONE S12 PLUS is ideal for carpet and bare floor. One thing that is missing here is that none of those V11 modifications come without a soft roller. For mostly carpeted surface with thick carpets, the Dyson V11 would be a good buy. click here to visit our recommended online supplier. Another one is a soft-roller head that is ideal for hardfloor cleaning. Read what the Dyson V11's pros and cons after 7 months of using. Another point is the price, the Dyson is ~$100 expensive. The PURE ONE S11 brings smart sensor technology to a high-performance cordless vacuum for a completely new, intelligent cleaning experience. PURE ONE S11 includes two options, the S11, and S11 TANGO. Ideal for small houses or apartments with carpets. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 V costs $399.99, the most-featured Tineco PURE ONE S12 PLUS will cost you $699.99. Can not be recommended if you live in a big house with lots of hard floor. If you want a premium cordless vacuum, have a look at the Tineco PURE ONE S12 or Dyson V11. If you suffer with allergy or asthma consider either getting the Dyson V7 HEPA or a Tineco A11. Safe for those who have an allergy or asthma. The PURE ONE S12 has 3 modifications. PURE ONE X PURE ONE S11 TANGO PURE ONE S11 HOT PURE ONE S12. Tineco PURE ONE S12 Platinum Cordless Stick Vacuum . Tineco Pure One S12 Hands-on Review. The Dyson V11 has a sensor that recognizes carpeted surface and boosts suction to provide the best performance. If you mostly have carpets in your home, the Dyson V8 Absolute does slightly better than the Tineco so might be a better option. The Dyson V6 has the shortest battery life and weakest suction. Also, if you want to know the difference between the newest Dyson vacuum cleaners - V10 and V11, feel free to visit the best Dyson models comparison chart. Image source: Tineco/Amazon. If you mostly have hard floors, you might go with the Tineco PURE ONE S12 PLUS. In 2018, Tineco’s A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum served as a sort of budget-friendly Dyson alternative. Tineco PURE ONE S11 vs. Dyson V10. Even though a carpet brushroll works just fine on hard floors it is important to understand the difference between the two. The Dyson V7 does not have a modification with a soft roller, the Tineco A11 Master comes with one. The cheapest PURE ONE S12 V does not have a display and also does not last as long but a second battery is sold optionally. As we mentioned before, the Tineco has HEPA filtration, which takes 10 seconds to maintain. The Outsize has the longest runtime and the biggest dustbin in the industry. 1 detachable batteries with 40 mins run time. The every-need-met accessories that come in the box. The Tineco Pure ONE S12 cordless stick vacuum is a 2-in-1 model with smart integration, like wifi-connectivity, an LED display and smart suction. It also has a smart display. Perfect for big houses with thick carpets & hard floors. [Update, June 2019] Tineco launched smart cordless vacuum cleaners on the market - the Pure ONE S12 that has 3 different options. You have heard about Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. Both models are suitable for deep cleaning thin carpets and some medium-pile carpets on high power settings. When the Dyson V7 is really good for carpet but would not be suitable for homes with mostly hard flooring. For average to big homes mostly covered with carpets and those who have pets: Dyson V10 or Tineco PURE ONE S12 V. For big homes with thin and thick carpets, pet owners, and those who need extra power and smart features, efficient battery, etc. Tineco and Dyson are two very popular manufacturers of stick vacuums. CORDLESS VACUUMS. Then, the Tineco Pure ONE S11 is for you. A11 Master+ A11 Hero+ A10 Hero+ A10 Hero Lite. In March 2020, Dyson released a newer modification for bigger homes, the Dyson V11 Outsize. For those who live in a big house and don't want to empty the dustbin after every cleaning cycle, Dyson has released a newer model, the Dyson V11 Outsize. In terms of suction, the Dyson V11 is more powerful. tineco vs dyson. Add to Shopping Cart. Performs as good as the S12 and S12 PLUS but lacks the bells. Eufy might not be the top brand that comes to mind when you hear cordless stick vacuums, but after reading our review of the HomeVac S11 Infinity, it definitely will be.This handy stick vac is a prime option for those who don’t want to lug around heavy uprights or canisters but also need high-pressure suction for medium and large sized debris. The Dyson V11 (in the US) is available in two options and the V11 Outsize is the biggest and most powerful. Is Dyson ready to compete