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This cross between Silver Maple and Red Maple is one of the hardiest available. The tree is virtually seedless, so you won’t have to clean up debris. The front door has already been changed to a black door and Baldwin hardware in silver nickel. Autumn Blaze maple grows to a 50-foot height and a 40-foot spread. MAPLE, AUTUMN BLAZE (Acer x fremanii ‘Jeffersred’) Ht 40-50 ft, Spd 30-40 ft. Full sun to part shade, low to moderate water needs. But back to the details. A door trim package will be added when doing the columns & exterior lighting. The Autumn Blaze maple tree is a true winner for your Tennessee garden. Autumn Blaze Maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’) is the tree that everyone asks about. Maple 'Autumn Blaze' would make a great tree choice to line a driveway -- assuming you've got the space to do it. But they'd all stay alive. An excellent lawn, park or street tree. As it matures the growth rate will slow down only a little and most trees reach a final height of around 50 feet in 30 years. It was further down the trunk. The October Glory maple grows to a height of 40–50' and a spread of around 35' at maturity. It's loved for its brilliant red fall color and nice uniform shape. Saving a Autumn Blaze Maple Tree. Hardiness:-20° to -30°F. It also does well … Autumn Blaze will thrive even in poorer soils, tolerating clay, dry and sandy soil. Fine lawn or street tree. This tree grows well in both wet and dry conditions. Autumn Blaze® Freeman's maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’): A rounded to broad oval tree, growing 50 to 60 feet high and 40 to 50 feet wide. It has a high canopy of foliage that sits well above the ground, … Think of some of the most preferred landscaping trees, and you really cannot miss the autumn blaze or red maple. I went to the blog and searched for information about maples - the search revealed nothing. The Autumn Blaze Maple turns orange to crimson red in the fall which looks great as a specimen tree or planting in clusters. Comments, anyone? Description: Vibrant red in Autumn, rich green in Summer this hybrid maple has a very uniform upright shape forming an oval canopy of lovely dense foliage. Then there are the hybrids (x freemanii) of red maple with the silver maple, having the best features of both. With the 'Autumn Blaze' maple, size is a prime consideration. At the bottom of your answer you added a link to your blog, "Propagating Perennials." Average Size: 40'T x 20'W. Sumac is one of the shortest fall-foliage standouts. Lowell Light & Power also is contributing two annual payments of $8,026 to the tree fund. Botanical Name: Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred' Item #: MD20489. The Washington State University Clark County Extension says that these gorgeous trees can eventually reach a height of 60 feet. Autumn Blaze Maple Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ Red Sunset is a red maple cultivar with superior fall color and good branch structure. (5) I'll go out this weekend and get a patio table umbrella to see if it helps. Common Name: Autumn Blaze® Maple. Around 12-15m apart to allow full development of the crowns. 'Autumn Blaze' trees spread their roots horizontally in search of ample nutrients and moisture from the surrounding soil. As landscapers in Nashville, we know which trees work in the landscape and which ones don't. And then dress it up with planters & some sort of seating (thanks Patricia CC). Tree Type Growth Rate This tree grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 24" per year. Devestating! October Glory red maple care is similar to care for any maple. Exposure: Sun. Crazy, huh!?! As landscapers in Nashville, we know which trees work in the landscape and which ones don't. Once you plant your maple, flood it with water to settle the roots. We don't have that much room. Spacing Your Autumn Blaze Maple. apart and 30ft. So "plain concrete" (same as the driveway) seems to be the safest bet. Lipstick Maple - Autumn Blaze. It adapts to slightly alkaline pH while the Red Maple needs at least a barely acid soil of no more than pH 6.9 or 7.0. That represents a very large loss of biodiversity. Lowell is one of five cities this year to earn the Tree City USA designation. Planting 3 of the same, or for that matter a whole several blocks, of the same type tree, lends a desirable degree of repetition and uniformity to the design, and aids in future maintenance issues. Average Size: 40'T x 20'W. Its parent trees used by plant breeders were red maple (Acer rubrum) -- chosen for its breathtaking fall color -- and silver maple (Acer saccharinum) -- chosen for its fast growth. All of the leaves look as though it were still mid April. Whole blocks of the same kind of tree is what left so many towns treeless when Dutch elm disease hit. State Forester Kevin Sayers said the designation goes beyond being a good public-relations move. Sap production is greatest in trees grown out in … Blooms in spring. How Large Does a Chinese Honey Orange Citrus Tree Grow To? Maple trees are known for their fall colors, and the Amur maple certainly lives up to this reputation.With a variety of names like 'Flame' and 'Embers', this small tree (or large shrub) will set your yard ablaze in autumn with its red or orange leaves. Description: Vibrant red in Autumn, rich green in Summer this hybrid maple has a very uniform upright shape forming an oval canopy of lovely dense foliage. In fact, it's got some of the brightest red color available despite the fact that it requires minimal attention. When young, your Autumn Blaze Maple will grow very rapidly, up to three feet per year, so it will quickly make a 20 foot specimen in your garden. 