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Within six months of graduation, 93% of students who earn the MS in Human-Computer Interaction are either enrolled in a higher education program or employed full-time. The MS in Computer Science – Human-Centered Computing at the University of Colorado Boulder is designed to teach students how to create computer programs that are user friendly, and create a unique user experience. Graduates leave with a portfolio full of compelling and novel, next-generation user experiences ready to support th… In this fully online UI/UX Design Bootcamp, you will learn on your own time, from the comfort of your home. Stanford University is known as having one of the best interaction design masters programs in the world and for good reason. NYU saw a gap in available education for students who wanted to combine art and tech, and filled it with this program. Your undergraduate degree can be in graphic arts, but then you decide you want to add to your skills with a UX master’s degree. … User experience (UX) design has emerged as one of the hottest fields in today’s tech-driven economy. Known as one of the best UX masters programs in the country, this two year degree integrates graphic design, computer science, and social science. In the event you want to get the degree quickly, there are programs that last three semesters and allow you to graduate sooner. © 2020 Kent State University All rights reserved. In fact, their first cohort started this past summer. This program takes place on campus, and many students find that they benefit greatly from face to face interaction with their instructors. Northwestern’s emphasis on leadership is clear within this program. New York University’s MS in Integrated Digital Media combines art with technology in a unique way. This emphasis on personal research gives students a unique ownership of their learning not typically seen at the master’s level. The base pay for someone who doesn’t have a UX master degree is good for someone who’s fresh out of university. LSU emphasizes team-based work and collaborative problem solving, allowing students to work with one another to build their leadership skills while earning their degree. Kent State University’s MS in UXD program offers students the opportunity to participate in one of the best UX design masters programs in the United States. I focused my research on online and part-time programs. At Kent State University, faculty provide students with world-class instruction. Throughout the program you'll develop a working portfolio, showcasing your UXD experience and capabilities to prospective hiring managers. Known as one of the best interaction design masters programs in the Southwest, San Jose State University provides students with the opportunity to create their own program. Known as one of the best interaction design masters programs in the U.S., this flexible learning program encourages students to use what they’re learning in tech to make a difference in their communities. The UX design field requires skills in a variety of disciplines beyond computer science and graphic design. The 30-credit part time, online master's degree … Degree: MS in Human-Computer Interaction UXD 66098 Masters Project In User Experience Design Provides a means for the application of the knowledge, research and competencies learned through study in user experience design to the development of an information system, product, setting or service. Students who graduate with their MS in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech go on to be leaders in their careers, paving the way for change in user experience. Focuses on information management, design and technology; Fully online Degree: MS in Human Factors/Ergonomics Located in the heart of New York City, NYU provides students with unmatched cultural and technological experiences during their time on campus. Online education is changing the world, and ONLINESTUDIES is the best place to find digital higher education providers from around the world. Advancing an undergraduate degree in a computer or graphic design-related field can pay off in the form of a higher salary and greater job satisfaction. Clemson University’s MS in Computer Science – Human-Centered Computing is one of the few programs specifically designed for students who want to go on to earn their doctorate degree. Get more info. Finish early by putting in more time per week, without being tied down by class schedules. Students at Virginia Tech need to have a strong drive and the ability to work on an individual basis. InVision - Principles of UX Design Ecourse. The goal is never to get students in and out the door – the educational experience is tailored to each student and their needs and interests, creating a one of a kind program that allows every student to flourish while earning their graduate education. Format: Campus. Virginia Tech’s MS in Human-Computer Interaction/ MS in Human Factors Engineering & Ergonomics programs allow students to create individualized plans of study to cater to their interests. The University of Colorado Boulder provides students with world-class faculty who are leaders in their fields. Degree: MS in Interaction Design and Information Architecture There are a lot of great design programs offered by top universities, but I am not going to cover them here. Previous Post: What Can I Do with a Master’s in AI and Machine Learning? If you would like to get more information by speaking with an Admissions Advisor, schedule a call today. Human Factors International: Certified Usability Analyst or Certified User Experience Analyst. UX and UI design are still amazing, wide-open fields with many facets and many UX master programs are still in their infancy and