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Add to Cart . When they couple this with their low resonance aluminum dome tweeters, you get a sound that is extended and yet silky smooth! Brooks Revel 3 Review The Brooks Revel 3 is a lightweight neutral trainer on the market that has a lower price tag than some of the other shoes out there. L/R line-level RCA inputs and XLR inputs provide connectivity, while improved limiter circuits protect and maximize performance. This 50 pound, almost 4 foot tall curved cabinet is beautiful to look at with its curving sides and narrow front bezel. The Revel sound is going to be very appealing to a wide variety of listeners. Met brute kracht, duidelijke impact en high-fidelity basprestaties van ongekende verfijning, is de B110v2 een must-have voor home entertainment-systemen. They will add extra vigor to any film soundtrack, giving you the desired At-The-Movies sensation. Its curved cabinet adds to its great appearance. Call USA Tube Audio at 1-800-676-1085 x2 for details. We also love the way Revel has no hardware at all exposed on the speakers with internal magnets holding on the grills. F206 Floor-standing Speakers (Mains) Design: 3-Way Floor-standing Speaker, Ported; Drivers: One 1″ Aluminum Dome Tweeter with Acoustic Lens Waveguide, One 5.25″ Aluminum Cone Midrange, Two 6.5″ Aluminum Cone Woofers The F328Be takes the PerformaBe series to a new level with its large, floor-standing design. Both models include a built-in 1,000-watt amplifier driving the newly developed transducers to produce low frequencies at extremely high sound-pressure levels while at the same time ensuring extremely low distortion. Another nice feature is the fact that you can get the Performa 2 series in a beautiful gloss white in addition to the standard black. They round it out with two subwoofers the B110V2 and B112V2 at $2,500 and $3,500. Match with care and they’re sure to please – read the review at What Hi-Fi? Featuring brute force visceral impact and high fidelity bass performance of unprecedented sophistication, the B110v2 is a must-have for home entertainment systems. It will also have an improved tweeter waveguide said to improve imaging and dispersion. The C426Be rounds out the “Be” series with a very serious center channel. P.O. The Brooks Revel 4 releases July 1 for $100. The bookshelf models are the M105 and M106 at $1,500 and $2,000 a pair. Many people at Audio Advice think this bookshelf speaker rivals some models we have that cost twice as much. What is totally consistent is the fact that these speakers are just flat out fun to listen to. I read Widescreen Review because it offers in-depth, techno nerd detail level views and information about technology; integrated with a plain, easy-to-understand newbie explanation. Reviewer: Michael Bruß These speakers are far easier to drive than the bookshelf model and with this higher efficiency, offer up just amazing dynamics across the audio spectrum. Some speaker companies only concentrate on the mass market with products that cap out at around $2-3,000 while others only play in the rarefied air of five figure pricing and up. Build your dream! In the audio world, there are only a handful of great speaker companies who have products in a wide range of prices. The Beryllium tweeter is silky smooth and extended which makes them a great speaker for hearing lots of subtle details in the music. Revel Performa3 C208 filled center-channel duties, as review samples of the newly released C426Be center speaker were not yet available. Sandy had hired Kevin Voecks to be the chief designer for Revel. The finish actually looks better to us than what you see on a new automobile. Later, when Harman purchased Madrigal, they moved everything out west to their huge speaker design center at Northridge, where to this day, engineering and blind testing still drive all new Revel designs. The Concerto 2 woofer and midrange drivers use a composite ceramic material for the cone, which gives them that great pistoning action. A waveguide on the tweeter is cut toform around the gasket of the woofer in a stylized gelling of the drivers, anice design touch topped off with no visible screws holding in the drivers.Magnetic grilles do away with the need for visible fasteners on the frontbaffle which further assists its uncluttered appear… At the heart of the B112V2’s engineering is a new and improved woofer with 82% more linear excursion than the B112. The transducer’s 19.2 lb Klippel-optimized magnet assembly features… I've reviewed many Revel surround speaker packages over time, but it's been six years since my last Revel review, a system centered on the Performa F208 tower speaker. If you’re building a new custom home, you probably want it to be future-proofed and have the latest home technology. I had a moment of revelation in 2000, when I first set up a pair of Revel's original Ultima Studio loudspeakers in my living room. PerformaBe also gives you 4 options of cabinet finish of black, white, metallic silver, and walnut. Madrigal Audio Labs had assumed ownership of the Mark Levinson brand of high performance electronics. The PerformaBe series is what we feel the connoisseurs version of the Performa 3 models. While the M106 does not go as low as a floor stander, it reaches down really deep for its size and gives you a tremendous soundstage. The Revel sound is very consistent across all Revel Speakers. The F36, at $2,000 a pair, is considered by many to be the best value in floorstanding speakers on the market in the $1,500-$3,000 price range. The F328Be will be coming in early 2020 with 3 of the 8” woofers in a much larger cabinet. For today’s overview, we will stick with the two-channel products in the floorstanding and bookshelf line up. Introduction to the Revel Performa3 Series Speaker System Review. Free shipping on all orders within the