high protein breakfast sausage


Turkey sausage can conveniently add protein to your breakfast without packing in a ton of additional calories, and the benefits of a high-protein breakfast can be immense. 7 oz Greek yogurt, plain, nonfat 20 grams protein; ½ cup cottage cheese, low-fat 14 grams protein; 2 oz turkey sausage 14 grams protein; 2 large eggs 13 grams protein; 1 cup milk, nonfat 8 grams protein; 1 cup quinoa 8 grams protein Get the recipe from Oh She Glows ! Recipe: Sausage and Sweets Breakfast Bowl Sweet Protein … Adding a side of vegan sausage or sprinkling meatless crumbles into the pancake batter is an easy way to get at least 10 additional grams of protein. 3. If you enjoy meat with your breakfast but don't want all the fat, calories and salt, consider ham or poultry breakfast meats. This recipe has sweet potatoes, sausage, parsley, apples, and maple syrup that you can easily toss in a bowl. You get the flavors of sweet, herby, earthy, and meaty all at once – even when you’re in a rush. Or, make some homemade sausage. If pork sausage links are more your style, you’ll wind up with about 5 grams of protein from two 0.5-ounce links. Pork and beef-based sausage links have a little less – 4 grams of protein for two 0.5-ounce links. Here are some top sources of protein that sound appealing in the morning and will help get you to 20 grams. Those cocktail sausages that come from a can provide 2 grams of protein …

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