there’s not a lot of variation in their offerings. The Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design at UC Irvine is an on campus program that teaches students to use an interdisciplinary approach to apply their tech knowledge and user design experience to any field. in UX Design master fundamental principles of interface design, project management, prototyping, and usability as applied to industries from gaming to healthcare and education to defense. They also offer a fully-online master’s degree in User Experience Design from the School of Library and Information Science. Carnegie Mellon University is known for its tough admission criteria and intense academic standards. The MS in Human Factors/ Ergonomics at San Jose State University prepares students to apply technological concepts in a practical way. As always the answer to the question of “how much do you make as a UX designer” is it depends. This can result in a stellar internship and research experience, as well as connections that are unavailable at another school. Format: Campus. The HLC-accredited online Master's of UXD program has one of the lowest tuitions nationally compared to similar programs! Students have the option of either doing coursework only or completing a thesis in the area of their choice. Degree: Masters in Human Factors in Information Design The MS in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech is known as one of the best HCI masters programs available today. For students who want a personalized experience, Kent State is a great fit. Graduate students at Virginia Tech are valued, and a high emphasis is put on teaching students to use and trust their creative processes to make advances in technology. The MDIA graduate degree is one of the best interaction design masters programs available on the east coast. Ultimately, a UX design master’s degree helps you transition into a UX/UI career, especially when you have no prior connections or depth of experience to help get you hired. To help you improve your design and presentation skills, you'll present this body of work for critique by your faculty and peers. The MS in Human-Centered Design at Florida Institute of Technology is known as one of the best UX design masters available today. Degree: MS in Computer Science – Human-Centered Computing Upon graduation, students begin careers with an average salary of $85,000. Degree: MS in Information Design and Strategy This allows students to spend much of their time focusing on their personal research interests, which are typically related to their greater career goals. Degree: MS in Information – HCI/UX This program was the first of it’s kind, training students to develop user interfaces that allowed them to succeed when interacting with technology. At Stanford, faculty members are committed to helping students advance int heir careers, and provide valuable networking opportunities. Alumni of the program are able to work in any applied technology setting. Graduates of CMU’s HCI program typically go on to work as entrepreneurs, software developers, program designers, and more. Degree: Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design Degree: MS in Human-Computer Interaction or MS in Human Factors Engineering & Ergonomics Educators are available to answer your questions, there’s interaction with other students, and you work at a predictable pace. Degree: MS in User Experience Design A strong background in psychology, sociology and cognitive science is essential to understanding how to improve the user experience. The online program was recently founded in conjunction with Wired. The program can be completed online, making it easy for emerging tech leaders to continue their work and earn their graduate degree. What are the Best Graduate Degrees to Pursue? Students who graduate from CMU are highly regarded in the professional world. Transform Today's Digital Spaces Bentley University’s fully online Masters in Human Factors in Information Design is a great option for students who are already working as busy professionals and want to take their career and education to the next level. 25 Best Online Master’s in Finance for 2020, 25 Best No GMAT Online MBA Programs for 2020, 25 Best Master’s in Forensic Accounting for 2020, 25 Online Cybersecurity Master’s Programs for 2020, 25 Highest Paying Jobs with Master’s Degree, 25 Best Master’s in Public Health Online for 2020, 25 Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice for 2020, Top 25 Best Online Master’s Programs 2019, Top 15 One-Year Online Master’s Programs 2019, Top 25 Most Affordable Master’s Programs 2019, Top 25 Online Master’s in Marketing for 2019, Top 25 Online Master’s in Project Management for 2019, Top 25 Online Masters in Public Administration for 2019, 25 Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs, Top 50 Paying Careers with a Master’s Degree, 50 Universities with the Most Nobel Prize Winners, 50 Most Stunning University Gardens and Arboretums, Top 10 TED Talks for Public Administration Students. Format: Online or Campus. Become a UX designer and acquire practical skills in usability testing, wireframing, prototyping, and interaction design. Format: Campus. Here are the top four programs I chose: Northwestern, Master’s in Information Design & Strategy Online. Known as one of the best interaction design masters programs available today, the MDes in Interaction Design at California College of Arts allows students to use human-centered technology, design skills, and systems thinking to help them create unique solutions to today’s tech problems. Format: Online or Campus. As the online flagship of the Keystone Academic Solutions family of multi-lingual, student-centered websites, ONLINESTUDIES makes it easy for students