coworker hit me at work


The coworker DID admit to putting her hands on me and everything else except the a** kicking comments. share. It hit me in the chest, and the sugar sprayed in my face, and eyes, as well as over the rest of me. It hurt, and I immediately tried to get the sugar out of my eyes and off the rest of me. This coworker will be back at work before they finish because the suspension is only three days (today is day 2). report. ! They plan to finish Monday (5 days more). Employee negligence and errors are one of the leading causes of on-the-job injuries. I am the first one. This coworker does not appear to be stable to me. hide. I definitely have the most interesting job in our department, and I can feel my coworkers' resentment every day. ok, so I will write up the formal documentation and hand to HR on Monday and only HR and see how it goes. The average worker spends a large part of their waking hours on the job, working alongside other employees. 89% Upvoted. We don’t all live in a world where the guilty are punished. She told me the other day that she struggles to move around the workplace because she has "a big butt." I've considered looking for a different job just to see if it would help, but I love my job and my coworkers and I don't want to allow this situation to have that much power over me. No matter how much you like your job and the people you work with, accidents happen. Dear O, I think you hit the nail on the head multiple times in this post with your insights about yourself and why you're so susceptible to the charms of this guy. 10. They hire x-cons!!! However, there may come a moment when you suspect a woman you work with likes you more than just as a coworker. can I sue my employer if a co-worker hits me inside the work place bc he couldn't control his temper... he has several assault and battery charges (when i had him arrested the cops to me). Three days later and I am the first interview. save. In life there is the right thing to do and there is the pragmatic thing to do. The manager did what he could to try to settle my co-worker down, but it wasn’t really worked, so I called the police. Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe work environment for their employees. They will ask me can you work with this person anymore and I will state No, I now feel my safety is a big concern. 160 comments. in fact, I would be surprised if he wasn't removed from the premesis immediately following the incident. Try this three-step approach to dealing with difficult people at the office:. When you are at work, you may not, and probably should not, be thinking about signs of attraction. Constant undervaluing of your efforts: If they violate this duty of care, they may be liable for civil damages when an employee is assaulted or sexually assaulted by a co-worker. In addition ‘attacked’ can mean a lot of different things. A lawsuit against the employer for a workplace assault is just one option. I will state in meeting what is next, punch me, slash my tires, follow me home. However, my coworkers are jealous of me. He will, in all likelihood, be terminated if your company had any reasonable workplace guidelines. Here’s what you need to know if you’re injured by a coworker. A different example is a coworker felt up my shoulders--to the point where another worker went "Whoa!" If you time and again find your boss or a coworker steal the credit of the work that you have been doing with all your might and have been achieving great success in, then you are certainly facing harassment at work by the coworker. This thread is archived. It can be tough to pick up on this since she is trying to not make it obvious.

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