how to use pcs on a scale


Both are correct.cheersBlindphoton (Bill)BSc, MRACS, Chartered Chemist, Reply Click on You will be prompted to turn on the scale and place a weight on it. The electronics in the balance displays it as mass but only the correct mass if it has been calibrated in the location you are wanting to use it in. For more tips, like how to scale an image using your computer, read on! Here are some of the most common issues that can affect the performance and scalability of websites across devices: 1. The balance will read 1kg but the scale will read something significantly less. If your scale has a USB connection but does not come with a driver or if you fail to install the driver, then it will not be possible to read in data from the scale using off-the-shelf software tools (like the BC-Wedge software wedge) and you will need to contact the scale's manufacturer to find out what software tools they have that you can use. TALtech has a full line of Software Wedge products that have much more advanced features than what are available in the BC-Wedge program. you could possibly install Simple Scale on PC for laptop. Any scales that are connected to your PC and recognized by AMan will appear. You can also have data go into the workbook(s) when you want. Pain Catastrophizing: A Critical Review. can someone help me? When refering to evidence in academic writing, you should always try to reference the primary (original) source. One way to make sure that you have all your options covered is to purchase a "Null Modem Adapter". [4], A total PCS score of 30 represents clinically relevant level of catastrophizing. It's a 40 inch HD 1080p tv. The best ones use either FTDI or Prolific chipsets. The balance will NOT read 1 kg on the moon unless it has been calibrated with a mass standard on the moon. Quartana PJ, Campbell CM, Edwards RR. The image above shows typical data from a scale. This will display the window shown above where you would enter the communications settings. Almost all PCs built in the past 10 years that have serial ports will have 9-Pin male ports and usually only very old PCs will have 25-Pin serial ports. As such, the PCS was developed to help quantify an individual's pain experience, asking about how they feel and what they think about when they are in pain. Thanks, one other thing. Reply You could have a button in the workbook that you click on when you want a reading or you could have the weight values read in at a regular time interval or when you press a button on the scales. Pain catastrophizing affects how individuals experience pain. If you have the correct communications parameters set in the BC-Wedge software, you should be able to see a weight reading in the text box labeled "Input Data From Scanner" when you press the Print button on your scale. on Step 8, Dear Team,I paid 99 $ for the software and got unlock link but I could not get the system run. The Significant Other Version of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS-S): Preliminary Validation. There was no significant difference between men and women on the Magnification subscale (p > .05). on Step 2. Spring scales, for example, measure weight using Hooke's law, which relates force (weight) to the stretching or compression of a spring made from a given material. 11 months ago You should calibrate your scale about every 4-5 times you use it, to ensure you are getting accurate readings. In order for your PC to communicate with your scale, the settings that you select in the BC-Wedge software must exactly match the settings that your scale uses. 919 scale with pcs function products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which weighing scales accounts for 22%, bathroom scales accounts for 1%. Try setting the Number Of Data Bits to "7", and the Parity to "Even" and then try each different Baud Rate until you see data that contains weight values that match what is on the scale's display. "The serial port on a PC is either a 9-pin or 25-pin male connector. Most scales will typically connect to a PC using a Null Modem cable however there are exceptions. for example the weight displayed is 1203kg but its send 88,863,90 etc. Those values are then filtered, formatted and typed into the application running in the foreground at the current cursor position as simulated keystrokes. Our software runs in the background, listens to the COM port (serial port) your scale is connected to and waits for measurement values sent by the scale. 1 year ago. When visiting the doctor’s office it is likely that you have noticed the scales used there to measure your weight are very different than most at-home models. Most scales will typically connect to a PC using a Null Modem cable however there are exceptions. After you install BC-Wedge, run it and select the COM port for your scale from the COM Port drop down list in the main BC-Wedge window. Because of this, you should be able to send weight values directly into any program that you can type data into - including database programs, shipping software, or just about any other Windows program. Today, there is a vast selection of connectivity options available for industrial scales and computers. Osman A, Barrios FX, Kopper BA, Hauptmann W, Jones J, O'Neill E. Factor structure, Reliability, and Validity of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale. If your scale comes with a cable, then that would be the best one to use. Would I need Winwedge if I had multiple scales or could I still use BC Wedge? Is it worth it?? This section will contain a list of all COM ports that are installed on your PC. Read more, © Physiopedia 2020 | Physiopedia is a registered