to connect with online university programs, digital schools, blended learning … There is no better place in the world for students who want to work at the intersection of art and technology. Founded: 2012 Course Levels: Intermediate, Advanced Tech Classes Offered: UX/UI, Google Analytics, Product Management About the School: With both on-site and online classes available, Imparture has trained over 15,000 professionals looking to advance their careers with business development skills. Do You Need the GRE for an Online Master’s Degree? This works to your advantage because you have a lot of school options to choose from in order to earn a master’s degree in UX. Students in the program benefit from working with professors who are managing research projects and are leading the charge in changing user experience in technology. Bentley encourages students to use their tech knowledge to find creative solutions to complex business problems. This is Stanford’s new two-year Master … Master in Design Thinking and UX / UI Design, (UX / User Experience and UI / User Interface design) is the training that you need or that your company needs to understand the user and potential customer and thus be able to influence their purchase decisions , designing user interfaces that improve the user experience in web environments and where the user must make … How Difficult is it to Get into Graduate School? In the MS in UXD program, students work in small groups with faculty and get to know one another while sharing ideas and solutions. Format: Campus. Like Iowa State, Kent State’s online program is charged at the same rate as on-campus students, whether Ohio residents or not, and the program can be completed in less that two years for a complete master’s degree. At California College of Arts, the MDes in Interaction Design is a unique way to combine a love of technology and art. Degree: MS in Symbolic Systems DePaul University is committed to helping it’s graduate students succeed in the real world. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively, using one another as resources to learn more about their interests. Format: Campus. Degree: MS in Information Science with HCI/UX certificate The average salary of UX designer is anywhere from $50,000 to $110,000 on average. New Mexico State University’s MA in Psychology – Engineering Psychology is paving the way in technology education for the future. On the other hand, UX or User Experience Design deals with designing the look and feel of the product such that it meets the requirement of a user. Assistantships are available for qualified students, helping to lighten the load of the cost of a graduate education. As the demand for user experience designers rises, our online Master of Science (MS) in User Experience Design (UXD) can provide you with a solid understanding of the usability, content strategy, information architecture and user research needed to help set yourself apart and advance your career in UX design. Format: Campus. Format: Campus. The program teaches students to think on the fly, helping them to provide tech companies with the quick-thinking, ever-evolving tech gurus they need to rise to the top of their industry. $12,500 Arizona State University’s MS in Human Systems Engineering is one of the best interaction design masters programs available today. Hone your skills in design thinking, qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation, and leadership. Georgia Tech has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence. Out of this number, 69% are private and 2% are government institutes. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Pluralsight is another great option for UI/UX design courses that you can pick and … Georgia Tech - Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction. Take advantage of the robust market for exciting and fulfilling UX designer jobs, and build the skills you may need to accelerate your UX design career. As the world moves quickly toward fully digital, it’s essential that companies have employees who understand how to create a user friendly design experience, and UC Irvine is committed to making graduates of the Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design program the perfect fit. Degree: MS in Psychology – Human Factors Students participate in a summer practicum experience, providing them with the opportunity to work in a real-world tech company. When students understand the psychology behind design, they’re able to create applications and programs that make every interaction with an interface a positive experience for the user. Going through a master’s in UX design program can help you become a better visual artist and advances your understanding and implementation of visual design that brings the user into an intuitive state of use with the computer program or app. 19 This program caters to busy professionals. Students have the option of completing a thesis or capstone project, helping them to further develop their creative interests. The program can be completed in one calendar year. Degree: MS in Computer Science – Human-Centered Computing At Northwestern University, the MS in Information Design and Strategy program is one of the best interaction design masters programs in the United States. Students in DePaul’s HCI program find that they graduate with skills that are in high demand in today’s tech-centered job market. What you’ll learn, how you’ll learn and how it will set you on the path to a rewarding and meaningful career in user experience. NYU is proud to cater to students at any level of their career, whether they’re going to school full time or are working to balance getting their education with advancing in their career. The University of Idaho’s MS in