with Tineco? smart vacuum cleaner. VIEW MORE. The A11 EX and Master+ last longer on one charge (with two batteries) than the Dyson. Automatically recognizes carpets & boosts suction for deeper cleaning. There is so much to like about both the Dyson V11 and the Tineco Pure One S12. Second is the Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus, which delivers 150AW when running optimally. It does better at deep carpet clean especially those that are high-pile. The prices for a Tineco start at $400 and end up at $700. The Dyson increases suction on carpet when the Tineco on a big amount of dust. Once it is washed with water, you need to wait until it gets dry to get started. SMART WET DRY VACUUMS. The Tineco cleaners in general are more generous on included accessories. Quiet as a whisper, this vacuum won’t annoy your family – baby and pet friendly! The Tineco PURE ONE S12 detects dirty areas and provides deeper cleaning on those spots. They are known as the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market and the most trusted brand as well. In short (keep in mind, each of them is safe for allergy and asthma sufferers except for the Dyson V7): For small homes with occasional thin carpets: Tineco A10. If you have lots of carpets and some small area of hard floors, you probably do not need a soft roller as you would not likely to switch between the heads as you clean. The Tineco cleaners have LED lights on the cleaning heads that help to track dust and dirt. The Dyson V8 has a bit more power in high settings but it lasts 6-8 minutes as the Tineco - up to 15 minutes. The Master, Master+, and Hero EX include an additional battery. Most modifications come with one cleaning head and only the Absolute, PURE ONE S12 PLUS, and Master modifications have two heads in the box: soft roller and the main brush. ... TINECO Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner, Lightweight Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Multi-Surface Cleaning with Smart Control System. For medium-pile carpets & lots of hard floors. It’s just as sleek as my Dyson but it comes in a white and ice blue color scheme, making it much easier on the eyes (especially when it’s on display on my kitchen wall). The Tineco does the same on big amount of dusts. For average homes & low-pile carpets, some hard floors. The Dyson V8 lasts a bit longer than the V7 and is more powerful. Tineco Pure One S11 Tango EX CR's take: The feature-packed Tineco Pure One S11 Tango EX costs a bit more than the Tineco Pure One S11, but the performance is similar. PURE ONE S11 SPARTAN. I encourage you to give the app another chance! If your home is primarily carpeted, or even if your cat tracks litter onto a carpeted area, the best vacuum for cat litter on carpeting is the Hoover Linx. It is not suitable for medium-pile carpets but does the job on hard floors. In the Dyson V11 review you will know more about cleaning performance and what the newer model is good for. Add to Shopping Cart. Der Tineco Pure One S12 Plus gilt neben dem Dyson V11 Absolute als der beste Akku Staubsauger. The Tineco cleaners have detachable batteries, a switch lock that holds the power button in On position as you clean, LED light to track dust in dark places, and a HEPA filter for those who suffer from allergy or asthma. Dyson V11: What Makes It The Best In The Industry? Tineco is a new company owned by ECOVACS, maker of some of the most amazing yet affordable robovacs.. Tineco made an impression on the vacuum cleaner industry when they launched the Pure One S12 sometime last … The Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus is 10 x 6 x 47 inches and weighs 6.6lbs. As a result of having these two batteries, you are able to run this vacuum for up to sixty-minutes, which is in contrast to the Pure ONE S11 which only runs for forty-minutes. It does perform well on thin carpets and hard floors. The longest-lasting cordless vacuum in the industry. This new Tineco cordless vacuum is basically a Dyson, and it’s only $149.99 right now on Amazon. There are other modifications like HEPA, Animal+, etc. Vacuum cleaner enthusiasts have been comparing the Tineco S12 vs. Dyson V11 lately. The following models have two cleaning heads in the box, the carpet head, and a soft roller: the Tineco A10/A11 Master, PURE ONE S11 TANGO, S12 PLUS, and all Dyson Absolute modifications. Ideal for small to average homes with any type of carpet. Tineco MODA ONE Smart Ionic Hair Dryer by Tineco % $299.00 Color: Sangria. SMART VACUUMS. Tineco is generous on extra tools. : Dyson V11 or Tineco PURE ONE S12 / PLUS. Dyson V10 vs Shark Ion P50 The Best For