US - no minimum purchase! We put a pair of the Salon2s on demo in our Raleigh showroom and almost every person who has listened to them has just been totally blown away at the sound they are producing. The F328Be even gets an even higher performing waveguide. I'd wanted to review Revel's high-value Performa F-30—see my May 2000 report—but the Studio was offered instead. When this approach is applied, the less expensive products are usually head and shoulders above the competition from companies who never make anything really great. The first bit of positive news is indicated by the ‘Be’ in the product’s name. Revel PerformaBe Surround Speaker System Review Specs Specs F226Be ($7,000 PR): 6.5 in Deep Ceramic Composite aluminum cone woofer (2), 5.25 in Deep Ceramic Composite aluminum cone midrange, 1 in Beryllium dome tweeter with acoustic waveguide; 9.8 x 41.3 x 13.7 in (WxHxD); 58 lb. Discover the fascination of plastic model making, Junior Kit, accessories, airbrush and toys. You’ll be able to pick it up at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below. A coated cellulose, pulp fiber-composite cone combines reduced mass with improved rigidity, while enhanced motor venting also contributes to increased output, improved airflow and reduced turbulence as well as greater cooling. We’ve got the Salon2 paired up with a stack of Mark Levinson gear in our Raleigh location and we have to say, the sound is just spectacular. They use an inverted dome made out of titanium, which also gives them a very cool appearance. HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today introduced the Revel Performa3 B110V2 and B112V2 subwoofers at CEDIA 2018. At the heart of the B110V2’s engineering is a new and improved woofer with 82% more linear excursion than the B110. At the heart of the B110v2’s engineering is a new and improved woofer with 82% more linear excursion than the B110. Revel B110V2 Black Mint Condition Driver Components: Coated paper/pulp cone with 50mm two-layer copper voice coil, vented ceramic 5 magnet assembly and vented die-cast aluminum frameAmplifier Power: 1000W RMSCrossover Frequencies: 50Hz - 150Hz low-pass filter with LFE bypassInput Sensitivity: 400mV (full power)/20k Ohms (balanced); 14k Ohms (unbalanced)Enclosure Type: SealedFinishes: … The cabinet itself comes in a high gloss black or mahogany veneer that is just beautiful with its curves. We’ve found them to be great with any kind of music we throw at them. ... Revel Ultima2 Series . You just get deeper bass extension, more dynamics, and a higher level of resolution as you move up. Box 2587, Temecula, CA, 92593-2587 Phone: 951 676 4914 • Fax: 951 693 2960, Stewart Fimscreen Introduces The New Luxus Screen, Alcons Audio Introduces The CRMS-SRIW/120 Compact Reference Main System, Bang & Olufsen Unveils First Ever 48-Inch OLED TV, Bluesound Professional Launches BSW150 Powered Subwoofer, TRINNOV ANNOUNCES A 5-YEAR WARRANTY EXTENSION PROGRAM FOR ALTITUDE32, Sony Expands Laser Projector Lineup With Two New Compact And High Image Quality Models For Corporate, Education And Entertainment Applications, Blustream Enters the US Market With a Full Lineup of Award-Winning 4K Video Distribution Solutions, WORLD PREMIERE; FIRST-EVER LIVE PERFORMANCE STREAMED IN HIGH-QUALITY IMMERSIVE AUDIO WITH HD PICTURE OVER IP. Same as cash! These are once again a great example of how Revel has taken what they learned in making the Ultima 2 series and putting it into a more affordable product. Not only do you get more sound, but you get an even more beautiful cabinet. They feature a new fully-vented cast aluminum frame with more mass for greater strength and higher heat conduction to assist in driver cooling. Access Widescreen Review on your iPad or iPhone. Most of these have been garnered by the two models the have on display, the F208 and M106. And as with all Revels, the sound is just so neutral, you can listen to them for hours. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The few that cover a wide range have the advantage of taking what they learn from making a no holds barred product (that will of course have somewhat limited sales) and using the tech developed there in less expensive products. With a full line up of 4 speakers, Revel rounded out the PerformaBe line with a new matching center channel, the C426Be. Our only complaint about the M16, and this is common on a lot of bookshelf speakers, is you need a good power amp to really get them going. Revel B110v2 Subwoofer Loudspeaker 0% – 3 Year Financing Available!! We will never forget witnessing the birth of Revel speakers back in 1996. Like the Concerto floor stander, it presents a big, powerful soundstage, but when you move up to the F208, you just get a lot more of everything. Revel’s Ranger seems to fall in line with relatively newer sizing predominantly seen on boutique-ish brands, versus what’s found on household bike brand names. Moderators: Jamesv9820, Devilfish, Mark M. Forums Topics Posts Last post; Revell Previews Moderators:Jamesv9820, Devilfish, Mark M. 27 Topics 32 Posts Last post by CPNGROATS May 06, 2016; Share. This area contains reviews for Revell kits. A high-temperature Nomex spider provides a progressive roll design that evenly distributes mechanical stress, helping keep the cone’s motion linear during high excursion operation. Priced at $900 a pair for the bookshelves and $1,600 and $2,000 for the pair in the F35 and F36, these speakers represent some of the very best values in audio. The Brooks Revel 3 is a versatile shoe that comes at a good price point. We're happy to answer questions on chat, on the phone, or in any of our stores. It has all the same drivers as the F226Be, but adds two more woofers for a total of 4, 6 ½” woofers. “We have made significant improvements to these subwoofers to deliver greater control and functionality while also