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Twitch channel. Your daily dose of geekiness & etc. am I imagening it? From Peter Parker to Starscream, it’s pretty obvious Sam’s range is remarkable (pun intended). This person is right. Amy Vorpahl; Damion Poitier; Hector Navarro; Jason Charles Miller; Trisha Hershberger; Auxiliary Players Edit Former Core Players Edit. Various third-party, licensed works have also been released since Critical Role began in 2015. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. And Geek & Sundry is without Day, its founder, who grew fatigued in a less creative, more managerial role in the company. Your Daily Dose of Geekiness & etc. CHARACTERS - Geek & Sundry is a commercial YouTube channel and multimedia production company. Supporting cast Edit. INFORMATION - Chances are, you haven’t just heard Marisha (playing video games like Star Wars Battlefront and Persona4), but you’ve also seen her too online on acclaimed series School of Thrones. Note: you may use other websites as references for basic data like cast lists, episode titles and air dates, etc., but please don't copy and paste whole descriptions of shows, episodes, creators, etc., from other sites. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. You can hear her in Persona 4 as Margaret; Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel as Laura Arseid; Star Wars: Battlefront as a Stormtrooper, Metal Gear:Survive as Miranda. The network includes the following Youtube channels: Geek and Sundry (the main channel). SHOWS, (This wiki is fan-created, and has no official association with Geek & Sundry.). Originally titled No Survivors, the show is hosted by GM Ivan Van Norman and explores different Role Playing Game System using a single cast while discovering an ongoing story connecting them all together.It airs live every Wednesday at 3:30pm Pacific Time on Geek and Sundry… Joining Ivan around the table as players are Mythica actress Melanie Stone, Twitch streamer and cosplayer Alcuin Gersh, Xander Jeanneret of Sagas of Sundry: Madness, Overwatch voice-actress Anjali Bhimani, and Vince Caso of The Guild. Using a real time table top game mechanic and the guidance of genius veteran Storyteller, Ivan Van Norman, Sagas of Sundry is the ultimate infusion of innovative, reality horror gaming. We’re dropping them into a world where it’s been seventeen years since the outbreak first began. It was launched on April 2, 2012 by actress Felicia Day with Kim Evey and Sheri Bryant as part of YouTube's 100 million dollar original channel initiative. It’s no surprise he’s got many roles he’s proud of. High quality Geek Sundry gifts and merchandise. From voicing Blanka in Street Fighter IV to playing Edge in Final Fantasy IV, he’s come a long way since his child acting days, voicing many cool roles. Keller Knoblock (Modern, Werewolf: the Forsaken) Guest Players Edit. Captain Southpaw, played by Colin Ferguson; Chief Stebbins, played by Robert Craighead; Doc English, played by James Callis; Luke's mom, played by Helen Slater Also, when creating a new page, be sure to remember to add a category. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.). Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – A New Summer of Adventure | Geek and Sundry Every picture in this gallery is hand-picked by the Critical Role cast. EPISODES - Changed tense to past since this was written before release. Founded in 2012, Geek & Sundry’s online channels offers a diverse slate of reality, narrative, and comedy content created by and for gaming enthusiasts. Where Vins "The Last Witch Hunter" character Kauldor teams up with other heroes to find what has struck a curse upon the land. Console to Closet. For Free. In June 2012, Forbes suggested that "if successful, it could help blaze a trail for the future of network television." Cast Edit Game Master Edit. Critical Role, the most popular D&D series on the internet, has graduated from Geek & Sunday to its own platform. Marisha has worked with such digital media companies as Geek & Sundry, Maker, […] STORY: Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry Sets 3 New Series. Artist Releases 300 Printable D&D Miniature Patterns. “I gave it my heart and my soul,” she says. Image Credits: Pamela Joy Photography, Isaac Sterling, voice roles from Fullmetal Alchemist to Final Fantasy, Here's Why the Eagles Didn't Take the One Ring to Mordor, The Complete Beginner's Guide To Starting A Druid In D&D, Use Critical Role's Resurrection Rules in Your Own Campaign. That said, in doing some digging, there are some surprising tidbits have been uncovered as well. Critical Role Cast: Where You’ve Heard Them Before MATT MERCER. geekandsundry, a user on Spotify. It’s no secret that Vox Machina are full of talented voice actors, but when you rarely see their faces, it’s often hard to place the voice. Originally founded by Felicia Day, Geek & Sundry has been delivering the delights of geek culture since 2012. The cast of Geek & Sundry’s Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night live show includes Erika Ishii (as Annabelle), Cynthia Marie (as Nelli G), B. Dave Walters (as Victor Temple), and Alexander Ward (as Jasper Heartwood). We’ve got you covered. LAURA BAILEY. With his gruff voice and genteel manner, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s voiced Thor among his many other voice acting credits. (We want this wiki to be unique!) Penny Blue, played by Abby Miller; Alexia, played by Beth Riesgraf; Dagr, played by Hartley Sawyer; Luke Washington, played by Harry Shum, Jr. From Attack On Titan to that pile of video games you love to play, Matt’s talent has been described as “the second coming of Crispin Freeman.” It’s no surprise he’s got many roles he’s proud of. Dog Might + Geek and Sundry! The show brings in over half a million viewers per week as “Critters” all over the globe tune in to 6+ hours of content the Critical Role team produces for the channel. Tell us who and why in the comments! The network includes the following Youtube channels: We hope to make this a truly useful source of information about all your favorite G&S shows, so please help us expand its content. i could swear they did. nerdist and geek & sundry to also host a packed panel schedule at the convention center featuring chris hardwick, felicia day, the cast of critical role, and more Burbank, CA (July 6, 2017) – Legendary Digital Networks will once again join fans on their annual pilgrimage to San Diego for the 6 th consecutive year. There are a number of spin-off shows and books, all of which are produced by the Critical Role studio. Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Critical Role, the multi-platform Dungeons & Dragons show, is set to split from their parent company Geek & Sundry come July 2018. With voice roles from Fullmetal Alchemist to Final Fantasy, her awesome geek resume might look a lot like your movie/game shelf. Votes: 86 The very first session consisted of Liam O'Brien, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, and Orion Acaba as players, with Matthew Mercer as the Dungeon Master. Wondering where you’ve heard them before? Welcome to the wiki source for ForeverVerse.ForeverVerse is an RPG show on Geek & Sundry's Twitch and Youtube Channel. Nancy Cartwright flexes by seamlessly switching between her Simpson's characters. There is hardly any mention of this on any website. Where can I watch these. Welcome to the new wiki all about the Geek and Sundry Network! Welcome to the new wiki all about the Geek and Sundry Network!

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