charity in the UK, no. Modem cables have the wires in the cable running straight through and Null Modem cables have the transmit and receive lines crossed in the cable. You can learn more at: For the purpose of this tutorial, BC-Wedge should work just fine. If you need to connect a 9-Pin cable to a 25-Pin port or if you need to connect a 25-Pin cable to a 9-Pin port, you can purchase 9 to 25 pin adapters at most computer or office supply stores or on for under $10.00. That is usually the journal article where the information was first stated. One way to make sure that you have all your options covered is to purchase a "Null Modem Adapter". Sullivan et al 1995 state that people who catastrophize tend to do three things, all of which are measured by this questionnaire. Sometimes this device driver is supplied on a CD that comes with the scale and sometime you need to download the driver from the manufacturer's web site. I recently upgraded to windows 10 and I am having a few problems with the … The data can be sent directly to the application software you use, such as Excel, Word, and Notepad. Most electronic scales and laboratory balances have an RS232 (Serial) or a USB port however no instructions are normally provided to show you how to correctly connect it to your PC or how to input weight values directly into programs like Excel or Access. "There is nothing I can do to reduce the intensity of my pain"). It’s free for personal use, and the commercial use license is about $25 . sorry, pedant, not pendant (although arguably both). "I can´t stop thinking about how much it hurts"), They magnify their pain (e.g. [5], It was found that spouse catastrophizing was indeed related to ICP pain severity and interference as well as both spouses’ depressive symptoms. Note: This tutorial assumes that your scale or balance has a "Print" button that will transmit weight values to a PC. This way you’re likely to retain a better picture quality than you would using whatever onboard options your PC has (we’ll get to those in a moment). For example, if you’re scaling up with a 2 to 1 ratio, a length of 4 inches would become 8 inches, because 4 times 2 equals 8. Psychol Assess, 1995; 7(4): 524-32. The scale should automatically begin with a reading of zero, reflecting that there is no weight on the scale. I give my consent to Physiopedia to be in touch with me via email using the information I have provided in this form for the purpose of news, updates and marketing. If not, you can purchase cables in any configuration or length that you want. This means that 232key can be used to transfer the weight (or other measurement values) into any application that accepts keyboard in… The general consensus among the performance-minded enthusiasts who use the technique is that it’s best for older PC games or low-performance console ports, which don’t usually require the full power of your gaming PC and sometimes lack more complex anti-aliasing options. Once you know the COM port that the scale is connected to, you can download the BC-Wedge software Setup program from the web site using the following URL: The file is a ZIP file so you will need to save it to a folder on your PC and then extract its contents using the Windows File Explorer and then run the Setup.exe program that was extracted from the ZIP file. You could have each of the 10 scales sending data int the same workbook or into separate workbooks - whichever way you want. Third Party App: Use PicPick To Resize Photos and a Whole Lot More. Unfortunately that is not something that we would have a solution for. A scale is typically a device that that has a spring in it and its output is a function of spring-stretch and it measures weight. The PCS has been shown to have adequate to excellent internal consistency (coefficient alphas stated below):[3][4], The PCS total and subscales correlated moderately and significantly with the INTRP, the Inventory of Negative Thoughts in Response to Pain, (p < .01) providing further evidence of concurrent validity for the PCS. On most PCs that have a single built in COM port, the port will appear to Windows as COM1 however this is not always the case. That means you can scale UI elements down to fit more on your screen while still be able to read text comfortably. Hi, I'm using my Samsung tv as my monitor. The BC-Wedge software was primarily designed to input data from a bar code scanner however it can also be used with most scales and balances. Now that you have your scale connected to your PC, the next step is to determine the serial communications parameters that the scale uses. If everything is working correctly, you should see the weight value appear in Excel. They are not serial ports and cannot be used to communicate with a scale. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for turning the digital scale on. Sites do not automatically adapt to different screen sizes.Some websites are designed to format for variable screen sizes, but their elements may not auto-scale. You will need to know the Baud Rate, the Parity setting, the number of Data Bits, and the number of Stop Bits. 2 years ago On the Tools tab, select the System Preferences down arrow, and then select Hardware.The System Preferences Editor window displays. These authors figured that since pain catastrophizing appears to have a social function, then pain catastrophizing of their significant others may also have an influence on those individuals with chronic pain (ICP's). Top Contributors - Evan Thomas and Scott Buxton, Pain catastrophizing is characterized by the tendency to magnify the threat value of a pain stimulus and to feel helpless in the presence of pain, as well as by a relative inability to prevent or inhibit pain-related thoughts in anticipation of, during, or following a painful event.