standard specification for roadworks


Pengarah Unit Integriti, Prepared By Program Manager Roads Reviewed By Head of the standard, code of practice, specification or technical description is proposed. ���hӧ^��u�6H����(K}Ca^�A�>WH��V~ԋ���]�g:����n���Q\д����%���qN��@�{Nf�U����NAVܒ���hl�vSC���o��=|�!�]J����/��Y��DOØ^�\����. standard specification for road works jabatan kerja raya malaysia ketua pengarah kerja raya jalan sultan salahuddin, 50582 kuala lumpur. Kementerian Kerja Raya, 0 Tingkat 13, Blok B, Kompleks Kerja Raya, Faks: 03-27111014 1190 0 obj <>/Encrypt 1170 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<22CF9F4BCCB1FC459A4BBA1A6E2C059C><4E2F22853B0FFC4792EE9907C69CEA08>]/Index[1169 34]/Info 1168 0 R/Length 99/Prev 505919/Root 1171 0 R/Size 1203/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Document Name : Road Works Standard And Specifications Document Id : FRA-QSD-001 Issue Date : Issue No. Best display with use of Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox browser at screen resolution of 1280 x 800, Published on 17 Dec 2014, last updated on 5 years 11 months ago, Integrity Strengthening Action Plan 2016-2020, List of Companies Withdrawn Status of Bumiputera and Blacklisted, Contractor Course Registration System (eKursus), Feedback Form for Contractors Trust Fund Scheme (SKWAK), Checklist for Bumiputera Status Application (Form B53), Application Form for the purchase of tender documents, Application Form Contractors Trust Fund Scheme for Bumiputera Contractor Grade G1 (SKWAK), Application Form Contractors Trust Fund Scheme for Bumiputera Contractor Grade G2-G5 (SKWAK), Application Form to Register as Bumiputera Construction Supplier and Manufacturer, Application Form to Register as Hardware / Building Materials Distributor Bumiputera Stores With Bumiputera Development Division, Guideline for Application To Build Advertising Board Structure In Federal Reserve Road/ Highway 2011, Centralised Information Maintenance Management System (CIMMS), Borang permohonan Kenaikan Pangkat Jawatan Kumpulan Pelaksana Kementerian Kerja Raya, Jadual Perwakilan Kuasa Urusan Kewangan Peringkat JKR Negeri dan Daerah, Jadual Perwakilan Kuasa Urusan Kewangan Peringkat Ibu Pejabat Kementerian, Digital Document Management System (DDMS), Guidelines for Applying Electronic Government Smart Card, Developed and designed by Hadafi Solution and Resources. Email: pro[at] | GPS Coordinate: N03.15475 E101.68833, FAQ | Sitemap | Help | Privacy | Security | Webmaster, All right reserved © 2016 Ministry of Works Malaysia March 2019 . Standard Specification For Road Works STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR ROAD WORKS 1169 0 obj <> endobj PLANNED UPDATE AND DISTRIBUTION CONTROL . FIJI ROADS AUTHORITY Road Works Standards & Specification i MANUAL UPDATE AND DISTRIBUTION CONTROL MANUAL UPDATE RESPONSIBILITY: MANAGER POLICY AND STANADRDS Date (Board Resolution) Employer Changes : 00 . Date Principal Changes . Email:, STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR ROAD WORKS (JKR/SPJ/1988) (JKR-20401-0017-88), Kementerian Kerja Raya, Jika anda mempunyai sebarang aduan berkaitan rasuah, penyelewengan, salahguna kuasa serta perlanggaran tatakelakuan dan integriti yang melibatkan kakitangan di Kementerian ini, salurkan aduan tersebut di sini. The purpose of the MoW STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION is … Tingkat 1-14, Kompleks Kerja Raya, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, Standard specification for roadworks v4.2 PDF (3.5 MB) Master specifications for roadworks (TDO version) July 2020 ZIP (1.5 MB) Hold points & witness points for roadworks v4.2 DOCX (95.9 KB) Hold points & witness points for roadworks v4.2 PDF (741.4 KB) Updates overview for roadworks v4.2 PDF (302.6 KB) %PDF-1.6 %���� Tel: 03-27715501 :01 Rev. �1$͓Ԧ����sB��+ Date To . STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS . 50580 Kuala Lumpur, No. Telephone: 03 8000 8000 | Fax: (603) - 2711 1101 Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, h�bbd```b``�"o��V��,� �� �`2��f�@�0C�`�L���4�  $u'��QAd(��o�������G&���_�7� d�Y endstream endobj startxref STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS SEPTEMBER 2019 JANUA/RY 2017 Page 001 of 708 . UPDATES ADVISED . standard specifications for road works-2000 series 1000 - general the united republic of tanzania, ministry of works page 1000 - 1 series 1000 general section page 1100 definitions and terms 1000-2 1200 general requirements and provisions 1000-6 1300 contractor’s establishment on site and general obligations 1000-20 1400 engineer’s accommodation and attendance upon engineer and Kementerian Kerja Raya, Tingkat 1-14, Kompleks Kerja Raya, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, 50580 Kuala Lumpur. P|�t���x�7Z�7�q6���76�ȓ��`aҏ�9*ts�'��ۈ��9E�i�����X6�lt�^��}���,6/,�-�w��]L��֤��@áW�h�+(�d�� 6�e�ȿn����&��Px�98 50580 Kuala Lumpur, Telephone: 03 8000 8000 | Fax: (603) - 2711 1101 This Standard Specifications for Road Works - 2000 has been prepared as a component under the Institutional Cooperation between the Ministry of Works (MoW), Central Materials Laboratory (CML) and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA). Unit Integriti, The Standard Specification is published in a series of 21 stand-alone modules, each addressing a single distinct area of the construction process. 1202 0 obj <>stream %%EOF This stand-alone module 03 addresses the main aspects of earthworks in general.

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