'Deborah' Deborah Norway Maple A.p. Relevance. Been there before-many times;^) But, I maintain, 3 of the same type tree on the terrace by your home does not represent monoculture planting. Winter buds, clusters of small winter spring flowers, leaf stems, twigs, and winged summer fruits are all reddish colored. Not a bad thing, especially inasmuch as boulevard trees need to be "raised up" for clearance purposes anyway. This distinction is exactly the point I was making in my earlier post. An improved hybrid with brilliant, long lasting, orange-red fall color, an upright, uniform branching habit and a rapid growth rate. Autumn Blaze Maple ® tops out at 60 feet tall, so make sure not to install it under power-lines or other utilities. Good that they are replacing them, but bad that they are doing so with a monoculture of a single clone - that's storing up problems for the future. The designation recognizes the city's efforts to improve its image, at least where trees are concerned. Many cities will plant boring trees that live for 20 years with no distinction. I’m about to plant a pair of Autumn Blaze maples, and am curious to hear how the spacing worked out after all these years. Is this far enough apart and from the house? The Autumn blaze maple is a fast growing tree that can reach a height of 50 feet and a width of 40 feet. For this, plant a staggered row with varying spacing from 20 to 40 feet. (1) yes replace CLFence w/ white lattice and nice trellis entry, but mainly (2) move big planter with statue to side under mulberry, balancing the Mahonia on the right (toughest plant they cd sell me at my request), and make rustic stepping-stone pathway up to very top near fence, then pave that little area and put bench or 2 ice-cream-parlor-sized chairs and table? It's loved for its brilliant red fall color and nice uniform shape. Maple trees plant spacing OK? This tree grows fast like silver maple trees, making it more desirable for some applications than others. Somebody please help - tree death messing up my whole plan!! If you want to stick with what works, select this improved variety. I really like the idea of a stamped pattern or paver path, BUT there is a 25' x 75' (no kidding!) With this in mind, space maple trees so that their eventual 40-foot branch width does not touch your black walnut width of 50-75 feet. Selective pruning should be done as needed to remove dead or damaged branches. Autumn Blaze Maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’) is the tree that everyone asks about. You can plant your Autumn Blaze Maples every 10 to 20 feet, depending on how tight you’d like to cluster your trees. Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid of red and silver maples. Need ideas for front entry sidewalk design! These trees prefer part shade but will grow in full sun. And sometimes, when two parent trees are crossed, they produce a new and improved hybrid. It's not just three of one species, but three of one clone, all genetically identical. Blazing fall color. 1 decade ago. But that's another story :-( They are replacing those trees with 3 autumn blaze maples. Ours has been having a problem for about two years. It belongs to the Acer rubrum x Acer saccharinum hybrid variety. A hardy speciman tolerant of heat, wet sites, air pollution , dry and cool climates. I am certain my statements will be argued against. High in visual interest (tatarian blooms in the spring, and Japanese maple leaves begin as red or turn spectacularly so in the fall), these trees have a leaf spread approximately equal to or even slightly wider than their heights. The middle tree of the three may well end up rather thin, 'squashed' between the other two. Sun Preference We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. In the fall, the leaves turn bright red for which it gets the name “autumn blaze”. They reach maturity anywhere from 10 to 15 years after planting and can reach heights of 40 to 50 feet, with a mature width of about 30 feet. We chose a nice ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple and planted it in the back yard, a good distance from all the other trees. The autumn blaze maple tree had been patented by late Glenn Jeffers, who was from the Jeffers Nursery in north central Ohio. ‘Legacy’ and ‘Commemoration’ (the latter less hardy) are two of the newer cultivars of sugar maple with a widespread habit. If you choose to plant other plants near the maple, such as ground cover or flowers, select varieties that withstand shade and drought conditions. (I do plan to do a small radius at each corner, to soften it a little.)

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