[1]. Is there a free version of this software available for an undergraduate research work? The USB ports on a PC are always Type A USB ports therefore if your scale has a Type B USB port, you would need to get a USB cable that has a Type A connector on one end and a Type B connector on the other. They both measure force of gravitational acceleration acting upon a mass. If your scale has a USB connection then you would need to determine what connector is on the scale. These games can handle 60 frames per second even when over-rendered. Share it with us! Would it be possible to do this using multiple scales with one PC? Let’s say we … Another Question: I I were to use 10 scales would each one input its values into a separate excel sheet or could I make them put all of the data in one sheet? AMan Pro will weigh the item and display the weight in ounces. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider. To enter the serial communications settings in BC-Wedge, you would click on the "Settings" option in the BC-Wedge main menu. RS232 cables come in two varieties called "Modem Cables" and "Null Modem Cables". Physiopedia articles are best used to find the original sources of information (see the references list at the bottom of the article). In most cases Physiopedia articles are a secondary source and so should not be used as references. on Introduction. Fix Overscan Using TV. On the Hardware tab, select the down arrow in the Scale Port box and select the scale port. This would result in the site automatically adjusting itself for various screen sizes, but the elements in the site may look too large on smaller devices. A Null Modem Adapter will convert a Null Modem Cable to a Modem Cable and a Modem Cable to a Null Modem cable. Surface PCs and older MacBooks, for example, use Mini DisplayPort, in … One way to precisely set a viewport display magnification is to use the Scale option of the Zoom command. For both work and play, there’s nothing better than being able to keep social media or Reddit up on your second screen - or even to watch Netflix while you work. [4], Cano et al (2005) went on to develop the Spouse/Significant Other Version of the PCS, known as the PCS-S. If the user wants to make every single key of the keyboard to only be able to play a D major scale, for example, this can be done using the Scale MIDI effect. Pain catastrophizing is characterized by the tendency to magnify the threat value of a pain stimulus and to feel helpless in the presence of pain, as well as by a relative inability to prevent or inhibit pain-related thoughts in anticipation of, during, or following a painful event.Pain catastrophizing affects how individuals experience pain. Step One: Purchase a Scale with Connectivity Abilities If your scale has a RS232 port, it will usually be located on the back of the scale and it should look like one of the ports shown above. As such, these authors suggested that the PCS-S has the potential to be a useful and valid measure of pain catastrophizing in the spouse/significant others of ICP's. After that, draw the perimeter of the image using the new measurements, then fill in the rest of the drawing to the new scale. A digital scale is a scale that measures mass but the numbers pop up digitally. If you are having a PC custom built for you, ask the builder to install a serial port for each of the digital weight indicators you plan to use. 2 years ago. Zoom Scale. Only weighing data can be sent. I did a quick search on the Internet and found the following article that might be a solution however for an Android phone: its sends a different data not the data displayed in my scale. Serial ports found on the back of a PC will always be either 9-Pin Male or 25-Pin female. Just make sure that you match male and female connections correctly. These authors found that women had higher scores on the Rumination [F(286) = 3.91, p < .05] and Helplessness, [F(286) = 5.99, p < .01] subscales than did men. Thanks, for sharing this.Is there any method to get the continuous data from the balance without pressing print or keys? Take a balance and a scale to the moon with a 1kg mass. You may need to read the users manual for the scale or contact its manufacturer to learn exactly how it works. If you like, you can send me a screen shot of the data to and I would be happy to try to help you. These statements are incorrect:" Serial ports found on the back of a PC will always be either 9-Pin Male or 25-Pin female. A total PCS score of 30 corresponds to the 75th percentile of the distribution of PCS scores in clinic samples of chronic pain patients. Scale out (scale horizontally) means to run the application on many regular computers. If you believe that this Physiopedia article is the primary source for the information you are refering to, you can use the button below to access a related citation statement. "Note: The Parallel ports on a PC are also 25-Pin ports however they are always 25-Pin male connectors. It is so you you can count a quantity of small identical items by weight. Both memory positions and the possibility of been powered by an accumulator turns this inventory scale in an irreplaceable instrument. There’s no doubt that having a second monitor can make using your PC much more convenient. Press CTRL+T (command+T for Macs) on the computer to enable scale/transform. The very best way to do this is to either look in the scale's user's manual or contact it's manufacturer. If your scale uses a USB connection or if you are using a RS232 to USB converter, you will need to