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It meant UR Delver couldn't kill my creatures once he had some in play as well, but that was about it. ... And yeah I feel like the deck isnt like the legacy deck and gets gassed often enough so increasing the quality of top decks was the idea with only doing 2 frogtossers. It closed the gap against Miracles once he seemed to be stabilizing, making him keep mana up at the late stages of the game once he had no blue cards and/or life to spare for FoW. The money part you can make an argument about however (if you consider $1K cheap), the skill part I absolutely don't agree with. Try to keep them off colors or off of answers. Attention! When in doubt what to get with your Matron, get Ringleader. On the bright side, this does mean that our decks main gameplan is at full value here. The game is won generally when the fish and the shaman don't do what they were intended to do. Copied to clipboard. 1 karakas. Also, this is but one view that is presented here, so please feel free to test the MUs yourself and work out strategies that are different from what I am presenting here. Over a course of several games you will be favored, as their manabase is shaky and their mulligan decisions are more difficult - their deck is less consistent than yours. Meaningful SB cards: Pyrokinesis, Shatter Effects, Pithing Needle for walkers, Finisher Goblins. That said if you can manage to take out their black mana the deck ceases to function in a way that is scary, and is merely a tempo deck. Tarfire is an alternative for such situations (e.g. View Adam Bruce's inventory, tradelist, wishlist and public decks on Therefore one should announce the trigger in each and every upkeep (you will NEVER forget that after a while) and then carefully think whether to add another counter or not. So, you should also play Goblins if you are willing to invest some time in working out the details of the deck (the first step has been set once you fought yourself through this deckprimer). Every piece of hate should delay your opponent by at least 1 turn. If it can it will try to win the game with an early Delver of Secrets or Deathrite Shaman backed with the lategame power of Young Pyromancer and Gurmag Angler. Placing creatures in his way is oftentimes a plan-B, because the creature in question could be removed to make sure that Lackey gets the party started. This way the copy will survive a whole turn. Today we had a 50-player state league qualifier, and I took it down with - you guessed it - BR Goblins! An early Goblin Lackey putting this guy into play usually puts your opponent so far behind, even if they deal with it, they've spent so many resources the game tends to fall in your favor. Additionally Pyrokinesis, a card often in the sideboard of Goblins, is a fine card in the maindeck as well. The high manacosts of cards like Goblin Ringleader and mana consuming abilities like those of Rishadan Port "force" us to play a number of mana sources: 22-24. Additionally if you very few, or just Krenko, Mob Boss in play his first activation might not be enough to change the current game in a meaningful way. Yes this list will be foiled out also (except for the Stronghold and Badlands, because they never printed them in foil... yet. Cycling is an activated ability that can be used at instant-speed. Other than that, main deck felt great. What’s more, we take seriously the responsibility of contributing new content to … They have a really rough time recouping card advantage sans SB Painful Truths; sticking a Goblin Ringleader, or a finisher goblin do a ton of work here. This is something that traditional lists actually can have a hard time doing. If you're a hard core Spike whom is looking for Tier Zero or Tier One hyper competitive deck, this may not be the deck for you. Legacy Goblins (B/R) V1 - This list includes exciting new Goblin bois (and land) from Modern Horizons. Their mana is rough, so kill Deathrite Shaman, and their Red sources, and the rest should just be a grind fest. Meaningful SB cards: Blood Moon, Goblin Chainwhirler, a small number of Relic of Progenitus (as it can cycle away for no card loss), Red Herrings: Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (looks good at first glance, but is actually worse for our grind plan versus their kill spell plan). Gempalm Incinerator is the most common spot removal of choice in Goblin lists and suppliments the other more direct, less grindy, removal spells in a deck. Not to mention his ability with Goblin Settler can cause a total lock-out in some scenarios. I often joke that "Mogg War Marshal is the glue that holds the deck together." For instance Tarmogoyf is a card that has been causing headaches for goblin players since it was legal in the format. I'd strongly consider Pyrokinesis in this match-up to have a 0 mana, instant speed, way to pop the Vampire at a poor time. Other than that you can just grind as hard as you like and come out ahead in the long run. Cards you should NOT run instead: Goblin Tinkerer, Goblin Vandal. They will attempt to lock you out with a turn 1 Chalice of the Void, or T2 Blood Moon. But Goblin Matron's consistency makes it very tempting to run 1 or more of some of these cards due to their game ending abilities. Tin Street Hooligan. Knowledge is power here. The default number if 4 copies. MWM does exactly that. Approximately 95% of the deck is red, even in multicolored lists. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Whatever the case you need to be able to answer those question long before you are faced with the problem itself, and that's not even a boarded plan. Trashmaster is probably the most maindeckable shatter of the options, as his pump ability is still relevant when there are no artifacts to bother. Reanimator is an archetype of deck named for the card Reanimate. Count your opponents removal before playing a high priority goblin. Under a Blood Moon they will usually not be able to cast any spell with <> in their manacosts. However, people didn't lose interest in Goblins. Keep lords in your hand until some removal goes off. If they manage to go off your only out is racing (good luck), and Stingscourger. There could be 1, maybe 2 pseudo wipes in their maindeck, but game 1 shouldn't be so bad so long as you don't let them recur Kolaghan's Command. In some MUs it is hardly possible to develop such a board position which means that you sometimes need removal spells that are dealing damage more reliably. They still run Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, so you need to respect that card coming down in the first few turns, but ultimately they are trying to get an Omniscience into play to win with Cunning Wish. 1 goblin piledriver Yeah it's definitely a thing. Do they even need to board anything? Chainwhirler in particular is high impact, high velocity in this match-up. Feeds | They will not get the 20/20, and instead lose both cards. They win with Jace, the Mind Sculptor, or whatever's left of the creature suite in play, and have a rather good end game. He supports aggressive strategies and makes the deck more explosive. After all this is legacy, which means that unexpected things will happen. Competitive Inspired by this prompt. His ability to put so many tokens into play is by far, and large, one of the more powerful things you can be doing with a Goblin card. Hogaak Depths. Additionally they run some mainboard Pithing Needle which is rather bad for both our Wastelands, and our AEther Vials. Second, the lists is very good at punishing greedy, multicolored mana bases – which will sometimes give you free wins just by tapping your lands. His clasped hands betrayed a subtle tension. You do not need to run them to win a game, and some have eschewed them in certain metas. Imagine, now, that the Tarmogoyf is coupled with Toxic Deluge, or Rough // Tumble. 1) He's a sacrifice source. Grenzo, Dungeon Warden can accrue a lot of advantage and can be large, but is very mana intensive, and a little inconsistent. This duder got me a huge clock against Burn, dealt with all red sources Sneak and Show had available to cast their Sneak Attack, Extraction'd my ANT opponent out of wincons on g3, brought the beats against UR Delver after extracting 3 of their 4 Arcanists and leaving them without true card advantage. Try to leave in at least 1 Shatter effect against every fair deck. Main Deck: Cards that support this strategy: Stingscourger, Meaningful SB cards: Pithing Needle, Demystify effects, Containment Priest. They have access to their SB game 1 so be wary of Kozilek's Return or Sudden Shock off of an end of turn Cunning Wish. Beyond this point are a small set of shortcuts to make your life easier when figuring things out. It dealt with Arcanist in ways Gempalm would never do. Do it during your own end step to have an extra blocker, or during your opponents for another attacker. The Winstigator list should be your version of choice, as it brings a very strong early game. This can come up in games where you can only use AEther Vial as mana source. The lists I present serve as examples to show the advantages and disadvantages of each subtype. It does exactly 1 thing, and that's put some goblins into play. Together they support a grindy strategy that gets the deck where it wants to be: turn 5. If you enjoy a Midrange strategy that is a bit on the lean side, that has acceptable control AND combo elements to it, this deck is for you. So what do Goblins do? That does mean determining what is important from their side, and counteracting it, all before you've even gone to the event. Earwig Squad Sideboard had everything I needed. This fact is often irrelevant because most goblin permanents have legs anyways. True-Name Nemesis Mogg War Marshal works in perfect harmony with your mana denial: tapping lands with Rishadan Port can mean a Time Walk – but only when you keep your opponents creatures in check. Goblin Warchief How the matchups works: This plays out similarly to Storm variants, but slower. Did you know that... Against decks that have good combat oriented creatures leave 1 in, or take them all out. It doesn't help that you really don't want many kill spells in the match, but part of their combo involves a 2/1 first striker that needs to go away. Try to read what cards they have in hand. As is Goblin Chainwhirler. He also facilitates a couple of the turn 3 kills available to the deck. They have a good amount of acceleration, and tutors, and are able to assemble on turn 2 rather consistantly, putting us in a very rough spot. 4 wasteland, Sideboard: It's also possible to run into builds that run Snapcaster Mage over Young Pyromancer as additional information. A downside is that Chrome Mox creates card disadvantage, which you should usually be able to make up for.

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