enhancing the sonic capabilities to deliver the highest level of performance that has become synonymous with the entire Performa3 lineup,” stated Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio. By newer sizing, I’m referring to the brands whose size large bikes are around 475 millimeters and medium bikes in the 450 range. Revel, part of the Harman Luxury Audio Group, has been making high-quality speakers since 1996. At my request, Revel sent two B112 subs with the review system. We can’t wait to hear them when they release in early 2020. Sandy Berlin, a huge music lover, was one of the major investors in Madrigal, and he had an idea for a better type of speaker that combined great sound with far more contemporary design than what was currently on the market. And just like all the other models, the midrange and treble are totally effortless with never a sense of straining or harshness. How Does Lighting Control Impact the Design of a Home. Internally the voice coil is wound with flat copper ribbon wiring to increase efficiency and dynamics. Copyright © 2020 Audio Advice. Without Widescreen Review, I'd be just another large electronics store item purchasing sheep. It's easy to see why when you look at all you get for the money in the Concerta 2 series, as most of the tech used in their design has filtered down from their top of the line Ultima 2 series! High-gloss walnut and black gloss also carry over on the B112V2 while white gloss becomes available for the first time. Topics. We were very excited to become one of the first Revel speakers dealers in the US and we do have to say, that first Revel Salon speaker is still an iconic speaker design. Why don’t we see it used more then? Revel's B110V2 subwoofer, while superb in the right environment, is small and expensive. In our listening tests, we once again just loved how the F208 got us so involved in the music. The B110V2 and B112V2 powered subwoofers are a perfect choice for Home Theater. And even though the drivers are basically the same size as the Performa3, the tech improvements give you a much better soundstage presentation with that added “you are there” feel to the music. The PerformaBe series is designed to get close to no holds barred performance as possible with some value engineering built-in. We can’t wait to hear this new $16,000 a pair speaker. But I ultimately found that a single B112, located in the right front corner, was all I really needed in my medium-size room. Buy Revel luxury home audio components. Please enter your email address below to create account. HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today introduced the Revel Performa3 B110V2 and B112V2 subwoofers at CEDIA 2018.The subwoofers feature a range of comprehensive upgrades designed to deliver dynamic bass and lifelike … For Revel, they have taken this method and done it as good as anyone. Revel Concerta M8 Drive Units: 2 x 3in MCC woofers; 1 x 1in MCC dome tweeter Enclosure: Two -way, front ported Frequency Response: 110Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: 88dB (2.83V @ 1m) Power Handling: 125W Dimensions: 107(w) x 296(h) x 113(d)mm Weight: 1.6Kg. B110v2 The Revel Performa3 B110v2 is the newest generation of Revel’s popular and successful B110 subwoofer, outfitted with the latest advancements in acoustic science and technology. Like the name implies, Ultima is Revel’s ultimate speaker series. At around 13 grand, that system could still be considered an affordable option compared with a full surround package built around the company's flagship Ultima range. The F228Be is a bigger version of the F226Be substituting the 6 ½’ dual woofers for dual 8” woofers. A simple wrap on the side of a Revel Concerta 2 cabinet will tell you they are not adding anything to the sound as the cabinet feels extremely dead, which is a good thing. The tweeter is set back into a special wave guide that not only improves the linearity of its dispersion (think more even sound around the room) but also helps it blend better with the midrange driver. The Revel Ultima Studios came to me by chance. Revel's B110V2 subwoofer, while superb in the right environment, is small and expensive. An extremely long (50mm) two-layer copper coil wound on a high-temperature fiberglass former, helps the voice coil withstand high temperatures, reducing power compression and increasing output. The subs have been completely reengineered with an all new driver design. Selectable auto power, and 12V trigger 3.5mm input and output connections allow for smooth system integration and operation. We previewed this small floor stander at our 2019 Music Matters and it garnered a ton of positive comments from those who had a chance sit through the demos. Official website of Revell GmbH for model making and remote-controlled RC functional models. To our ears, the Revel sound is very consistent across each series. Thank you for shepherding me towards the light. At $4500, it will perfectly match up with any of the “Be” models for a home theater. For the tweeter, and this is another area all Revel speakers really stand out, they use another piece of tech originally developed for the top of the line Ultima. The M126Be is the one bookshelf speaker in the “Be” series. The smaller B110V2 uses a 10-inch woofer, while the larger B112V2 uses a 12-inch woofer. At the NRC, speaker designers have just a wealth of testing equipment at their disposal, including some great setups for blind listening comparisons. For example, I still had two SVS SB-3000 subs ($2,200 a pair in a gloss black finish) on hand during my test that were used for the S&V subwoofer setup article referenced earlier. Designing a great crossover takes a lot science, as well as listening tests, and once again, they benefit from their design facilities blind testing set up.

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