Psychology – Human Factors program allows students to learn about how psychology relates to technology and user experience. Ranked #5 - Best value design school programs for UX and Interaction Design by justinmind. It’s not specific to user experience and its broader scope may be a great attribute for those looking to grow into other areas. Students in Georgia Tech’s HCI program typically have worked for several years before pursuing higher education. Focusing on product design and creation of user interfaces, the program delves into how humans interact with technology and pulls on social sciences and social computing research to help students understand how to create an amazing user experience. The program is for students … At Rochester Institute of Technology, creativity is valued and developed. Degree: MA in Psychology – Engineering Psychology Graduates work at highly ranked, competitive companies, such as Microsoft, Motorola, and JP Morgan Chase. Do You Get Paid More With an Online Master’s Degree? 61% of students in this program participate on a part-time basis, allowing them to continue advancing in their careers as they further their studies. Online courses for a master’s degree in UX can be done at your own pace. This program hugely emphasizes student creativity and encourages students to come up with unique solutions to technical problems. This program is interdisciplinary and is designed to develop students into leaders who will create lasting change in the tech world. Technology is now interlaced with every facet of society, and Northwestern works to create well-rounded students who can apply their graduate education in any industry. While most of the course offerings are conducted in person, students will also get to take advantage of online classes, helping them to save time and money as they earn their degrees. Many graduates of this program go on to work in software development, technology positions with the government, or research positions within the software industry. This means that graduates are prepared to create new user experiences and applications in a way that’s never been seen before. There are research fellowships available for promising graduate students. However, it is worth knowing that there is a distinctive difference between UI and UX Design. How Much Will it Cost to Get a Masters Degree? User Experience Design Graduate Certificate: Canada: Quebec City, QC: Laval … DePaul University. As the demand for user experience designers rises, our online Master of Science (MS) in User Experience Design (UXD) can provide you with a solid understanding of the usability, content strategy, information architecture and user research needed to help set yourself apart and advance your career in UX design.1. USC’s masters of design program is a hybrid mix of business, design, and technology. Become a Certified UX Professional with the Professional Diploma in UX Design. For prospective students, Best Master’s Programs has put together a diverse and carefully researched ranking of programs in UX, UI, and related fields. In addition to creating great networking opportunities, this also allows students to learn more about other disciplines and can prepare them for their careers in various fields. Students can also choose a hybrid option if they’d like to enjoy the best of both worlds. Students culminate their education with a capstone project, allowing them to spend time focusing on areas of personal interest. For students who are already working, this is a great way to develop the skills needed to advance in their chosen career field. You will receive a certificate of completion from UNH on graduating. In the framework of an increasingly mobile and user-centered society, our UI/UX Master’s degree trains professionals who are qualified in design and in system analysis for the different devices that currently exist.. If your undergrad program didn’t include a lot in the way of graphic design classes, getting a master’s degree in UX can help you focus your career as a specialist in UI/UX. Format: Online or Campus. At Missouri S&T, faculty and staff are committed to helping all students get the education they deserve. This can make graduates invaluable in the workplace. At San Jose State University, the master’s program culminates in a thesis, which is not typical for master’s programs. Graduates of the MS in Human-Computer Interaction make an average salary of $115,000 per year upon graduation, making this program from RIT incredibly valuable, and well worth the time and money students need to invest to complete the program. The school understands that many students who are interested in earning their MS in User Experience Design are already working hard in the tech field, so they offer flexible course hours that allow students to continue to advance in their careers while also earning their degree. Degree: MDes in Interaction Design Over 70% of the faculty at Kent State holds the highest available degree in their field. Format: Campus. Students in the M.P.S. Top 25 Master’s in UX and Interaction Design for 2020. The MS in Human-Computer Interaction at DePaul University teaches students to create programs that are simple and friendly for users. The program’s emphasis on collaboration allows students to learn from one another as they further their education. Florida Institute of Technology boasts over 30 years of expertise in educating future experts in management, education, design, and science, and their MCD graduate degree is no exception. Whether students choose to stay in the area for a career, or simply want to network for opportunities elsewhere, there is no shortage of connections to be made during and after the MDes program.

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