determine the COM port number that the device is connected to. You may need to experiment with different settings until you see data that looks correct. If you're looking to run a game at 4K on a 1080p monitor, you can go beyond anti-aliasing to help upscale your graphics. This type of scale is referred to as a physician beam scale and is ideal for determining an accurate weight. Typically the driver is provided on a CD with the cable and you normally install the driver first before you connect the cable to your PC for the first time. Note: You do not have to change any serial communications parameters in the Windows Device Manager. Select "USB Scale". Learn how to use a virtual background! Once you know the types of connectors that are on both your scale and your PC, you would connect the two together using an appropriate cable. Important Note: If your scale has a USB connector then it should come with a device driver that you will need to install in Windows in order for the scale to show up as a standard COM port in Windows. Ableton’s Scale is a very useful MIDI effect that lets the user constrain or “lock” every note of a MIDI phrase from the keyboard or controller to a certain music scale or key. You run a separate instance of WinWedge for each COM port (each scale) connected to your PC. HiApologies for being pendant, but the instruments discussed above are BALANCES, they measure mass. BC-Wedge only supports 1 input and it is designed for barcode scanners - not scales. This mode is normally meant for updating a display that is connected directly to the balance.Another option is to configure the balance so that it outputs a weight when you send a command to the balance through the RS232 port.A typical command is just an upper case P followed by a carriage return character (ASCII 13) although different manufacturers use different command sets. 1173185. In any case, if you were to us a software product like WinWedge from TALtech (, you could configure the software to send the command out the RS232 port at a regular time interval so that you get much more precise control over the timing of the weight values. [2] The Adult Version is available in English and 20 other languages. They are also available on or at any office supply store for under $10.00. PicPick has a similar-looking interface to Paint, though it packs a lot more features under the hood, including better editing and annotation tools, and solid screen capture utility. You can learn about other features available in the BC-Wedge program by selecting Help - Index from the BC-Wedge main menu. We should explore the specifications for you to download Simple Scale PC on MAC or windows laptop without much hassle.

If we think of this in terms of a housing problem, these solutions make more sense. If AMan Pro cannot read the scale, please try reconnecting the scale … Download Free Simple Scale for PC using the guide at BrowserCam. A Null Modem Adapter is a small connector that slips in line with the cable and crosses the transmit and receive lines. [3], Osman et al found a significant difference between men and women. ICP's were also at a greater risk for psychological distress when both spouses had higher levels of catastrophizing. It means that you probably need a more advanced software wedge like the WinWedge product from TAL Technologies. (The "Flow Control" option and the "Scanner Beep String" can be ignored.) People are asked to indicate the degree to which they have the above thoughts and feelings when they are experiencing pain using the 0 (not at all) to 4 (all the time) scale. A majority of scales communicated with computers via the RS-232 port; however, the manner in which computers and industrials scales are able to communicate has changed drastically since then. 3 years ago, Technically we don't have a free version but if you can give me a good description of what you need to do along with a good sob story about why you need it for free, we might be able to do something for you.You can contact me directly at The RS-232 serial port has been used for the communication between scales, computers, and printers for a long time; however, in 2002, computer manufacturers agreed to limit the installation of RS-232 ports and install USB ports into computers instead. Compared to other ways of measuring pain-related thoughts, this questionnaire is unique in that the individual does not need to be in pain while completing it. "I´m afraid that something serious might happen"), They feel helpless to manage their pain (e.g. J Behav Med, 1997; 20(6): 589-605. Yes - you can have as many scales as you want connected to one PC. The Pain Catastrophizing Scale: Development and Validation. also sells them for around $10., or any office supply store should have what you need. Controlling for general psychological disturbance (MASQGeneral Disturbance) did not substantially change the magnitudes of the correlations between the PCS subscales (.43-.48) or the total PCS (partial r = .56, p < .001) and the INTRP. Did you make this project? If no data appears after you press the print button then you may have the wrong COM port selected. Scale PCS abbreviation meaning defined here. You also have better control over when to start and stop the data outputs.I would recommend looking in the user's manual for your particular balance the learn what options are available in the balance and also what commands it responds to.If you have questions, feel free to give me a call at 215-496-0222Just as for Tom or anyone in support if I am not available. Scale up (Scale vertically) means to run the application on a stronger computer.

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