Carpet and Hard Floors. The latest comes with two cleaning heads in the box including a soft roller. Wishlist ... Universal short Hose for upright Dyson* Vacuums . Another thing is allergy and asthma. The Dyson V11 is the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in the industry. For those who is sensitive to dust, the Tineco would be better or go with the Dyson V7 HEPA. $1,199. Its cleaning head is 25% wider than other models which help to get the job done faster. The Dyson V7 is the only model that does not have an Absolute modification and is not HEPA. Tineco's high-end devices can be connected to the app and also integrated with Alexa. For carpets get the Dyson V7, *keep in mind, the Tineco A11 Master costs about the same as the Tineco PURE ONE S11. As to smart features, the latest Dyson boosts suction on carpet while the Tineco does the same thing on high-traffic areas like zones with lots of debris. The Dyson adapts suction power on carpets. Tineco A11 Hero vs Dyson V8 Animal. Also, the Tineco is slightly better at resisting pet hair tangling. Let’s start by finding out how effective these two stick vacuums are at getting rid of dirt in your home. We do not compare the Tineco A10 with a Dyson simply because even the oldest Dyson V6 has more power. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 and PLUS versions have longer battery life and are more suitable for bigger households. The Tineco PURE ONE S11 TANGO EX, PURE ONE S12 M / M Lite and PURE ONE S12 / PLUS are a bit different; earlier, we explained the differences among the Tineco PURE ONE S12 models. The Dyson cleaners are the beasts in terms of suction. SMART WET DRY VACUUMS. A11 Master+ A11 Hero EX A11 Tango … All of them except for the Dyson V7 have a HEPA filter. The Absolute version is ideal for homes with hard floors mostly. Tineco's cleaners have a rinse-free cleaning tool that wipes the dust out of the filter on-the-go so it's always ready to be used. Their batteries and suction power also tend to be a little better than the competition. For a mixed surface, they are equal. But I guess you haven’t even heard of Tineco before. On max mode, the Tineco gives less power but lasts longer than the Dyson. By Maren Estrada. Overall, it performed well in our cleaning tests, scoring 100% in 11 out of 12 tests. The Tineco A10 series is the cheapest and has the smallest battery. The Tineco has so much SMART technology baked in that you will forget it is actually a vacuum cleaner. Find the best Tineco cordless vacuum cleaner and floor washer. The Tineco also is smarter as it senses dust and boosts suction for better performance. FLOOR ONE S3 HOT. It senses and adjusts on the fly, has a wifi camera that works with their phone app, and even has a holder for your smart phone so you can watch movies or listen to music while cleaning. Below we’ve listed a brief side-by-side comparison of the Dyson V11 vs. Dyson V10 vs. Tineco Pure ONE S12. Tineco PURE ONE S12 This is the newer model of the two, and it comes with several features that are not available in the A11 Master. Its low-profile design and LED lights work together to reach effortlessly under most furniture. The Tineco A11 both modifications include a HEPA filter. Not noticeable if you don't have pets that shed lots. The Dyson V7 lasts longer than the V6 and can be used on medium-pile carpets. Works longer. Compare Wishlist. Those who live in a big house with pets might consider getting the Dyson V11 Outsize. SMART VACUUMS. The Dyson's power button has to be hold for the whole cleaning time. It is smarter, more powerful, and has a longer-lasting battery. PURE ONE X HOT PURE ONE S11 PURE ONE S11 SPARTAN PURE ONE S11 TANGO PURE ONE S12 PLUS PURE ONE S12 PURE ONE S12 V. CORDLESS VACUUMS. Has the longest battery life in the industry & ideal for both surfaces. The Dyson V11 Outsize was built for big homes with carpets and hard floors. Smart Dust Detection; ... TO BECOME A TINECO … mamabayer, we are so glad to hear your Tineco Pure One S11 Spartan is one of the best vacuums you have ever had, that is quite a compliment! The Dyson delivers more power on high power settings than the Tineco. Dyson is the far more popular brand, but Tineco is also quite popular. tineco pure one s12. Both use a HEPA filter but Dyson's filter can be washed with water and should be dried out before using again. [Update, April 2019] Dyson released the newest and most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner - the Dyson V11. That gives you flex on how long you want the vacuum to last by buying the third battery if needed.

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