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Once an applicant is accepted into the Drexel Pathway to Medical School program, they must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.2 with no grade lower than a C in any course, and have a minimum MCAT … Median MCAT … Students must take the MCAT in order to be considered for admission at Drexel University College of Medicine. Many medical schools will forgive a lower GPA if the MCAT score is high. Likewise, if an MCAT score is lower than the school’s typical average, the GPA may compensate for it. Drexel Medical School Admissions Requirements . Applying to Drexel University - Drexel University College of Medicine? The College of Medicine and MSAR report the following medians for admitted MD students: Median Cumulative GPA: 3.75. Please note that changes have been made to our premedical requirements … USA BA/MD and BS/MD programs that don't require MCAT: These joint programs offer the opportunity for exceptional high school students to secure a spot in medical school … Currently, the average accepted student has an MCAT score of 512. If you decide to pursue Drexel Medical School, chances are you’ll be competing with a lot of talented applicants. The AAMC provides a chart that shows the correlation between GPA and MCAT scores in medical school … Get up-to-date MCAT scores, application requirements, and more from The Princeton Review. Note that a score of … If you'd rather skip the MCAT, keep reading below for the list of medical schools that don't require the MCAT. Median Science GPA: 3.69.

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